Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Colors That Layer The Heart

Last week, I discovered many new blogs to enjoy during the Bloggy Carnival Giveaway. My, but did I ever have a ball doing so. I found lots of "mommy blogs" and they were just charming in every way.

A few blogs tugged at my heartstrings over the silliest of things. One blog I happened upon had a post about refrigerator artwork. You know, the sweet colored pictures your children eagerly ran in the door from school to show you when they were little? It was just the cutest post.

Needless to say, I was a little melancholy as I remembered how my own refrigerator was always the designated spot to display all the art masterpieces that came home with my kids. To make matters worse, when I went to get a cold Pepsi, once again I was reminded that no cutsie~pootsie picture was there to admire. Man, it made me realize I missed the simplest of things about my kids when they were small.

No, alas those days are long gone.....maybe one day I will have grand kids who make artwork for their granny to display on her refrigerator door.

Later that day, I went to get the mail from the mailbox, I had a note from my daughter who is at college and she had sent me her paycheck. Why did she send me her paycheck? Was it because she wanted to payback mom for all she does for her? Not exactly. You see, I always deposit her check for her when I make my weekly trips the bank. Why? Because that is what mom's do.

Anyway, I opened the envelope and you will never guess what was in the envelope.......sure, it was her check, but you will never guess what else...
Don't even try, because you will never guess......seriously.
Remember my melancholy mood?

Well, my spirits lifted that afternoon. My sweet daughter who will soon be 22 years old sent me a coloring page of a little Dachshund dog who looks exactly like Dora. And guess what? I am thrilled to have this displayed on my refrigerator.

I'll tell you one thing, it is the little unexpected things in life that will send your heart a flutter. The timing of that card was unbelievable. Who would have ever guessed your adult child could tug at your heart strings in a totally different way? It is the little things like this, that bring color to the dark longings of yesterday and shine light in a mothers heart. ~Good Stuff.

*** I thought I should let you know that my daughter works part-time working with children. I am sure that she did this picture at work.....not just sitting in her room coloring randomly. I do believe those days are indeed gone....but it certainly is nice to see a hint of childhood again.


  1. It's obvious that there's a strong mother-daughter bond; cherish it.

  2. What a beautiful gift, from your daughter and from Jesus, who realized you "needed" something at that moment. Your post brought a quick tear. My girls are growing up to, and I've only one that still makes me refrigerator art.

  3. Kids.....they do the most unexpected things.

    This is a cute post. Sweet in everyway.

  4. I loved this post and I love things that happen like that.

  5. What a heartwarming and sweet post. I miss my niece and nephews fridge art. But I still have all the little cards and drawings they used to make me. When they have thier first children, then I am giving it back to them.


  6. No comment needed today, the blog says it all.

  7. www, I hope my kids do something like that for me when they are adults, too.

    Sometimes while my 5 yr old daughter is coloring or cutting paper, I'll sit beside her and color, too. It's very relaxing.

    What a special treat to place that on your fridge. :)


  8. Oh, how sweet and how wonderful the arrival.
    I also am saddened looking at the refrigerator , void of macaroni art.
    I know that every age has its own treasures and to that I cling. Just the other day, he played a song for me on the piano; just for me.

  9. How sweet of Alisha to send that... My granddaughter is just over 2 and I'm waiting for some fridge art! :)

  10. How sweet that Alisha sent you that picture. :)


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