Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday: Week Fifteen

Welcome to Tell Me Tuesday.....First off the title is a bit deceiving.....it really is not about you telling me anything.... but answering a question truthfully and maybe telling yourself a little something you had not thought about.

I'd love for you to join me each week, and copy the question onto your blog and answer the question....and link back here. I am sure it will be interesting how there will be many different answers to the same question.....and hopefully give each of us something to think about as this new year progresses. My thought is so many people (including myself) are looking for some answers to various things. I have a feeling that the answers are inside needing to be jiggled loose and maybe a question posed a certain way will have a cause and effect in a good way. We will see how it goes! I have committed to this once a week for the whole year of 2012. I'd love for you to take the challenge with me!

I am keeping the rules simple...I'd love to watch this grow as the year goes on.

1. Grab the button on the sidebar if you like so others can find this new writing experience each week.

2. Once you link in, visit the person who linked in before you and leave them a comment. It would be great to visit and leave comments for as many as you can. But at least try and leave the person ahead of you in the link a comment of support.

3. Please link back to my blog and mention Tell Me Tuesday somewhere in your POST. That is it....easy.

Most of all, look at this writing experience with an open mind. Sometimes the questions will be hard...and require some thought. That is a good thing. Other times it will be easy. You can add photos, or whatever you like to your post. It is about you after all. ~ Thanks for joining me.....I hope you enjoy this each week.

Week Fifteen Question:

What's one simple way to make life less complicated?

The question this week,  provokes a lot of thought for me. Life is complicated at every turn sometimes and other times, we truck right along with smooth sailing. There are many different components that inflict complicated situations often times. 

For me, I think one of the simplest things to do is to let go of expectations I may consciously or subconsciously place on others. I know I often experience great hurt from expecting certain things from others. I tend to measure my self worth against the failed expectations of  others actions and it makes for a lot of complicated and strained relationships. It is tough for me as so often I question why it is I am willing to do or go the extra mile for them and they often do not even acknowledge me.

 I heard a statement on television the other night that was an aahhha  moment for me.  It went something like this...."Just because you love with a gallon size heart does not mean that a person with only a pint size heart can or will give the same love in return. They just don't have it in them. Instead of beating yourself up with actions from the pint size love that a certain person can only provide, it is time to surround yourself with like people...gallon heart loving people." 

That made a lot of sense to me and helped me to realize not to complicate things by internally feeling like others actions are directly influenced by my self worth. It is just not so. Letting go of expectations that others can not, nor will never live up to sure will help with a lot of complications I have faced in the last few months. 

I don't know if this answer truly makes life less complicated, but for me, it should help with a lot of complicated feelings in certain relationships I have been having. What about you?? How would you answer this question today?


  1. oh. that is good. maybe that is part of my problem and getting my feelings hurt so often. surround yourself with gallon instead of pint. perfect analogy. i needed this today :)

  2. Wow what a great quote. I needed this for sure. Hugs, Linda


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