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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Beauty Engulfed with Flames

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Today, in following the rules...I am resharing one of my vintage Colorado Plates. My heart is so heavy this evening, I am just not up to being creative and doing a new post. 

The mountains my husband and I love so much are engulfed in flames....the memories of past time spent in these mountains and the beautiful landscape is forever being turned to ash. I am sure none of it will return in my lifetime.....and my hearts hurts from it.

I am sharing some photos of the devastation in and around Colorado Springs, Colorado. All photos are via the web. Please pray for the workers fighting these fires and pray they make headway in getting them contained.  Please pray for those whom have lost everything.

My mountains facing west from Colorado Springs....this was taken from the mall, and Pikes peak is behind the flames.

It is hard to believe these tree filled mountains are reduced to ash.

Homes in the Colorado Springs area......heart breaking.

Hwy. 24 Closed from Colorado Springs going west. This is the road we take to go to our cabin only a few miles away......

Hwy. 25.....never would I believe there would be an orange sky, and not crystal blue beauty to look at while driving down this freeway....


looking at part of Garden of the Gods....a well known tourist spot.

I can not imagine how it would be to see my home going up in smoke and flames.

I have a friend from High School that lives in the area and please keep her and her family in your prayers...her name is Patricia and she is ever close to all of this destruction.
Thanks for linking in today, and thanks for understanding why I am just not up for it. The familiar beauty that my husband and I call home is being wiped away in a blink of an is almost more than one can actually believe would be possible.

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday.


  1. The second I saw your post I remembered you were in Colorado. Just know that we are all praying for you and your state.

  2. Our prayers are with you all today. We in Australia know the heartache devastating fires and floods can bring. we have them often here. Your beautiful trees and vegetation will grow back more vigorously than ever after a fire. It's the loss of homes and lives which are the hardest to bare. Take care and our thoughts are with you all. xxoo

  3. Yes, we are keeping you and all those in Colorado in harms way in our prayers. I feel so bad for all of you. Keep the faith.

  4. The pictures only tell part of the story, and what we see is beyond devastating. May God be with Colorado and all who live, work, and play there. ;j

  5. Suzanne I have never seen anything like this! How devastating. I was just in Denver in May and it was so lovely!!! Oh to see this now. Our prayers are with your family, neighbors, firefighters, your whole state.

  6. Suzanne- It is so sad to see what is happening in our state. How are you coping with the smoke? We are south of you so don't have any of it but it has been terribly dry here also. Had a fire in a canyon near us that they were able to get under control - Tuesday while on I25 there was a fire that started by side of road- everything was so beautiful this spring- the loveliest since we moved here- amazing how quickly things can change.

    bee blessed

  7. Don't give up hope for your mountains just yet. Once those flames are put out, and they will be eventually, you will be SHOCKED at how quickly new life sprouts on those mountain sides. True, the big old trees will be gone, but new ones will begin to grow, and they will THRIVE on all the nutrients which the ash will add to the soil, and it will begin to green up pretty quickly.

    I do worry about all the people and homes in the path of the flames though. Are you safe where you are?

  8. We have so many ties to Colorado Springs, were stationed there for 5 years and had two children born at the Air Force Academy Hospital. I saw a picture on the news tonight with the fire behind the Academy and encroaching the chapel. I broke out in tears. Garden of the Gods is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone.

  9. We've been praying for the folks in Colorado. It's scary to watch.

  10. Oh, my... So tragic! We've had some horrible bush fires here in Oz since I moved out here. It's indescribable to see photos of areas and houses go up in flames.
    Thanks for hosting, Suzanne.
    Greetings from Australia♥

  11. My heart breaks for you all...the devastation is just horrible. I am so sorry! Prayers go out to you!

  12. It just takes my breath away. I can't imagine what it's like to be close to have friends and family there.
    Thinking of you tonight Suzanne,

  13. Prayers for you all Susan, so the Lord keep you safe from this awful tragedy which makes me terribly sad. I can't imagine what this inferno looks like up close. Thank you for having me tonight. Keep safe my friend.

