Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simple Sunday & Favorite Things Giveaway Week 2

When the world says, "Give up"
Hope whispers...

"Try it one more time."
~Author Unknown

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Week 2 in the 5 week Holiday Giveaway:
Welcome back to week two of my 5 week Holiday Giveaway. I hope you had fun last week anticipating who the winner was going to be. Once again, congratulations to Sara for winning last weeks loot. This week, I want to share a few of my favorite things. I hope you will find this giveaway package just as desirable as last weeks. Have fun looking!

I am delighted to share with you some of my favorite things in this giveaway. First, let me say one lucky winner will receive this Super Plush Luxury Sheet set. These are my all time favorite thing in the winter months. This is a full size sheet set, complete with flat, fitted and pillowcases. These are top of the line when it comes to sheets.

The photo can not even begin to demonstrate how soft, plush, warm, comfy, addictive oh, yes, addictive and you will not believe the high quality. Listen, these are the best....not cheap.....the best. You will think you have fallen on top of a cloud. Seriously. There will be no excuses for not getting a good nights rest with these sheets on your bed.

If you think the sheet set is a great thing, sit back and take a look at these great items.

  • This little pillow is just as wonderful as the sheet set. It is brown and plush, soft and comfy. I know you will love it.

  • Now, I have a great set of note cards. These are Restoration note cares, very classy, perfect for use thoughout the year.

  • How about some tea? You will also receive a tin of Peppermint Cane Tea and Holiday Spice Tea. Perfect for enjoying throughout the holidays.

  • For your holiday decor is a cute little Snowman Dip bowl and spreader set. I just love this little snowman, perfect for the holidays.

    • Now I just love these items and can not wait to share them with a lucky person.

    • First you will receive a 5X7 frame, this has mother of pearl inlay in the frame itself,very nice and high quality.

    • I just love this little dish. The flowers are so delicate, perfect for a soap dish or a candy dish or maybe even a jewelry tray on a dresser.

    • You will also receive this cute cross. It is actually a Christmas ornament, but you could use it as a wall decoration. I have a collection of wall crosses, and wanted to include a cute one in this giveaway.

    • You will love this lotion from Bath & Body Works, this is Aromatherapy Sleep soothing body lotion. It is one of my favorites.

    • Lastly, in this photo is a cute magnetic note pad for your refrigerator. A favorite of mine for jotting down notes to myself....I love the colors.

      • Ok, we are not done yet, here is what else is included in this favorite things giveaway

      • Next, do you remember the little Santa letter ornaments from the first giveaway? Well, here are two of them in this giveaway too. I just love them, and I want you to have them.

      • This is a great little book titled "Taste-Berry Tales...stories to lift the spirit, fill the heart and feed the soul" by Bettie B. Youngs, PHD. Perfect for curling up in bed and reading.

      • Next is a cute little find, I love them. These are a set of candle holders for a cake. There are only four in the package, but I would use only three at a time for ...past, present and future wishes. I hope you find them as charming as I do.
        • Well, I hope you get as excited as I have by putting this giveaway together showcasing some of my favorite things.

          What are some of your favorite things you don't want to live without? Include your favorites in your comment and share with all of us. It will be fun.

          To enter:

        • Leave a comment on this post. You only need to leave one, just remind me you have added my button or blogged about my giveaway on your blog. I will add the extra entries to this post for you.

        • Make sure you leave your email address in the following format if it is not displayed on your blog: dora (at) yahoo (dot) com

        • You do not have to have a blog to enter, just a email address. International friends are welcome always.

          • Good luck everyone. Contest ends Saturday November 29th and the winner will be drawn randomly and announced. New giveaway startes Sunday. You won't want to miss it. Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving.


            1. Hello!! Wow!! This is some give away! Are you crazy woman??? LOL You are a great person for doing this. I have just remodeled my blog but I have once again added your button.

              Please enter me into the contest!
              HAve a great Turkey day!
              Jill :)

            2. I couldn't live without chocolate,
              especially German or Swiss, milk
              chocolate! Once a year I splurge
              at a local Christmas Market to get
              my childhood favorites. Please enter me it all sounds wonderful and I also have your button on my sidebar!

            3. oooh I love this giveaway! Do you post overseas or just within our country? Ok, one thing I can't live without. hmm a hard choice. I would have to say my children. Being a parent is hard work and the hardest thing mentally, physically and spiritually Ivé evern done but it's rewarding and I wouldn't swap it for the world :-)

            4. Congrats to Sara on last weeks win. Your button is on my sidebar. I can't live without coke and fuzzy slippers. Your giveaways are awesome..

