Friday, December 2, 2011

Secret Santa Soiree: Reminder

Just a friendly reminder...Today is December 2nd! Can you believe that?? Next weeks shipping deadline (the 10th) is fast approaching. Don't forget to email me the delivery confirmation. Please, please keep the shipping deadline. This is a very busy time of year for all and I don't want to have to spend hours trying to contact you if you fail to ship or send me the delivery confirmation number timely. Please. And Thank You.

When your secret Santa packages arrives, please shoot me an email and let me know you have blogged about it!! Include your blog address too, it will help me out a lot! All the links on the main signup post will be updated with the blog post about your gifts. That way it is easy to click on the link and see what everyone received....all in one place. I have had a few email me that their packages have arrived, I will be updating the links this weekend. By Sunday night at the latest.

Don't forget, some SS participants are sending more than one wait on doing your post after all your goodies arrive. Some have emailed me and left hints on their blogs to their partners....this is fun!! Stop by a few and see for yourself.....go visit!!

I hope you have had a lot of fun with this SSS this year, met a new friend, and found many new blogs. It is fun to surprise someone with a careful thought out package of goodies!!

Lastly, If for some unforeseen thing comes up and you can not ship by the deadline, it is imperceptive you let me know. Please. But lets all try and keep that deadline intact.

Have a great weekend!! I myself, plan on making some homemade treats for my Secret Santa partner and do a little shopping too.....will be at the Post Office Monday to mail out my package.....
*hint* to my partner....your package won't be shipped from Colorado!!! Ha!


  1. I sent mine off earlier in the week. I hope you received my email with the DC#

  2. I'm sending mine Monday. It's not going out from Toledo either! hehehe

  3. I am planning on sending mine Monday. Hope the weather does not delay it.

  4. I'm getting mine ready, only sending one package - gifts and a bit of silliness all inspired by reading my SSS's blog. I may even kidnap someone and have them mail it for me... I am sure that my SSS is on needles and pens waiting to see her goodies.
    (Thanks again for organizing this Suzanne.)

  5. I emailed you my DC number within the past day or two and hope you got that email. Mine was all one package with several small gifts and I hope she likes the contents!

  6. I can't believe it, but the package I mailed on November 30 has already traveled 1,051.5 miles and is just waiting to be delivered to the person's home.'s 60 degrees here and 19 degrees there. I didn't know the thermometer could go that low.

  7. I have received mine, but I am not totally sure yet who it is from. Just the area. It was a fun package. And just today I was shopping for mine! Hope to get it in the mail on Monday!


  8. Hey...I am sending MY package from Colorado! Almost ready. Will be making a stop next week.♥♫

  9. Mine is wrap...just have to get to the Post Office!! Fun fun...

  10. I am going to make the deadline. I was at a loss at what to get my secret santa, but it is now coming into place! Hope you like it SS.


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