Saturday, March 20, 2010

Patriotic Pride Quilt Top

It has been a while since I posted anything about quilting. Since today is International Quilting Day, I decided I better have a little something to show for the occasion. Even though my schedule has been a bit hectic, I did manage to finish a quilt top at the request of my son.

Here are the fabrics he selected with the help of the guys at the quilt shop. I am really not an Americana type person, so this sorta was a challenge until after I got started. And, since the guys at the quilt shop were nice enough to sell my son double the fabric that was needed....Ahem.....I'll be using this again in another quilt somewhere down the road.

I used a nine-patch and snowball block for this quilt top, it was made like the quilt I made my son for Christmas.

When I went back in the archives, I thought I had shown you this quilt, but alas, I guess it was with the files long gone on my old I had to retake a couple of pics to show you my son's quilt.

I think the black sort of washed out in the photos, but the dark gray is really a black/gray fabric, it is really very pretty in person. This was given to him for Christmas 2009.

It is amazing to me how the fabrics change the whole look of a quilt. I like this now, but still marvel at how much different it is from the other one I made just like it, only different fabrics.

This is now at the quilters, being quilted.......I really love the borders on this one.

Full view of quilt, I just need to sew up the binding so I will be ready to go when I get the quilted top back.

And here is the matching pillow sham.....the person this quilt is for serves our country in the Air Force....I sure hope they like it!!! Come back on Monday to see the is done, now for the binding!



    Just wonderful, and I'm so envious of your talent. I can sew on a button (if I can find the thread).

    Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. Just beautiful Suzanne! I love quilts!

  3. Suzanne, they are beautiful! What talent! laurie

  4. I love the look of both quilts! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  5. Suzanne,
    Both of the quilts are beautiful. It is amazing how the fabrics change out the look of the quilt. You have an amazing talent!!

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful! Your son did a good job choosing.

  7. Wow, your quilt came out beautiful! I, too, am always amazed how chaning fabric can change a quilt.

  8. Absolutely beautiful!! You have such an incredible talent...I would love to be able to do this. You know, I was thinking about my soldiers when I saw the first pic of the fabric & then at the end you mentioned it was for someone in the Air Force. They will LOVE it!

    Thanks so much for sharing ~


  9. I'm sure they will LOVE it! It is really amazing how color and the quilting design can change the way the exact same quilt looks! Fun to see the two together!

  10. I love Americana items. Your son did a wonderful job (with help) picking out complementary fabrics. If you need a home for the 2nd quilt, I'd be happy to take it off your hands ;). And his Christmas quilt was lovely too.

  11. Hi Suzanne,

    You're absolutely right about fabrics changing the entire look of those two quilts. I'm not an Americana Fabrics person either ( I can get away with saying that since I'm Aussie) but your quilt is really really lovely. And how appropriate for the recipient! I'm sure they'll love it.

  12. I can sew a bit, but I am never precise enough to even attempt something so big and in need of such careful work. You are amazing. Beautiful work.

  13. Your quilts are works of art! Although I don't sew a lot, I LOVE FABRIC! I have lots of it that I just look at, no idea of what to do with it, just enjoy that it's pretty!


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