            5. Wow!!! Awesome prizes!! This is so awesome! I've blogged and added your button on my sidebar:
              Thank you for the chance to win!

              bunnybx at gmail . com

            6. I can't believe you are giving away so much stuff at once! Some of my very favorite things are my dog Maggie, iced tea, and embroidery floss. Thanks for having a fabulous giveaway! I'm going to add your button to my blog now.

            7. WOW!! WOW!!!WOW!! So many beautiful things!! I would love to have owned that cross.. that is just beautiful!! :-)
              Like I said last week, I am from Norway (thanks for letting me be part of this) I have posted your button on my two blogs.. in both norwegian and english.
              I would have a hard time without my camera and all my photos (phot albums) and framed pictures on my wall! I love to collect memories that way ;-)


            8. Wow that is an impressive prize package! I cannot go without coffee, preferably Dunkin Donuts, and chocolate and my beloved computer, which make it possible to enter such lovely drawings. Thank you very much!

              megryansmom at sbcglobal dot net

            9. What a lovely prize package! After a week of problems with both my computer and internet - that's what I can't live without!!!

            10. I sure couldn't live without my computer.

              smilingsal55 [at] yahoo [dot] com

            11. What a great giveway package!!
              Any lady would be happy be get it!!
              I have an entry about your give-away on my blog.
              My e-mail is
              Thanksgiving Blessings to you!

            12. Another over the top prize, Suzanne! Don't forget I have your button on my sidebar.
              Some of my favorite things are lavender scented candles/sachets, rich hand and body lotions, and my teak bath stool!

            13. Some of my favorite things--coffee in the morning, the smell of freshly mowed grass, garage sales, ice cream, pretty stationery, etc.

              Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and the chance to win!

            14. I added your button to my blog!!!! Now, who do I have to sleep with to get this prize??

            15. WOW--what a wonderful giveway!! I would certainly love to win!!! I intend on adding it to my blog but cannot do it right now. I will let you know when I get that done. Have a wonderful day!!

            16. You are giving away some awesome things. I hope I win this time.

              Some of my favorite things are my bedroom slippers, vanilla or cherry coke, and my journal.

              I put your button on my blog.

              Good luck everyone!

              my email is

            17. Excited about your giveaways. I couldn't live without my family. I am very thankful for my husband and children. Thanks Coloradolady. :) I have your button on my blog.

            18. Hi Colorado Lady,
              I LOVE your blog. I LOVE Colorado. I was born and raised in colorado Springs. Live in Atlanta now as my Prince charming married me in colorado Springs when I was 18 and moved me to Atlanta!! I have been married and in Atlanta for 35 years. The things I couldn't live without and enjoy the most, are my hubby, my two daughters and my 8 grandkids. They rock my world.
              Thank you for the GREAT giveaway. You're awesome. I don't have my blog up and running yet but soon. Yours will be the first link on there when it's up.
              Have an awesome weekend.
              Hope I win!

              Miss Lila in Atlanta

            19. Hope my name gets picked----these sheets are just HEAVENLY---but you never want to get out of bed---things I can not live without is Jesus-MY Family--My Friends-Chocolate--Vacation---YOU

            20. oh goodie! count me in the contest!

              some of my favorite things? victorias secret vanilla lace body lotion, Yankee candle christmas cookie scent, crocs, xm radio, and my Blackberry storm.

              by the way those sheets sound heavenly!

            21. I can not live with out my family of just one brother and brother in law. They are all I have left in this world, but they live a long way away from me. (Thailand) I miss them, but could not live without them.
              And without Jesus my life would not be complete either.

              I have put your button in the sidebar of my blog.
              My email address:
              dutchy19 (at) gmail (dot) com

              Wonderful prizes BTW!!

              Hugs from the Netherlands.

            22. What a fantastic giveaway. I would love those sheets and that pillow matches my daughters new "teenage" room. Oh pretty please enter my name in the drawing. I put your button on my blog too!!!
              Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving.
              PS-I have a wienie dog named Mario. :)

            23. Oh my what a wonderful collection of goodies. We are crazy for coffee and chocolate, too. I just discovered you via google alert ... I'll be back often. I will be part of a giveaway in January .. please stop by.

              Please enter me and thank you so much. mermaid at fultonian dot com

            24. you are a really generous woman! thanks for these cahnces. hope the weather is ok your way, and happy thanksgiving to u and all!!

            25. I don't know HOW you are doing this!!!! This is quite an extensive give-away! But. thanks! :-) I will post about this on my blog and show others what they could also be getting "in" on! No problem! You are truly showing a spirit of giving to blogdom!

