Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Do you like a you like to make quilt blocks????

I love a mystery!! Not only do I love a mystery, but I love to lend a hand when I can!!

There was a blog post and facebook status yesterday from a quilter,, fabric designer, Thomas Knauer, whom I follow. Thomas was asking for help with a new quilt project. He is an amazing quilter and his fabric lines are a breath of fresh air. If you have never visited his blog, I would recommend that you pay him a visit. His work is refreshing and I really am inspired by his quilting.

He asked a question on facebook yesterday about asking for volunteers to make a block.....He was not sure he would get enough support and it is a all or nothing type of project. He was encouraged to give it a shot and lots of folks have agreed to doing a mystery block. Thomas assured it was very easy to do. He needs 225 DIFFERENT folks to participate or this won't work like it needs to work. The fabrics will be sent and the pattern and you add a piece or two from your stash and complete the block. Easy Peasy!!

Stop by his post HERE and read the details. I signed up and hope you take a moment to do the same...I really LOVE this type of thing and being a part of something that a quilting community does together!!

Won't you join us....he still needs lots of help with this project and quilters always come through for each other!!  It is JUST one, done and leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment in helping to see a project completed!! is a a way!!!  LOVE IT!! Stop by and sigh up....Tell Thomas I sent you!! Lets do this together!


Sometimes someone says something really small, and it's like it fits into this empty space in your heart!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts here, they really mean a lot to me!


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