Friday, July 27, 2012

There Are Days...........

There are days when you want to be somewhere but can't, because you have obligations to be at another place.

There are days when your mind drifts to a certain person and tears sting your eyes as you think of the unfairness in the fact they are no longer here.

There are days when you question that unfairness and feel your heart break a bit for they have missed out on lots of very important happenings.

There are days when you stand and look at a father with tears falling from his eyes as he gazes at his new grandson, cradled in the arms of his only daughter for the very first time.

There are days when you think it impossible so much time has past and that new mother was just a child herself, only a few years ago.

There are days when you are so thankful to have had the opportunity to wake in the morning and experience so many wonderful moments the day has held.

There are days when you suddenly feel older than dirt at the thought of being a "great" anything to anyone...even if it is only an Aunt.

There are days that you will remember forever as being special to your heart....this was one of those days.


  1. I' will become a great Aunt in September. I'm so excited my nephew will be a daddy! He will be wonderful! But I can't believe I will be a GREAT Aunt. How did that happen!!

  2. it is all so awesome and amazing, sad and overwhelming at the same time and yet it is, and it is pretty darn fantastic! Congratulations!

  3. So moving! Wonderful. I was a great Aunt in December 2011 and in September I will be a first time grandma. Time flies. Nicely put.

  4. Those are bittersweet times you will always hold special. Congrats to all!! What a moving and heart warming post.

  5. its all a great big circle and we have to take each moment as it comes and make the most of it xx wahatever the day x

  6. ....days you will remember as special to your heart....that is priceless!! Congrats!!

  7. so sweet, and yes, very real. hope you treasure the times.

  8. These are the times....I know exactly how you feel. Watching my sweet Grandson and Great Nephew I am so sad that my Dad did not live to see his Great Grands! hugs, Linda

  9. Thanks for sharing, Suzanne! I am a 42 year old grandma of 9 grandbabies...and I wouldn't change it for the world! At least I'm young enough that I can still interact with them. We do all kinds of things together and it is a healing salve to any kind of a bad day that I have had or could ever have. Beautiful.

  10. So sweet Suzanne! Being a first time great grandma, I often miss my mom and dad knowing how much they would absolutely love the new little ones filling out our phamily tree! Gee, I feel so young! HaHa!
    It is always nice to be honored as a great! Blessings to you!


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