              And if I win (I hope! I hope!) my email address is:

              Things I can't live without:
              1. my sewing implements
              2. books, lots of books!
              3. my special "breakables"--I collect dishes! :-)
              4. chocolate and, oh, yes, cheese
              5. music
              6. iced tea
              7. pen and paper
              8. flowers and herbs

            26. Wow, what an *incredible* package! Those sheets make me want to crawl back in bed (but I can't)! Things that mak my life better: beautiful pens, coffee, scented candles, wonderful music, FOOD!

            27. Another fabulous gift package! Wow! How very generous! I blogged about your giveaway and your button is on my sidebar.

            28. what a great giveawy...the sheet set looks great... some of my fave things are my DH my BF also can't forget my books

            29. Wow I'll be dreaming of those sheets! This is such a great giveaway.Whoever wins will be so blessed! I love to put wild honeysuckle hand lotion on and cherry chapstick on. monk5 (at) charter (dot) net

            30. Wow! What an awesome giveaway!! Yes, please enter me! My favorites? Well, I can't live without my perfume and lotion, called Faraway, by Avon. Also can't live without my Nora Roberts and Jennifer Crusie books, as well as my journal letters to and from my best friend in another state,Robyn!
              Take care,

            31. what an incredible give away! you are so sweet to do this...

            32. Another wonderful giveaway...thank you for offering it! Hope you and yours have a happy thanksgiving!

            33. That is one fantastic giveaway!! Wowsers. Your button is on my blog for the world to see.

            34. Wow! This has to be one of the best giveaways ever. It is a coincidence that you are including the best ever sheets-I have been researching what the best sheets are to buy. I have been mulling over thread count and fabric content. Something I can't live without(other than my husband and 2 boys) is crafting. I sew, knit and paint and it is my sanity!
              Have a happy Thanksgiving. Nancy

            35. What a wonderfully generous giveaway of super pampering! I love your generous spirit and the positive way you are portraying the gift giving season. I also love that cross and think it is a super special little reminder of what Christmas is all about! As for something I can't live without, my faith, maybe it's just my sentimental mood, but that and family are first and foremost in my mind tonight. Ass for something materialistic probably candles.

              Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again for being such a great hostess.

            36. Wow, another wonderful giveaway. Those sheets look sooooo cozy! The teas sound scrumptious. I love writing so the stationary set would be greatly appreciated.

              You are too kind to put all of this together and give us the opportunity to win.
              I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

            37. I think what you are giving away is super great, but you could have two winners and divide it up.

            38. You've been TAGGED!!!
              Come to my blog to get the rules.


            39. This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to win. I love dachshunds and yours are so precious. =)

            40. My absolute favorite thing is coffee!! Any kind, any flavor!!! I have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner...dessert too!!!

            41. Wow that is some gift you are really a giver and have gone all out on this one.
              I have added your button to my blog.
              One thing I could not live without himmmm well it would have to be chocolate and my children.


            42. My very favorite things of all are my scrapbooks. I have all my photos in them and then I have journaling that goes along with it to tell the stories behind the pictures. Those are my most treasured possessions.

              I also love my pillow!

              And, I do have your button on my blog!


            43. Wow, week two is awesome. You have put so much effort in your give-a-ways. Nice job Susanne. Please enter me in the drawing. I hope I am Lucky.

              My favorite thing is to wake up in our mountain home to a view that will knock your socks off. Lucky me. There are many more things, too many to list. I am thankful to be living, a definite favorite too. Smiling BIG.



            44. The sheets should dreamy! I have your button on my blog, again my only christmas decoration as of yet.
              What I could not live with out, drum roll, my kitchen knives, sounds silly I know, but I can cook anything if I have my knives. Of course my family is a given!

            45. A few of my FAVORITE things are not really things,but here goes...
              1)Memories of my Dad
              2)My daughters
              3)Whisphering in a childs ear
              4) Meeting new friends!
              Ok...well I love chocolate and could get very used to "material favorite" things IF I had sheets like those! Love Warm Fuzzies!!!!!!! Count me in...adding your button!ampubery

            46. Your give aways are definitly amazing! Very generous.

              I love the revamped Christmas header, it is so cute.
              The one thing I can't live without, is my family! We rarely get to see each other, so anytime together is fun.


            47. You are soooo sweet to give away such nice things!!! Please enter my name. I am most happy with a good book or a stitching project and my favorite quilt, curled up by the fire!
              Happy Thanksgiving!

