Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weight Loss Journey Part 6

Earlier post: Introduction thru part 5 on sidebar under weight loss journey:

...When I say this lady is hard core...I mean just that. She is serious about what she does and tells her clients what to do. She is in a women's clinic here in Ft. Worth and they treat mostly women. The first thing she did was weigh me, and as I stepped on the scale and she asked how I was....I busted out crying.....confessed I was an emotional mess......embarrassing...to say the least. I weighed 203.9 pounds with a overall body fat percentage of 40.2 percent. OMG.....I can not believe I just told you that. I have never felt this bad or been this big.....I know some people are much larger, some smaller, but if you have a weight problem, or any other problem, it does not matter, the numbers do not matter, it is the same pain no matter what. The starting point is just different......

She spent an hour asking me about what had been going on, why I got off the program two years ago, how I felt, asked me things about my health I did not even think to tell her...she was right on the money.......she told me part of my problem was hormones, I was going through menopause and things were so out of balance that was a lot of the problem. She also told me I was showing signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and we needed to get that under control right away. First and foremost was to get me feeling better, and of course back on the diet plan. I purchased the supplements she told me to take, and started the diet right away.

I tried to load an insert from their website, but it did not fit here on the page, if you would like to take a look, click HERE to read about the program as an overview.

So that afternoon as I walked out of her office once again, this time I knew I had to stick with this program. I had an appointment in one week, and I knew I had better see some kind of results as my patience and mental state was on a very short fuse.......to be continued.

Side note: I tend to be a person that would rather "see" for myself than have someone "tell" me something....so I found an online questionnaire that measures if you are at risk for hypoglycemia. I took the test, and as I was doing so, quiet surprised at the questions. A total of 20 or less is within normal limits. My score was a 84....it is a wonder the computer screen was not flashing red warning signs and sirens going off.....seriously....84.....I was advised to see a doctor right away......good grief.

Sunday: I will give you the one month progress, what my plan for the week is per week and add some recipes.......and I guess I will be able to admit whether I am exercising like I have been instructed...if I commit to posting about that, maybe it will motivate me to do just that....exercise.....I will most likely only post on Sunday, and want to thank you for sticking with me while I slowly let go of a lot of junk in my life....it has helped, and knowing someone is reading it, makes it real for me, and has helped me stay focus....if I can do this...anyone can....and I know we hear people saying that all the time...but it is so true.....you can....if I can!!!


  1. oh honey....I hear ya. I'm in the same boat with you. I am doing the mental thing trying to grasp "committment" and all that entails. I just have to get this weight off...My biggest think is I would rather get my teeth drilled than exercise! again....it's all mental. You go girl, I'm rooting for your success. Hopefully it will rub off on me!

  2. Suzanne~~

    I think I would have done the same thing as you did in the woman's office...cried. Because I do it nearly every morning when I weigh myself.

    Just as you feel that keeping an online account of your progress will motivate you, you are also motivating others. Bless you. And thank you for being so honest. As you said about the pounds, it is just another starting point.

    Best of luck!


  3. I know you can do it...I didn't think for along time that I could but for some reason, maybe commitment it is easy to do. I hit 49 lbs lost yesterday, 49 lbs since July 17th...I can do it...you can do it.
    YAY for you making the commitment...

  4. Oh, Molly, congratulations...that is amazing.....I know not easy but amazing....thanks for keeping me inspired....keep up the good work and stay focused!

  5. I am so proud of you for doing this... you're going to help yourself and SO MANY other people who will be in it right along with you!

  6. Since this is basically the last chapter in Coloradolady's book, "Train Weight of Emotions", I will comment. To me what you have done is much better than any professional therapists could do. You have taken the right steps in writing all this down, getting it out in the open, and dealing with it. You are doing the right thing, on your own, the best therapy you could ever get. I believe in you as well as others, so start believing in yourself. In the past, you have had no problem doing anything you tried, so you can do this too. Never say never. Someone who cares.

  7. I have read every post on your weight loss journey and I'm rooting for you all the way. I admire your courage and think putting this down on paper was the best first step to gaining the control that you want. You have a lot of supporters...if you ever feel like you can't do it just come back and read all the comments you've received. We are all pulling for you!

  8. Oh Suzanne, here I am, joining you for VTT and not knowing any of this. I am 48 too. I took the hypoglycemia quiz and scored 54. but if I was more honest I would score higher. My cholesterol is sky high. I know what you are saying. Like Becky, I hope you inspire me.

  9. You go girl you are doing awesome. Chin up

  10. Hi, Suzanne..I just stopped in to say hello..it's been awhile since I was here.
    I wish you all the luck in the world on this venture. My hubby has fought weight all his life and I have seen first hand how HARD it is to not eat the things he wants to eat...he does work out 3 days a week which has helped him so much.
    Good good luck ....I don't doubt for a minute that you can do this!!
    xo bj

  11. You can do it! First step is recognizing. Second is doing something about it. You've already moved to the second step. So proud of you!

  12. omg .... So hard, its all so hard. I've been dieting since july now and honestly Im just getting to a point were I feel its working. It takes so long to feel you are getting any place.

    plus you sort of always feel, fat inside. its a process

  13. You're a real inspiration Suzanne! And I like what you said about letting go of "junk". It's not just about the food, and I'm glad you mentioned that. Go girl, and we're all behind you!

  14. Oh Suzanna, I just NOTICED something!!! That sprig of leaves sticking up right behind the bear on your header - - - they aren't leaves at all, they're FOOTBALLS!!!!!!! How cool and fun is THAT???

  15. Suzanne, i have been enjoying your posts. Can't understand how you got up to six though without me. I can't believe I have been MIA with respect to reading my blogs that long. I would love to hear your recipes though I hate cooking. We mostly go out to eat and there lies the problem.

  16. Well -- my computer broke and I was left hanging, so now I've caught up somewhat...I think I gained about five more pounds during Thanksgiving. Tried on my winter coat and it is tight -- I am so pissed!!! (Can I say that?) OK -- so now what? I must read more.


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