Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Christmas lights

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I found some great deals at an estate sale a few weekends ago....among some of the treasures  were some great vintage Christmas lights. The best part of the find was that they were still in the original boxes....and they work!!

I just love the graphics on the box!! So retro!!!

I am amazed that the cords and bulbs were in such good them!!

Thanks for linking in to Vintage Thingie Thursday....I'd like to leave you today with this thought....try to give a smile or a kind word to everyone you meet in any given never know when that very person is trying their hardest to hold it all together in spite of their hearts being shattered into a million pieces....that one kind gesture just might make a huge difference.


  1. LOVE THOSE LIGHTS! Oh what memories they bring back! My Dad and Mom STILL are using these old lights at Christmas...OH HAPPY DAY when they invented some THAT, when one light burned out THE WHOLE SET went black! UGH!!! What a chore THAT WAS,hehe! I would definitely buy these if I see them in a shop! "MEMORIES"!!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing AND hosting!!!
    Big Squishy Hugs to you,

  2. I have three old boxes of lights, the boxes are always so neat!! And so is this one!!!

  3. Awesome Christmas lights! Very retro :)Thanks for hosting each week!!
    Greetings from Australia♥

  4. Wish I had saved all we had like this. However, how do you know anymore what to save or have room far it. Great find.

  5. Lights were sure big way back when, weren't they?!! I like the name -- Ringalite! Thanks for hosting!!

  6. I copied your statement from the bottom of your post and put it as my FB status.

  7. You know how good are they, that they light independently.
    Christmas lights these days drive me mad, when one light goes, none of them will work. Trying to find the dud by taking out everyone is a pain. You won't have that problem with these little beauties. Great find,and love the box too. xx

  8. Oh, those were the only Christmas lights we ever had or knew of for years! Still love them. Thanks for hosting Suzanne! Pam

  9. Those lights are perfect Suzanne! What a find!! I can envision Ralphie's dad trying to replace the fuse. Will you use them on your tree in 2012? Thanks for hosting and thanks for hosting all of the past VTT's!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  10. They used to make 'em to last! Great find!

  11. Vintage Christmas lights just like the ones on my childhood trees. Don't forget, these get HOT.

  12. I love those peir shaped vintage C'mas lights, such memories they bring me. Thank you for hosting lovely lady from Colorado!

  13. Love the lights, Suzanne. We always had those on the tree at home.
    I am not seeing the linkup for VTT?

  14. You made a great find in those Christmas lights...and they work! Amazing! Thanks for hosting such a great party!!!

  15. your thought of the day is so true, you never know what people (me ) are going through and a kind word is so heart warming.
    I tried , yes tried to crop my own picture and now have no picture on your post , won't try that again LOL

    it's about my colored glass

    hope all the babies are fine, did I tell you I adopted a cat and she loves living with me , I am a dog person

  16. ps
    forgot to say love the old christmas lights

  17. Hi! I've just linked up my new blog-thanks for hosting! (I'm your newest follower :)

  18. Love the old Christmas lights! I agree about a smile to someone, you never know how it could be the bright spot of their day!

  19. Goodness! Is it time to start thinking about Christmas already????? Shock! But thanks for posting your great lights anyway!

  20. Love your vintage Christmas stuff Suzanne! We found a string of lights at my parents house but alas, no box. Adore your box, so much fun - Ringalite!

    Happy VTT to you!

  21. How great that they still work and are in a like new condition =D

  22. love the retro graphics too! so neat. thank you for hosting. also wanted to let you know i do a thrifty link up too every friday if you ever care to link up.

  23. These lights bring back such great memories!!


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