Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Tale of Birthday Wishes

Last Sunday, was my Birthday, and as much as I would like the day to pass without much fanfare, sometimes it just does not happen like that. This year, was full of surprises, and some of the best gifts I have ever received....and I don't say that lightly. I don't measure a gift by monetary value, sometimes, it is the things that cost very little or no monies at all that mean the most. I want to write about how wonderful this year was so in case my mind fails me in the years to come, I won't forget......because for me, it has been that special.

I have never had a Birthday cake for my birthday that was my favorite flavor. Some years, there was no cake at all, and others there was a chocolate cake....because that is what most of my family prefers. I am a white cake kind of girl, and this year, my husband made me the most perfect white cake...I told him Cake Boss better watch out!! Seriously, my husband does not bake....a thing.....and well, this was most special. Every year I secretly wish for a white birthday cake, and this year...that is exactly what I got. I am still smiling at the thought behind my cake!

We all know about my computer issues and whining of late....well, my husband and kids decided enough was enough....they purchased a new computer for me, and well, if this is not can view two web pages at blog and, if I can only remember how to use it! This is way high-tech for my taste.....I was using a computer from the stone ages, my son says. If I had picked one out, I would have been so much more frugal, and tried to find something similar to what I had....but it is fast becoming a friend that I don't want to live without!! This year, being on facebook was extra special, with all the Birthday wishes from friends and family, it really made my day.

Lots of vintage goodies that have fast become a favorite of mine....look at these great needle

These vintage hankies are waiting to be turned into a quilt. I just need to order the book on how to do this and I should be set after I buy a few more. Have you noticed how expensive these are now, seems like lots of folks are looking to buy these now.

This is the table set with my vintage tablecloth and dishes. It was a surprise when I got home from work, that my daughter and husband went to so much trouble.

But perhaps the best gift of all, was the story told to me by my friend....and of course it involves Goodwill. It also involves her daughter and shopping for my is such a delightful story, I don't want to ever forget how it made my heart smile....I hope you enjoy it as much as I did......

The week before my Birthday was Spring Break, and my friend and her daughter were planning their shopping trip that week. On their way home one afternoon, my friend tells her daughter she wants to stop in this store and look around.

Mom: "I have one more stop to make, I want to stop at this store and look around."

Daughter: looks around and frowns: "What store?"

Mom: "This Goodwill store....."

Daughter: " Huh????"

My friend pulls into the parking lot to park, all the while her daughter is looking around wondering what is going on......

Daughter: "Can I stay in the car?"

Mom: "No.......come with me, it won't take long."

Reluctantly, my friend's daughter gets out of the car and looks around the parking lot, eyeballing the potential Goodwill customers. Wondering just what exactly her mom is up to......

Daughter: "Mom, are we poor?"

Mom: "What did you say?"

Daughter: "Are we poor?"

Mom: "No, we aren't poor! I am here to look for treasures for Suzanne's Birthday."

Daughter: "Are you going to buy your friend a gift from Goodwill?!"

Mom: "Well, if I find a treasure I am."

This is about the time the daughter looks at her mom like she is crazy. Just as they were approaching the glass doors, the daughter turns to her mom and exclaims.....

Daughter: "Oh, my gosh, mom....are we really going in here?" Then once inside, very quickly, states, "Oh, my gosh, it smells...... OLD.....I can't breathe.......there is nothing in here, let's go."

My friend, bless her heart, was on a mission and tried to stay focused and not laugh at her daughter as she combed the isles of trinkets in the housewares department. She said she tried to remember markings and what types of things I had posted about on my blog.....she was intent on finding the perfect treasure. A gift she was sure I'd love.

In the middle of this treasure hunt, my friends young teenage daughter became the object of much unwanted attention by a group of....shall we young men. Oh, I remember those days when Alisha started noticing the stares from...shall we young men. It does not matter that the young girl is pretty and that these young guys can not help but stare, even if it is a bit rude.....Those unwanted stares do make a young girl feel so uncomfortable...and throw in the fact the pretty girl is not comfortable combing the isles of Goodwill on top of it all. Let's just say, she told her mom, "it was time to go, that there was nothing there they were going to buy.....and they needed to go!"

My friend having drawn the conclusion that there were no treasures to be found this day, and while making their way to the door, she spots a sign that states that they sell gift certificates...and makes a statement to her daughter of that fact.

