Thursday, December 29, 2011

Secret Santa Soiree: Tell All

I have to admit, this was my very first swap to host and for the most part, I was pleased with how it turned out. I certainly learned a lot along the way that will hopefully make it a lot easier should I host this next season. I certainly learned much more than the logistics of how a swap operates. I have been inspired, encouraged and truly amazed at the generosity of others. I have enjoyed all the emails, and conversations throughout the swap.

I'd like to clear up how I paired each of the bloggers with one another. I debated on how to do this, and wanted it to be fair for all involved. I did not want to pick and choose, as I was afraid the idea would be lost if I picked a blogger for you. I hoped you would have someone you had never met before, and a new friendship would be formed. So....very technically.....I drew from a bowl. Yeppers.....I put all the numbers in a bowl, stared from the bottom of the list and picked and assigned that way, ending lastly with my own name. High Tech I tell you!!!

I hope you enjoyed yourselves this season. The real joy is in the giving, and that seems to be conveyed in most everyone who participated. I was amazed at all the lovely gifts being sent to new friends. I am still in hopes that the rest of the bloggers who have not blogged about their gifts will take the time to do so very soon. Please know, I have done all I can to get that message out there. Please know I have tried so no one's feelings would be hurt. As soon as I am notified, I will update the list to show the * * * beside the blogs.

Below is the list of your Secret Santa Person. Please refer to the original list HERE to match the number up with their blog. I know many of you are so excited to see who to thank personally!

Blog Number - Blog they sent to:

1 - 67
2 - 28
3 - 5
4 - 34
5 - 31
6 - 20
7 - 27
8 - 64
9 - 54
10 - 25
11 - 21
12 - 29
13 - 53
14 - 12
15 - 1
16 - 51
17 - 41
18 - 56
19 - 59
20 - 61
21 - 49
22 - 42
23 - 55
24 - 39
25 - 22
26 - 38
27 - 32
28 - 46
29 - 60
30 - 36
31 - 52
32 - 30
33 - 7
34 - 15
35 - 57
36 - 43
37 - 58
38 - 48
39 - 65
40 - 45
41 - 16
42 - 14
43 - 9
44 - 66
45 - 10
46 - 23
47 - 13
48 - 3
49 - 33
50 - 11
51 - 40
52 - 17
53 - 35
54 - 8
55 - 63
56 - 18
57 - 6
58 - 62
59 - 50
60 - 24
61 - 44
62 - 37
63 - 19
64 - 4
65 - 2
66 - 47
67 - 26
Elf  (thank you again)
47 - 3

I'd also like to thank some of our swap participants who sent cards and other surprises to me as well. I can tell you that this was certainly not expected, but oh, what fun I have had. Precious gifts from precious friends.....thank you so much! Between my SSS partner and you ladies, I felt very spoiled!  (click photo to enlarge)

Please notice the framed stitched dachshunds. This was a card, and the felt embroidery was quickly removed and framed.....this will stay out all year long....did you notice that it is Sophie, Dora and Bailey! Very precious to me!! And that sweet bag....Bailey wanted inside the minute I sat it down!! She thinks it is her personal carrier!! I am going to put the dachshund ornament in my curio cabinet with my other doxie treasures....can not bear the thought of packing these goodies away for a whole year.

My final thoughts, as we start into the new year, try and keep the spirit of the holiday in our hearts. Random acts of kindness go a long way, and you just never know how one small thing will make a huge difference for someone in a big way. Wishing you the very best for 2012! Thanks for taking part this year in the Secret Santa Soiree and putting up with my persistence in keeping things on track!


  1. YAY! Thank you again, Suzanne! This was such fun and I'll be back next year, for sure! :)

  2. I think you did a great job! I definitely want to do it again next year!


  3. That was a great one Suzanne. Thanks for hosting! Appreciate the effort and my elf _^ Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. Thankyou for hosting it. Have heard via email from partner and have replied back. Calculating from when she posted it, hopefully I will receive it next week.

  5. You did a terrific job. I had previously been a little hesitant to join one of these swaps, but I'm so glad I did!

  6. Thank you so much! It was wonderful!

  7. You did a fantastic job coordinating the swap, Suzanne! I enjoyed choosing gifts and mailing cookies for the first time successfully! (that opens up so many ideas for next year!) I do hope you do this again next year, I am SO there!!

  8. That was terrific. I completely enjoyed myself, both the giving and the receiving, and I hope you do it again next year.

  9. Suzanne I wasn't able to participate this year but you did a wonderful job. Hoping you will think about doing it again next year. hugs to you. Linda

  10. You handled everything much better than I would have. I commend you highly for an excellent job on a major undertaking. I always enjoy participating and happy to finally learn who my nice Santa was. Will contact her right away. Thanks for all the time you spent making this work.

  11. I love your matching's THE best! I'd love to do it again and now that I'm a follower, I'll be watching for the news. THANKS, again and Happy 2012 to you and your family.♥♫

  12. I see a new button on your sidebar! Can NOT WAIT to see what that is all about!! Happy New Year to one of the most wonderful bloggers I know....always doing for others!

  13. You did an excellent job Suzanne! Tahnk you so very much for all the time and effort you put into making this go as smooth as possible! God bless you and yours. :)

  14. Suzanne, thank you so much for hosting the Secret Santa swap! It was fun and I am so grateful for my Secret Santa for putting a smile on my face this Christmas!

  15. Hi Suzanne,
    I published a thank you last week on my blog. I have not posted the pictures yet. I do not know who had me and beside 45 it has shhhh don't tell so I don't know who to thank for my goodies.
    Thanks for the fun!

  16. Thank you Suzanne for everything you've done. I've really enjoyed the swap. I came down with a cold on Christmas Day and between not feeling well and all the holiday hoopla I haven't been online much lately. I'm heading over to AnnesPhamily to thank her now! Betty

  17. Suzanne, you did an excellent job with the swap! I am so happy I know you and tickled that I joined in the fun! I had a feeling Betty was my partner but still had some doubt She was a terrific partner and considering how busy she is with family and hospital visits she tickled my heart! Thank you again. I hope you and your mom got the recipe I sent! I got a kick out of that. You came to COlorado to eat Creamy Jalapeno Soup and yet a master chef in Fort Worth perfected the recipe! LOL! I thought it was a sweet story to share. Hugs Anne

  18. I had a wonderful time and was very pleasantly surprised by my box of goodies. Thank-you!


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