Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage China Pieces

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Did I mention the fact I am working on downsizing things at my house? Truly, I am. I have been working on that for a while and even though I am making progress, it is still impossible not to bring vintage finds home with me on occasion. I really have cut my treasure hunting down to very, very little. Funny thing is, once I made the decision to do that, I have not missed it all that much.

The local school had a sale and I found a couple of great vintage china pieces that I really fell in love with and could not leave them on the table. I love the pink roses in this small platter.

Here is the logo, I believe this is Taylor Smith & Taylor. I have never seen this logo before and tried to poke around on the internet and could not find any thing on it. I will have to keep looking.

I also found a great plate with beautiful roses. Too bad there was only one of these plates, but it came home with me none the less. Back is stamped Saxon China. I love the colors. Love them.

I always find lots of pink roses on china patterns, but rarely find any with rich colors like this plate has!! I love it!!

Have a great Vintage Thingie Thursday!!


  1. Hi Suzanne; thanks for hosting. LV at Meme's Corner reminded me to drop over and share.

  2. Hi Suzanne; I agree with you in trying to not bring home too much when thrifting (to keep) but sometimes an item is too pretty or special or interesting and just has to join in my collection. Thanks for hosting.

  3. It is so hard to not bring home new treasures...isn't it? And I am a sucker for vintage china....Sigh. Love yours! Thanks for hosting this fun meme!

  4. I love the smaller platter with the soft roses, it's so pretty. It would be difficult to pass by!

  5. How beautiful,I love them both. It's great to find such beautiful treasures,who could have resisted them?not me

  6. OMGosh Gal, how could you NOT bring those beautiful rose plates home with you!!!! I'm with you on the downsizing...I've been at it for a couple of years. I have to say, too, that I feel relieved to have some things gone, but still can't leave some other things behind. Like the FIND I posted about for todays VTT. You'll love it and I know you would have not left it behind either. Thanks for hosting. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  7. I think you found two lovely treasures. My favorite is the platter with the pink roses. I don't buy a lot, but I love to "LOOK." Thanks for hosting.

    The French Hutch

  8. Your small platter could be a really pretty jewelry holder on your dresser or nightstand. That is how i rationalize most of the things I buy. I can only display so much, but if I can use it for something (and not ruin it) then I'm all about it! The flowers on both of these items are lovely. Have a great day and thanks for hosting! Oh, and I hope your part of Colorado is having as lovely of a fall as mine!

  9. I too am downsizing but still find the items that must come home with me. Love that plate and the platter!
    hugs, Linda

  10. love the rose plate, will look great in Fall decorating!

  11. I'm pretty sure TST is Taylor, Smith, Taylor. They made some great china patterns. Thanks for hosting the party!!!

  12. I love both of your plates. China is my weakness . . . after linens . . . and doilies. OK, the list goes on. I miss linking in. Hopefully, i can get back to it soon!


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