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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Platter Storage

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A while ago, someone emailed me and asked where I store all my vintage dishes. I did a post back in 2008 in regards to some of my storage solutions, so I decided to show my laundry room again since it has been a while.

I use every available space I have to display my most favorite plates and treasures. This vintage drainboard sits on top of my washer and holds plates and a few cups.

My son installed the cabinets which hold all the not so pretty things along with the shelf above the washer and dryer. I am so glad my son is handy like that!!

This piece was a one of a kind sorta find for me. Several years ago, it was listed on craigslist and we drove over an hour to pick it up. It is hand made by the original owner's father and she did not want it any more. I paid $150.00 for it and consider it a real bargain. It is one of my favorite things.

It holds all my platters and plates perfectly, some spaces are doubled up on plates and platters. It holds a lot!! I refuse to count, but trust me, over 100 for sure! This photo is not a recent photo and trust me, when I say EVERY slot is filled with most likely two plates or platters per slot!! It is a workhorse for storage!

 I use every spare inch of space that I can. The top holds all of my vintage restaurant-ware creamers. I even have some plates on the back wall!

 I love how they are all lined up in rows!! Pretty.

 I am glad I have space in my laundry room to house some of my treasures! I know some are  not so lucky with their laundry space.

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!


  1. Wow, love your collection of vintage plates!
    ... thank you for hosting :)

    Greetings from Australia♥

  2. Oh My Goodness YOU LUCKY LUCKY Girl!!! I would have driven across country for that treasure! I am taking a picture of it and asking "MY HUBBY" if he would someday make one for me! I LOVE the way you can see EVERYTHING your have to pick from! "You LUCKY LUCKY Girl"!!! I KNOW you are going to be CAUSING A BUZZ with all us dishaholics!!!
    Thank you SO MUCH for showing it off to us!
    Big Hugs to you,

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! That plate rack thingy is to DIE FOR!!!! I WANT. I WANT.

    I'm glad to welcome you to my 'follower' list!!!

  4. What an absolutely fabulous dish rack! I think you got a deal as well! Truly one of a kind and how useful and decorative is that! Wonderful!

  5. Suzanne, I so enjoyed seeing some of your collection. I love all the wonderful colors. The plate rack was a real find. I have a large laundry and have filled it up with vintage laundry type items. I would never have thought to use it for dish storage. What a great idea. I have a new link party and would love for you to share this! Thanks for hosting!

  6. Oh what a lovely collection. Love the rack too.

  7. That plate rack is amazing! Your plate collection is impressive, too.

  8. Oh my goodness, I love your how you display all your plates and platters. Woe, the plate rack was a fabulous bargain and beautiful way to showcase your treasures. I wish my laundry room looked like yours. Lucky you to have your sweet son build you a cabinet to store basic laundry room supplies, out of sight! I think this is a project I need to do. I'm linking my vintage rose today. It comes from a garden shop selling old flowers and shrubs from the past. This was a cutting from an old rose climber.
    Thanks for hosting.

    The French Hutch

  9. Wow Suzanne, look at all those plates and platters! I agree that wall plate rack is wonderful. The nice thing is you can easily see what you have! Thanks for showing!

  10. Suzanne, Your plate rack is fantastic! Wow, you got a bargain. It's amazing how many plates you can display at once! I haven't seen anything like that since I visited Replacements, Ltd. LOL!

    Thanks for hosting, joining in today with my vintage pizza-Italiano themed tablecloth.

  11. That rack is amazing! Wow I would love that to store my plates and platters in. Easy access also. I have to move stacks and re-stack plates all the time...sigh, such a touch life! Gorgeous display in your laundry room also. I have a collection of restaurant creamers but I think you have me beat! Hugs, Linda

  12. Hi Suzanne!
    Your collection of platters is just amazing! I love that storage rack...great that you found it on craigslist and were able to bring it home! It's just perfect! Thanks so much for hosting this party each week!
    Blessings, Doni

  13. Hi Suzanne, LOVE how you are able to show off all your vintage dishes. That rack is perfect, I can understand driving to get iit. Love being part of your party. Blessings, Debbie

  14. Your plate storage rack is wonderful - and very hard to find and always very expensive. Good hunting. Thanks for hosting today.

  15. I love how you store and display your dishes. What a great place for your amazing collection.

    Jocelyn @

  16. The old dish drainer on your drier to display some of your prized plates - - - what a GREAT idea.

    I believe I remember your plate rack from past posts - - - but it is just sooooooo absolutely lovely! Well worth what you paid, my friend.

  17. Hi Suzanne! Thanks for hosting once again! Love your idea...wait a minute.....Yours looks like mine...hehehe
    great minds......altho not showing mine....with the CarGuy it is not always showy ;( But I can go kin and enjoy my stuff 8)

  18. Beautiful Display and wonderful storage too! For a second your laundry room looked like mine until I saw it from a distance...Wow! love it all........thanks for hosting VTT!

  19. I love your plate rack. I did not get my vintage post written this week but I am going to a treadle show on Sat. I'll have lots to post next week!

  20. Your laundry room is beautiful! It inspires me to work on my own. I love your huge plate rack, as well as the idea about using a drainer for display. So creative!

  21. What a great vintage plates (and a few other lovelies) you have collected. That plate holder is so amazing. Thanks for hosting.

  22. I love your storage area. I am so envious of your plate rack. So envious that I actually counted the slots. I counted 80 slots, there may be more. You are one organized lady. Hugs,to you, Ginger

  23. OH MY! I LOVE vintage dishes..and have lots of them. Your storage for yours is just wonderful. I would love to do a Vintage Thursday. I SHALL return! :) I would love to give it a try next Thursday!..
    It looks like a lot of fun!

  24. p.s. I had to smile as I believe I featured the tea set you have in your header in my evening post.. :)

  25. I love the way you display everything! And, the plate cabinet is wonderful! The perfect thing to store them all!

  26. So glad to have found not only a fellow vintage lover but a doxie lover as well. I've got two. One is short haired. One is long-haired. I'm following now. Stop by and see me when you have a minute for a virtual cup of tea. I'll try to get in on the next Vintage Thursday. I always share a Friday Find.

    So neat!


  27. Hi Suzanne, I have missed doing Vintage Thursday and I am rejoining this week. I am also thinking Tell my Tuesday might be fun.

    I love your plates the way they are displayed. It is awesome. I do remember when you shared it before. I enjoyed seeing it again. Your laundry room has so much interesting things going on in there.

    I have noticed that LV has not been posting. I hope she is alright. Please let me know if she is ok. She didn't mention taking a bloggy break. Unless I missed it.

    Thanks so much,


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