Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Secret Santa Soiree: UPDATE

I have a new appreciation for bloggers who host swaps! In fact, a huge appreciation. It is a lot of (fun) work with paying attention to details and trying to keep on the ball about things....I never knew!

We had 67 swappers...that is a lot of folks,  people!!! However.....

out of the 67 swappers.......12 have not mailed their packages as of today, or have not emailed me to let me know the delivery confirmation number. Out of those 12.....4 will not respond to me AT ALL. I have emailed numerous times, left messages on their blog(s) and still no response. I am really at a loss. I am really sad, because someone else is counting on them to come through with the obligation they signed up for and that someone did fulfill all of their obligations to the swap.  So, this will serve as another reminder that please get your package in the mail as soon as possible. If you have not received an email from me, check your spam folder.......please. I will keep hounding said people via email or comments....so blogger be warned.

With that being said...what a fun, fun thing it is to see all the generous packages being sent to the participants. I am ever impressed at the generosity and true Christmas spirit.

A reminder, I have updated the original link with ( * * * ) by the blogs name that have posted about receiving their gifts. I have tried very hard to keep up with this and keep it currant so all can go back to one location to view everyone's gifts. Please let me know when your gift arrives so I can update the list.

Lastly, if anyone would like to volunteer to be an "Elf" in case these Missing in action Santa's don't step up to the plate.....please email me privately and let me know. 

 Do Not Worry.....if your personal secret Santa does not send your package....you still will receive one....I just could not stand the thought of that happening, but hate the thought of disappointing someone worse. I am still going to be optimistic that this is just an oversight on their part....and it will be corrected soon.

A list will be posted later this month as to who had who
...so you will know who to thank for your gifts! Thank you all who participated in the SSS this year....it was my first time hosting and have a deep respect for the last hostess who passed it on to me! I hope you have enjoyed shopping for your partner and meeting new bloggers.  Merry Christmas!


  1. I am one of the 12...and will have my pkg in the mail today...so sorry to my sss partner & you for my delay

  2. Hi Suzanne ~ Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this!I look forward to this exchange each year and you did a great job. My post is up about the gifts I received -
    Thank you again :))))))

  3. You definitely will be the first to know when I receive anything.

  4. recieved mine today! has been mailed and IF you need ELF (instead of angel) let me KNOW

  5. Have taken my pictures of the treasures I received and now must go to battle with the camera and computer to get them uploaded or downloaded after I find where they are hiding. IT WILL BE POSTED! =)♥♫

  6. Fingers crossed that my Santa has sent.
    Merry Christmas and THANKS for hosting! :)

  7. I have mailed and received, my blog is up with all my goodies! I scored big.

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

  8. Suzanne: I have received a package in the mail (so my hubby has said), but my Dad just passed away on Sunday, so I am still in Louisiana...once I get home, I will open the package and blog about the gift...I know I will be excited. Will you email my Secret Santa and tell her the circumstances? Thank you, Tiffany Steers

  9. Suzanne, I posted about my package. Here's the link to update! http://workingdiva.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/works-for-me-wednesday-holiday-gift-exchanges/

  10. ahh,
    I am so sorry that some ladies are answering you. My swap partner has received hers and she is very happy with her goodies. I has such a fun time shopping for her. I hope the ladies come thorough for the rest of us!
    big hugs,

  11. It has to be frustrating trying to contact people that will not respond....I hope they realize that there is a person waiting for that package! :)
    I had such a wonderful time getting mine ready...and the one I recieved was SUPER!!!!!I will blog about it soon!

  12. Received my amazing SSS gift today and blogged about it here:


  13. Thank you so very very much my dear Suzanne!!! I admire you for keeping up and keeping us organized! I received my secret santa package! LOVE it! And will hopefully get all my photos of everything up and posted...(It takes me soooooo long to upload and edit, etc... but hope to have my post about it before we leave for my dad's in Wisconsin.)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    And wow! thank you for posting the asterisks next to the names of those that have posted...it will be so fun to see what everyone received :o) I have been working on art orders, but will definitely love to check everyone's posts out :o)


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