Daughter: "You are NOT going to buy your friend a gift certificate to Goodwill.....seriously.....what kind of a gift is that?"

Mom: As she is exiting the store this mom tells her daughter, "Well, I bet Suzanne would think that was a good gift."

And with that, they leave through the glass doors with a little faster pace then how they entered them just a short while ago.

Now, I have to tell you I laughed at this story of the gift shopping experience they had. I asked my friend, had they never been to Goodwill? Oh, she said they went to Goodwill to drop things off at the donation line, never to go inside. Never go inside???? unimaginable to me!

I was floored that they had never gone there to look around, to buy clothes for dress up days at school, just to friend said, "no, we have not gone there..." I can not imagine that myself....but most of all.....I can not imagine what my friend's daughter must think about me.....I might be a little scary to her now! And let me remind you, this is the same friend I wrote about reconnecting with after all these years apart, so her sweet daughter really only knows me get the picture!

And just to clear things up, (for my friend's daughters sake) I did get a gift certificate for my Birthday, and it has already been spent....Please, don't think I am scary!

Yes, I got some of the most amazing gifts this year, but the gift of laughter over this shopping outing, really tops it all. I smile every time I envision my friend walking into Goodwill, not knowing what to look for, but determined to find a treasure, only to leave empty handed and with a daughter wanting to run for her, I tell ya'.....that is the good stuff.

I feel so blessed that so many people went to so much trouble to make my day special.....they certainly did make it most special. Thank you!


  1. Suzanne..Happy Belated Birthday. I do wish we had what Facebook has for Birthdays....
    I can't imagine shopping for clothes somewhere else first besides Goodwill.My sisters in other towns would take me shopping with them.They would spend $30-45.00 for a sweater..all I could think was how many sweaters for that amount of money I could get at Goodwill. My husband says even if we hit the lottery..I would still head to Goodwill first. Ours are super clean and well organized!!
    I too will only eat white cake. Yummo!!

    Cindy from Tx

  2. Oh, Suzanne...what a precious story. I could just imagine the rush to get out of the store. My kids barely knew what a MALL was...we always headed to Goodwill first, the name brand clothes were there and they got so much more for our money. Happy Belated Birthday....hope your day was super!!!

  3. sounds like you had a great day....what yummy vintage gifts! I laughed out loud at this post...really cute....

  4. I'm happy to learn that you were shown much love on your birthday, Suzanne. As for GW, there's a store close to me that I will not walk into again because of the smell. However, there's a brand new-just-opened one that's quite inviting. So, I understand both positions. Actually, I prefer Salvation Army!

  5. I'm a white cake kinda girl myself! I never have it....

    The Goodwill story cracked me up! In my opinion they are missing treasures and good times!

  6. Suzanne...I LOVE the Goodwill story! We are totally GW shoppers and my almost 16 year old daughter has such a great eye for things and a closet bulging with gorgoeus clothes...glad she is into GW :)

    What wonderful birthday blessings from your fammily and friends. Wishing you all the blessings you can stand for your new year :)


  7. Suzanne,
    Happy Belated Birthday. It sounds like your family went the extra mile for your this year and you deserve it! The story about your friend and her daughter really made me laugh. It reminded me of a day that my son was with me and I made him go into one of my favorite thrift stores to look around. He followed me around and kept repeating "Are you ready". Of course the more he repeated that the longer I decided to shop :-)
    Have a great day.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday...what a beautiful day your family blessed you with. How sweet hubby is..

    The goodwill story is too funny. You see I was there yesterday, WITH my mother..LOL. I DID not do what your daughter did though since I LOVE LOVE shopping there...My mother on the other hand DID...she used to say,,'there is no way I'm shopping at goodwill. I had to as a kid, I'm not doing it now'..Well now that she sees the amazing deals I get, well she is getting on the band wagon..

    AND she purchased a 'gift' for my cousin yesterday from the Goodwill,lol

  9. Happiest Birthday Suzanne! Love the gift card from Goodwill. I will have to put that on my gift list for later on.
    You greatly deserved all the goodies you received and more for all you bring to us on a regular basis.

  10. I loved the Goodwill story. While junking yesterday I came across a young man, maybe fifteen or sixteen. He told the story of his friends not believing he bought his clothes at yard sales. He said that he told his friends, why should he pay full price, when he can get a piece of clothing for a dollar. Then he would have all the money he saved for something he really wanted. That's a smart young man! he's sure to do well in life. lol

  11. Oh my! I forgot to wish you a belated birthday. I'm glad it was all you wished for. I totally understand the white cake part. lol

  12. happy birthday girl. White cake for me too! I did check out our local Goodwill store and it was awful, maybe they are all different! You are too funny!

