Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Have a Winner ~ And Another Giveaway Announcement

I would first, and foremost like to thank everyone who entered in my giveaway for the Bloggy Carnival. I have to say that I was really honored and thrilled to say the least that 336 people entered. I have never received so many comments and it was such great fun reading all the entries, and finding some new friends in the process. A very heartfelt thank you again.

Originally, I was going to draw a name out of a glass bowl, but that was before I saw how many actual entries I had....I soon decided that would not be the best way to do the drawing. I used a online Random Number Generator and had it draw two numbers. The first one is the winner, the second is an alternate in case the first one does not claim their prize. I thought that was the most fair way to do this. Now....without further ado....

Drum roll please..........................

The random number generator chose entry number 175.

Congratulations Emily!! I am thrilled for you. ~ Be sure to check your email.

After visiting Emily's blog, I found it to be most delightful. She has a really cute blog and lots of great family photos. Emily is a young, stay at home mom and has the most adorable one year old son. Seriously, he is just precious. She is also expecting a new little one soon, a girl. How exciting.
This stay at home mom is a Pastor's wife and I hope they will be able to put this afghan to good use and get some snuggle time in before the new baby arrives.

Thanks again, everyone for participating. Please check back with me in the next few weeks.
Starting November 23rd - December 21st, every Sunday I will be hosting a new giveaway for the week.

I will have completed the Christmas Theme Afghan and it will be one of the giveaways along with some other great items. Going into the Holiday Season I always have more fun giving than receiving...and that is what I intend to do. I hope you will join me for my 5 Week Holiday Giveaway. I will be watching for you!


  1. Congratulations to Emily. That's a beautiful afghan.

  2. Just trying to get caught up on my blog reading--I am so far behind with no time to read!!! Have a great day.

    Congratulations Emily....I am sure you will enjoy it!!!

  3. Seriously, there's only 54 days until Xmas? Sigh.

    Congrats Emily!!!

  4. Congratulations Emily --you will be surprised what a beautiful afghan this is---so happy for your new arrival as well---GIRLS are GREAT--- I know first hand---- I have the BEST!!!

  5. After visiting Emily's blog, she is very derserving of this afghan. She was a winner before this contest because of her family. That little boy is precious.

  6. Congratulations to Emily...lovely giveaway...and lucky her!
    Have a great day.

  7. Congratulations Emily!!

    I think i know now what is all this about....=)

    I'll be back!!


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