  14. My goodness, I just realized I wasn't your follower!!!!!! I just fixed that right now..maybe we can follow each other too! Hugs,

  15. Oh, I have seen this on the news and we are fighting terrible fires here in UT as well. My heart goes out to all those who have had to evacuate their homes. I can't imagine how terrible it would be to lose your home. I have visited Colorado Springs twice. It is such a beautiful place. I will pray for all those involved. Firefighters as well. Thanks for hosting.

  16. I just read Fabby's comment about her not realizing that she was not following you and I thought I had better check and make sure. OMG! I was not following you either!! Yikes!! I am now!! So Sorry!

    I feel awful for you and i know how heavy your heart is seeing land you love destroyed. I felt that way last year when much of my area was flooded. I pray for the firefighters as i have a nephew who is a professional firefighter in Maryland. I am praying for a lot of rain....

    Thanks so much for hosting each and every week and even this week though it is such a trying time for you!

    Many Hugs,

  17. This makes my stomach ache looking at these pictures, and i think of all the animals, people can drive away . I often wonder how wild life escapes ?
    I will say a prayers for all envolved.
    I know a lot of beauty has been destroyed

  18. My heart goes out to your friend and others...thank you for sharing these pictures.

  19. Dear Suzanne,
    My prayers are with you!! I will be praying for your friend Patricia as well all of those in Colorado being affected by those fires. The workers are heros in my many brave ones...and those who serve all of the people there with food and water. May God bless you all.....

  20. I have other friends who live in CO. My heart goes out to all of you....Feel free to share more on your blog about it. When my city went through a devastating flood 4 years ago, blogging about it was helpful...

  21. Oh Suzanne, I can only kind of imagine what you're dealing with right now. I remember what it felt like for me looking at photos when a tornado hit downtown Atlanta, but that was there and gone, an uncontrolled wildfire lasts longer and destroys more. the photos and news footage is horrific.

    Continued prayers for everyone affected by this.

  22. Oh Suzanne! Sending you lots and lots of hugs! It's utterly heartbreaking. I grew up in the canyons, in a hugely fire prone area and thankfully the area has escaped a fire since the devastating one of 1961 but other So. Cal. areas have suffered horribly. Thinking of all those who have lost everything, those who are in the fires path and those brave souls fighting the fires and sending prayers.

  23. So heartbreaking to see the homes going up. A fire is bad enough but to see someones home makes it so much more painful. Is there anything we can do to help those families? I have been watching the news and they just keep saying Red Cross.

  24. This is such a tragic situation. Your friend, your state is in our prayers!

  25. We continue to pray for the citizens affected in Colorado and elsewhere--my brother is stations in CO Springs, so it's "close to home" for our family too.
    So very sad. And what can be done to help those people who have lost everything?
    Thanks for sharing your concern and the pictures.

  26. I know your heart is heavy as is mine! The destruction of so much beauty and so many lives has made me so sad! I am praying for all in Colorado! Hugs, Linda

  27. Just wanted to stop by to say Hello. I might not comment regularly but I do read your post. Stay Cool!

  28. I live in Fort Collins. I feel your pain. It has been a crushing time. So dry and hot. But, we are a sturdy folk...and things will be OK in the end..and if they aren't..well then it's not the end. We live amoung so many brave people..hang in there. I am.

  29. Colorado Springs will always be one of my favorite spots, I lived there for a short time & I still know many people who live in the area. We've gone through some very large wildfires in my area here in Northern California & I know it's not much, but eventually everything greens up & the mountains will recover. My heart goes out to you & yours & the rest of the folks out in the Springs.

  30. I lived in Pueblo growing up and have gone back to Denver as well as Co. Springs. My heart goes out to you and all those that are suffering. I wish people like me could help out with at least the animals. I have pasture, live in the country- people sure could bring their animals here until they figure out what to do. Only drawback is I am in Wi! Hang in there- CO will spring back- It will be lovely again!

  31. These photos sure do bring this tragedy to life for me! I had no idea it was this bad! God be with those suffering from losses at this time, of friends, family and homes, as well as land. And to see this lovely area so devastated is just terrible! I will keep you and yours in my prayers!


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