Monday, September 3, 2012

Design Wall Monday: Jubilee Quilt Blocks To Date

On my design wall today is my last six blocks in the Barrister Sow-a-long. I seem to be always running behind, but am all caught up until Wednesday...when the new blocks are released! Oh. Well. It feels good for a couple of days anyway to be all ready for the new ones! I am making the same quilt in two different versions for my Jubilee quilt.....the year I turned 50.....ahem...anyway!

My two Jubilee quilts are growing with each new block.

Here are the six blocks in everyday fabrics.

And here are the blocks in the Christmas fabrics! I love the block in the top right corner. But after making TWO of those blocks, I can safely say, I don't want to have to tackle that block again!! The smaller  pieces sure set for pretty blocks, but they are a headache to sew!

Here are all the Christmas  blocks to date before adding the last six!!

I am sure I will sash both of these quilts and use corner stones! At least that is what I am thinking at this point. I am not sure how many total blocks we will be making, but that idea could change as it progresses!!

Visit more great design wall links over at Judy's Blog!! Have a great day!! Sew something fantastic!!!


  1. Wow they look so effective in the two different prints. I like how each block stands out against the others =D

  2. I looked....and looked again and realized the blocks are the same, but the fabrics are different. *Then* I read the text. Happy Jubilee!

  3. Both of your quilts are going to be beautiful. So much color. And I LOVE your Doxies. We have two and when I was reading about yours it was just like reading about ours. Both of ours are rescue dogs (one given to us and one found on the road) and they are wonderful, stubborn but wonderful.

  4. Both of your sets of blocks look great! I'm impressed that you are keeping up, making TWO SETS - I am barely keeping my head above water with one! Glad we found each other through Barristers Blocks!


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