  13. Swell story!!! I didn't know they gave out gift certificates - how grand!!! Sounds like your birthday was so special - happy LATE birthday!

  14. Oooo,what a wonderful birthday that must have been. I can just envision the look on the daughters face.. I have teenage grandaughters that haven't a to the vintage treasures to be found here.
    I too have a small surprise for you as well...
    for you won my apron giveaway. I hope you love and enjoy it and wear it whilst you dance about the kitchen. I just know you're the kind of Texas girl that would do some dancing in the kitchen if she wanted to..
    I need your name and I can get your apron to email is:
    cat_white_cloud (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. Haha! Good story.

    What a great day for you! I totally understand about the cake. First, it was a wonderful gesture but beyond that it means that someone was really thinking about you. Every year my husband bought roses for my birthday and I am not partial to roses. All I ever wanted was potted tulips or hyacinths (I have a spring b'day too) that I could put in my garden after they were done to enjoy for years. Finally 2 years ago I got my wish. It's the small things that count.


  16. Happy Belated Birthday Suzzane, What a great story. Thanks for shareing. Got to go now. Gardening to do this weekend. Have a good day....Julian

  17. Howdy Sweetie
    Happy belated Birthday Suzanne !
    Wow what a precious birthday you have had .
    The cake is so beautiful.
    Hand made with love .
    I am so happy for you ,and a new computer too Shazamm.
    I think I love the good will story best of all :)
    I did not realize they had gift certificates .
    I must check into this .
    May you continue to recieve many more happy blessings to add to the ones you have already enjoyed.
    Thank you sweet lady for sharing the joy with us here in blogland.
    May you and yours have a fantastic Easter .
    Happy Belated Birthday Hugs
    until next time
    Happy Trails

  18. Happy Belated Birthday Suzanne. Sop over and check out my blog

  19. My kids and I always worked in and shopped our local schools' Thrift Shops. Once, upon entering a new "regular" store, my daughter commented, "It smells funny in here, not all homey and broken in."

    I was quite proud of that statement. I too would continue to shop thrift, Goodwill, Re-Store stores if I suddenly became a millionaire!

    Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like it was a fabulous celebration!

  20. Happy (belated) Birthday Suzanne! I love white cakes, too, and that was the sweetest thing your hubby could have done, to make it himself! Can't wait to see what treasures you'll find when you use your gift certificate.

  21. Happy Belated Birthday Suzanne. So sweet of you to share your cake and day with us. I thought your story was funny too. I can't conceive of anyone never having gone in a goodwill either. My SO does not like them either. Doesn't like the smell in some of them. My Mom dislikes them on principle too. Some people are just like that. They just don't like "old". It takes special people like us to appreciate it. Ps: I am posting this from Jamaica after reading my FB and linking here so you see how special you are :)

  22. You deserved everything that was done for your birthday. I never doubted Steve had a heart. They all did a great job. Getting older is not a bad thing. It's just what is in your mind that counts.

  23. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful celebration! Birthday cake is WHITE cake with Vanilla frosting. It just IIZZZZZZZ.

    And I think more and more young folks are catching on to Goodwill, especially where they have "boutique" racks---lots of wonderful still- in-style stuff, plus the VINTAGE can't be beat.

  24. Belated Birthday wishes to you!
    When your friend's daughter is older she will hopefully understand that anyone with a little cash can buy a cake at a bakery and a bracelet at a store BUT you can't buy a friend or relative who truly understands what makes you tick and brings you joy.

  25. Hi Suzanne,

    Happy Belated Birthday! That was a great story, and should you need to, you can pass on to the wary teenager that my 22 year old daughter, who is of the very highest fashion sense, shops at Goodwill occasionally. She fancies their uniqueness and the opportunity to find vintage or even name brand designer lables at a fraction of the cost.

    Have a great week!

  26. Ah what a beautiful birthday post!! I'm so happy you finally got your white cake!!! I too am waiting on getting a cake made for my birthay. A girl can dream.

    LOL at your friend and the Goodwill story. I love looking around the Goodwill store. You never know what you may find resting upon those shelves!


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