Monday, April 16, 2012

Quilt Update: Shannon's & Crew's Quilts Finished and Being Delivered

The quilts for Shannon and Crew have been completed and shipped off to their new homes last week. Sue did a wonderful job on the quilting, they look so wonderful!!

This was a huge undertaking that many participated in....lots of small parts that came together for a whole wonderful finished piece.

Thanks to Sue for all her hard work on getting these quilts finished and off to their new home! They look wonderful!

I just grabbed a few of the pictures that Sue took of the finished quilts. Click HERE to see all the wonderful pictures and all the fantastic detail.

I hope Shannon's family finds comfort in this quilt and knowing so many prayed and held their family close during this time!! I hope Crew's family knows lots of folks are pulling for him to get better and healthy soon!

Thanks again for all your effort in seeing this come to pass! Lots of folks played a part in this and it turned out wonderfully. Thanks so much to Anne for giving all of us a chance to help in some way!!


  1. Ohhh!! The quilts turned out so beautiful!

  2. The quilts both look great! =D

  3. You quilters are a loving bunch! The families can wrap up in your love. And they are great looking, too!♥♫

  4. Suzanne I am so proud of all the beautiful work you and Sue did and now these two families can enjoy these masterpieces! There is nothing quite like a piece of artwork hand crafted for an individual. I know Shannon's family will find some peace and calm in this quilt and Crew's family will enjoy wrapping him in this beautiful gift. Hugs to you! Anne

  5. Thank-you, ladies, for your hard work. The quilts truly are stunning! I wish I could have made a square or too, but I lack mad skills like yours!


  6. Just stopped by from a comment and a comment and a link I saw on Favorite Vintage finds. I live in Monument so couldn't resist "Colorado Lady" blog name. And you quilt?? Fantastic. These quilts are beautiful. Don't know the back story but I get the feel - something kind done for a couple families. I'm going to check out your quilting section now. Glad I found you.


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