Monday, March 8, 2010

Looking for Spring

I don't know about you, but I can certainly attest to being ready for the spring time weather to get here. We have had record snows here in the Lone Star State...while it was fun for a few minutes, it soon became a little tiresome after the first day. This winter, as the news assured us all we received "once in a lifetime" snows, all I could think about was planning my spring gardens.

And in celebration of approaching spring, I was the lucky recipient of a spring gift from Denise and this sweet little bunny arrived this past week and full of springtime cheer.

I have really been thinking about getting out all my Easter decorations and make the house festive for the Easter season...just look at this cute little basket of eggs. I had to sit this bunny high off the ground as three little dogs really thought this was as cute as could be and well....we know what would have happened should they have gotten their paws on him! Denise sent the most sweetest note with this bunny, it totally made my day! Please take a moment to visit Denise and her is always nice to meet new friends. Thank you Denise, I love this bunny and the reminder he gives that spring is on the way!


  1. Autumn hit here hard this weekend Suzanne, so your Spring can't be far away.

    I really must think about Easter decorating...I was going to do something for Valentines but it kinda snuck up on me.

  2. I am with you on wanting spring here! We have had more snow in Georgia than any other year I can remember!

    I think Spring is here.

    That bunny is so cute! Love it.

  3. love the bunny! So cute! not so much the snow..

  4. Such a cute bunny!!!

    I can't wait for Spring to get here!

  5. that is a very cute bunny! it reminds me of when I used to collect bunnies...I,Like you am sooooooo ready for spring!

  6. Did your doxies go out in the snow? My poor Chili did, for the first time in his life, since he's only 1 1/2. He didn't like it much, but then, neither would I if it went halfway up my belly!

  7. I am so ready for spring, too! Good bye snow :)
    Beautiful sunny day here in Pa!! That is an adorable bunny!

  8. What a cute bunny! I have a few Easter/Spring things out and my plan it to get the rest out this week.

  9. I'm really ready for Spring too.It's been nice for a few days now and I love it. I'm used to California beach weather this is the first 'real' Winter I've been through in many years. Time to get out the easter goodies:)

  10. Cute post!! your camera gives her much more fanfare than mine did. Love the pic of the texas windmill with all the snow too. Such a contrast!!


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