Friday, February 26, 2010

Talk About Seeing Spots!

I happen to be very fond of spotted things....I think polka dots, spots, and specks all fall under the "cuteness" category. I mean, seriously, just look at this dachshund's coat and tell me you agree that spotted coat is just the cutest thing....This by the way, is a pin I purchased off of Etsy, and I don't even wear it for fear of messing it up. You'll understand that statement in a minute!

I love polka dot fabrics, and fabrics with dots....I intend to use this in a quilt, that is if I ever get around to it! But Oh, how I love the polka dot fabrics......

....this on the other hand, is not my idea of a lovely looking spotted pretty white carpet is now SPOTTED with burn marks. How did that happen you ask? Well, I will tell you this much, it had to do with cold weather, a fire in the stove, and me trying to turn a log. It was only a single log in there mind you, but somehow it shot out onto the floor, burning SPOTS in my carpet.

Yes, I did it....all by myself....I was the only one is a wonder I did not burn the house down....and you know what? All I was worried about was, "Where are the dogs!" I was so afraid they would come running in the living room thinking I was having fun with a new toy and get burned.....I know I said I wanted new floors this year...but I promised my husband I did not intend to get them this way.......remember I said I loved spots! Hhummmmm

Most of all, I especially like spots on my dogs....speaking of dogs, they were snuggled up in front of the fire keeping warm.....Dora opened her eyes long enough to see what the commotion was all about and decided she did not want her nap cut short with brooms, dust pans, and wet you blame her? I think she sometimes feels I go overboard with the things I like.....spots included!

Please tell me I am not the only one who does crazy things.....things that I never hear happening to anyone else....please tell me you like the spots.....on the carpet that is......because it sure seems like a long time until summer....and the new floors!


  1. First off...your dogs are SO cute!!! And I am SO sorry about your carpet. If it weren't a berber, there is a way to fix that. I'd hold out for the new floor!! ;-)


  2. If I told what kinds of things I do, no one would believe I am signing anonymous this time! Sorry about your floors, but your spotted dogs are too cute!

  3. Looks like something I would do! Although with me, it usually involves hurting myself. At least your babies are safe and (obviously) sound! Hubby had to be awfully suspicious though.

    I like polka dots, and stripes too!

    Have a great weekend....while shopping the carpet catalogs!

  4. I am a spot loving person.

    Those spots on your carpet - I would not love either. But if you're re-flooring I'm sure you can live with them for a bit.

    And maybe that means you can re-floor sooner rather than later....

  5. I am known to do these things and the kids think it is great when mom does it! I am so sorry about your carpet.
    Your dogs are the cutest, they look adorable laying together, like best friends :)

  6. If I had cute dogs like that...I'd never see the spots of the floor....sorry about what happened, how scary.

  7. Suzanne, I am glad no one was harmed in the making of those spots. =) Yes, I do silly, bumbling(Bea) things all the time...

  8. What else are you going to do! I am not sure if you have not waited too long to change shifts. I think the night work has gotten to you. Poor dogs.

  9. I love the spotted dog pin! And until you can get the flooring replaced, you will have an interesting story to tell.

  10. Yikes! We have a wood stove too, and I hate when those sparks start popping all over.

  11. Oh doing something like that is so me!! I guess you get one of those rugs that go in front of a fireplace and hope it hides the 'spots'??

  12. I have black spots on my cream color carpet also! It has been so cold, we have had the fire going every night! I have tools that are supposed to help with turning logs, but I like to use an old stick that I have. Your pups are so cute. I have a puppy who follows me around and gives me that look like - "can't you just be still and let me rest?" Love your blog, btw.

  13. looks like something I did over and over, until we stopped using the wood heater and pulled the carpet out and put in tiles... So no, you are not the only one doing such things.
    I also love dots...just not on my

  14. Thats an easy fix silly-willy. Just scrub out the "soot" then get yourself some acrylic paint in various colors that match your carpent and paint it. Water down the paint... your wanting to just "stain" the carpet not actually paint it. Taaaaaaaaaa daaaaa easy-peasy fixed carpet. Then... I would create a wooden skirt/bib that fit snuggly around your brick hearth and just keep that in place during the winter just incase this happens again. When the nicer weather rolls around just remove it :-)

  15. I love the polka dots but I am sorry about your carpet spots! Those doggies are sure looking comfy!

  16. Suzanne, we did the same thing this year. Guess it was the winter of burned carpet. Lane

  17. Thank goodness we have a gas fireplace because I would probably burn my house down if I had to poke the logs. HA! Glad you're okay and it's just the carpet.

    Love the polka dots!

  18. Love the pic of your pups all snuggled up! I'm always scared some of the cinders will pop out and burn one of the pets; the kitties love to curl up on the hearth when there's a fire burning.

  19. Love your doggies.

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  20. Stinkin cute! Love the dachshund pin! I have a pair of dachshund panties and I would share that on my blog, but somehow it seems inappropriate :)

  21. haha oh this sounds like something I would do! At least you know that new floors are DEFINITELY in the future!

  22. Suzanne,Sorry about the floor, but glad you nor the dogs were hurt. This has happened on my wood floor, but it just looks like spots in the wood.
    Love the dot material.

  23. Suzanne I am so sorry about your rug. Good thing is - no fire and no one (or dog) got hurt!

    And did you get a new floor?

    And dear Suzanne - I think we all do things like that - at least I do!

    Glad all is well.


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