Friday, March 5, 2010

I Never Forget The Random Things.....

I don't know about you, but I swear some days, I walk in a room to get something and as soon as I get there, I forget what in the world I was after. That is so aggravating at times, and honestly, I really think I am to young for that type of nonsense.

But as crazy as those incidents are, on the flip side, I remember things from my childhood like it was yesterday. I don't really remember important things of any value. No, I really just remember the most random things and funny how those types of things don't seem to ever leave you.

When I was in middle school, maybe in the 6th or 7th grade, one Sunday after church, I went home with a girl in my Sunday school class. I had lunch with her family, and being a polite kid, offered to help clean up after the meal. I remember when the mother was almost finished with the kitchen, she soaked some of her pans in the sink with bleach. Since I had never seen my mom do that sort of thing, I asked what she was doing. She had a pan that looked very much like the pan I am going to show you....please don't judge me....only one of my pans looked like this.....true.

This is my small Revere Ware pan that I boil tea in when I make Iced tea.....I make a lot of iced tea, as I love it and so do my kids. Sweet tea....the only kind to have around here! Anyway, after boiling tea in this pan, it looked a lot like the pan used by my friends' mom all those years ago.....tea stained that is. Now, in case you are wondering, yes, I do wash the pan, it just stays stained. Why is it I can see her kitchen like it was yesterday, and remember how to clean these stained pans right up good as new? Bleach....the secret of soaking the stains all out.....

After about 5 minutes, this is my same pan......good as new. One thing to remember, never add bleach with dish is toxic... just add bleach, water and let soak, pour out and then wash. Another random thing she casually mentioned that a middle school aged kid at that.

Now, remember you agreed not to judge.....I have almost completely stopped using plastic for anything to cook with, but this is the plastic pitcher I use for tea......stained like the pan......really gross if you think about it.....even if the only thing that fills this pitcher is tea.....really, I swear I do wash this thing....I really do.

Not anymore.....amazing right? Most random right? Why is it the most random things attach themselves to our memory banks and we never forget them? I can guarantee on that day long ago, I would have never imagined that nearly 35 years later, I would remember this incident like it was yesterday. I may not remember my friend mom's name, but I remember a tip she casually shared with me that day long ago.

Funny....I can't remember where I laid my car keys when I came home... but I remember how to clean stains our of a pan......or rather, not so funny!


  1. I so get you, woman. I'm the same way... I won't remember what I was going to do, but I can remind my friend Susie of a conversation we had about her son when he was 2. Totally random.

    [sorry I've not been around... I'm so behind on my blog reading... but I've been thinking of you!]

  2. I still think you got the wrong sister for a mother. However, no matter how small or trivial something may seem, it can mean the very most to you and is forever stored in your memory bank. Now, in my case, my memory bank has been robbed too many times.

  3. I'm right there with you....can't remember squat from two seconds ago, but remember childhood/high school instantaniously.

  4. Oh, you're not the only forgetful one. I notice it especially when I'm cleaning up around the house. I can start on one area and forget completely to finish because I've walked into another room and found something else to clean.
    Bless your heart for showing those pictures! I use bleach a lot too and for the same things. That tea does stain easily. I soak my coffee mugs with bleach too. Everything sparkles afterwards!

  5. I am so glad you posted this, because the plastic pitcher I use for my husband's sweet tea is stained, and I've been wondering if it is safe to bleach plastic.

  6. I have that exact same pitcher in yellow, and it is stained with tea! Never tried bleach and water, but I will now. What I have used, with only moderate success, is denture cleaning tablets (not that I have dentures, but I wear a night guard--okay, TMI). Anyway...I know what you mean about remembering certain things from years ago, but not what I just went upstairs for!

  7. Random stuff- yup. Cheerleading picture time, carpool day, my snack week- ummm....not so much. Sigh.

  8. I love the remembrances of another woman's kitchen, and the tips and little short-cuts or uses for things that they pass along.

    This was such an enjoyable post.

  9. Great tip! And yes it is funny how we remember those kind of details so many years later. Thanks for sharing. We are tea lovers too :-)


  10. I can recall lyrics to odd, really odd, songs we learned in grade school but can't remember the balance in the checking account a few hours after writing a check or balancing it. I blame that on software doing all the work and my brain getting mathematically mushy.

    We are bombarded with information daily, even if we aren't trying to take it all in. That some things slip our minds is ok. There is almost always a way to find the answer to the friend's name, to look up the check account balance or google state capitols. Usually the harder you try to remember something, the further you block it from your mind.

  11. Boy how I relate to this---but I have been doing this for years and is not getting any better---scary some times----I jokingly tell my friends we may need to start wearing name tags.

  12. Hi Suzanne, Thanks for hosting a great blog party, I do keep the santas out all year in a cabinet with other vintage Christmas I dont have the heart to stick them in a box all year. Have a great day, Julian

  13. On most days I can't remember why I walk into the room...I do think, though, you never forget your mother's advice. Have a GREAT day!

  14. wow we look like slobs ha ha

    just kidding, tea stains okay!!

    good tip ;)


  15. Thanks for passing on that tip! I will never forget it!

  16. oh sweet! Haha not that I have stained pans (do you think bleach will take care of the pan I set on fire? Because that one is lookin rough!)

  17. Honey, don't let anyone fool you...if you are from the south, and enjoy making iced absolutely have tea stains unless of course you have house help! This is a fast and quick tip, I tried it today and am happy to report, my tea pot, and pitchers look like new again! Did anyone ever tell you that your blog really does make a difference to those who read it! You encourage me all the time to do things and think about things that I'd day to day never do.
    Hats off to you for being brave and putting your "stains" on the net.....most would just say that they did not have any stains...and just lie like a dog!!!! You ROCK!

  18. Isn't it wonderful how little things people share stay with us forever? Those little things are what make up our lives!

  19. You sound a lot like me with the remembering thing. Thanks for the bleach tip. That's one I didn't know. Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. You have a LOT of company getting into your car with no keys-!
    I just sat down at the computer to look at your blog after bleaching out my tea pan,and my tea jug (recycled apple juice jug, it pours better) and then, I clean my sink with the bleach to make it sparkly :-} Momma taught me that one.
    My tip I learned was at a friend's house. She was cleaning the lint out of the dryer trap, and she touched the tip of her finger to her tongue before she touched the lint, and it came right out! I do that to this day, and every once in a while, I see me standing there as a kid, watching her do that. Try it! It really makes a difference in the lint removal.
    So, did I find the keys, yet?

  21. Yet another use for bleach!
    And also... umm what was it?
    Oh yeah me too.

  22. Good Grief!!!!! I'm so glad I stopped by here today. I've been mixing bleach and dish soap for years. I'm surprised I'm not dead by now.
    :o) ;O)



  23. Maybe if you kept the car keys in the Tea pan, then you could find them. That or they would get boiled...

  24. Congratulations on your fab cookie jar find. It is so cute! I am with you with the memory loss thing. Since turning forty I can't remember a damn thing and can never find anything because it's never where I think I left it. I also have the "going-into-a-room-and-can't-remember-what-I-came- for" syndrome really bad. I have not been by here in a while but I see you on FB all the time so that's good.

  25. Hi Suzanne,

    I've been having those "brain farts" for years, and it has nothing to do with getting older, and everything to do with being a mom, wife, chauffer, cook, launderess, seamstress, house cleaner, etc. It's a wonder some of us manage to get clothes on before we walk out the door........oh geez the memories......LOL



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