Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Unhappy Dachshund

Sammy is not a happy fellow today!! You can see from the picture below he looks to be pouting or sulking in the corner with his head sticking out of the doggie door. his NOT a happy camper at the moment. The truth of the  matter is, he is not sulking - well, maybe just a little, but in truth he is actually standing guard.....

....because of this!!! His beloved Santa dog had a bath and is drying in the sun on the clothesline.

It just so happens he glanced up and saw him, but his little legs are just too short to reach his beloved friend. Don't think for one minute he is not watching for any sign of something with the idea they want his favorite toy. Nope...just not gonna happen!


  1. OMG! Seriously the cutest thing ever! Poor Sammy :-( Once his beloved toy does return to him he will have to work at getting it all smelly again LOL! Thanks so much for sharing ♥

  2. "LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE" It!!! Did I put enough LOVE in that??? My Very Very Favorite commercial is
    SO My Dear, you know your post made me "MELT"!!!!!!!!!!
    "Is it dry yet"???!!!
    Have a fun week,
    Big Squishy Hugs to You and all your little ones,

  3. I love your blog, and hope to be able to link to your Vintage thingy Thursday. Wish me luck!

  4. Oh that is too funny. My youngest dog is the same way about his "babies".

  5. LOL! He looks like he is ready to jump up if someone (thing) comes, not relaxing on the job.

  6. hahah So Cute! I just love how they LOVE their babies! My Noel needs her "Snowman Toy" with her all the time!
    Sammy is a honey! :)

  7. LOL! My dog is tennie like yours, but she tears through those long guys. They are not cherished or beloved. Just piles of stuffing!

    Sooooo cute!


  8. That is too funny!! I can see Lula doing this, but not the other two. lol


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