            48. When we were dating, my DH and I used to talk about what we wanted our life to be when we got married. We agreed that our home would have, lots and lots of books, good music (we are 60's kids, so it is ROCK and ROLL), and good food. Good food does not mean expensive food, but home cooked, not out of a cardboard box food. After 42 years, anyone coming into our home would still find all three. The variety changed but not the the catagories. I hope all three will be there until we no longer need them.

            49. I can't live without chocolate. :) (and pepsi!) I've tried.

            50. Hello!

              I can already feel those sheets and how soft and comfy they are. I added your button for the giveaways to the sidebar on my blog.
              Some of my favorite things are: curling up with a good book, gathering with family during the holidays, when my oldest son Connor tells me that he loves me , just out of the blue, Diet Mountain Dew!! Please enter me into the contest.

            51. I was reading your blue Monday post before I scrolled down to this one and I think we are about the same age! I was 6 in 1970 and in first grade! I'm enjoying your blog.

            52. what an amazing giveaway, you have really outdone yourself...

              I of course can't live without my family but other than that, my computer, chocolate and Diet coke top the list!

              micaela6955 at msn dot com

              your button is also up on my sidebar!

            53. You had me at the sheets! Which tells you a little bit about what I couldn't do bed. I LOVE my bed. I also could. not. do without my hotpack for my feet. It gets cold up here north of the 49th parallel. I also couldn't live without Cheetos. Hmmm...I'm sensing a theme here...okay! I admit it! I'm a hedonist. Sign me up for your contest, please. :oD


            54. good morning,
              what a fabulous giveaway you have for us. I do have your button on my sidebar and I would love to be added to your growing list.
              I COULDN"T make it at all without the love of Jesus Christ, my husband and children and my friends.

            55. I love hersheys chocolate and chai latte. and my macbook. i need the internet!!! Great giveaway!! I have your button on my blog.

            56. Wow! What a giveaway! I have also included a button on my blog about your contest.
              One of my favorite things I can't live without is chocolate, great smelling soap,and my cozy robe and a cup of tea in the cold winter evenings!
              my email is:

            57. Congrats to last weeks winner...this weeks gift looks just as awesome!

              stopping by to wish you and your family a Happy thanksgiving and I have an updated sss post up today if ya get a minute please stop by

            58. WOW!!! you give some serious stuff away!! Love all of it!! One thing I couldn't live without,,hmm snickers bar and diet pepsi!! ok that's I also have your button on my blog.

              Happy Thanksgiving to a very giving woman!

            59. What an awesome giveaway!!!! What a lucky winner this is going to be!!!

              I have blogged about your giveaway here: AND added your button to my sidebar!

              Please enter me in the contest:
              Thanks so much!

            60. what a good feeling it is to give! what a great package too!

              love the blog!


            61. Great giveaway! I would have hard time living without my family They mean everything to me! As far as an object I would have a hard time living without my washing machine I just cant see doing a pile of laundry using an old washboard!

            62. Those are really wonderful gifts, I would like to receive.

            63. A Biggo hello from Down Under !!
              This giveaway is just divine ~ Bless You !
              I have only recently started Blogging and will add your Button to my Blog, as it is an inspirational Blog !!
              Happy Thanksgiving !
              Nessy (Australia) at

            64. Wow, what an awesome sheet set. I would think those would make it even harder to get out of bed during those long winter nights! I have hadded your blog to my bloglist. thanks!

            65. What a great giveaway. I found you by way of BJ's sweetnothings blog. I have had more fun meeting people by way of all these wonderful giveaways. I feel like a winner just because of all the new people I'm meeting. Happy Holidays! I will be putting your giveaway on my sidebar and posting a blog so others can come and play with new friends.

            66. Suzanne,

              The things you give away are amazing at best!! Hope you have a blessed Hoilday my friend...and yes your link is on my blog!

              P.S. The cross is my favorite item.

            67. YOUR button is now on my blog!!!
              thanks for the cahnce!

            68. what a wonderful giveway!!
              I have your button on my blog .

            69. My e-mail

            70. What a wonderful giveaway! I enjoy your comments on "Gitz" site. I drop by your blog regularly. Sorry that I haven't commented before.
              I'm heading over to my little blog now, and posting your button!

              Happy Thanksgiving!

            71. What are some of your favorite things you don't want to live without?

              Well first off I couldn't live without my children (they are my pride and joy, hence the blog alias Loving Heart Mommy), secondly would be a really good cup of french vanilla coffee and dark chocolate! My DH says I'm a bit messed up since I didn't list him but he's LOL replaceable, my children are not.

              We do have your button up on our sidebar! I've spread the word to my Mom and other sisters as well.

              kristinia at lovingheartmommy dot com

              Happy Thanksgiving and you are very creative with your giveaways!

            72. Happy Thanksgiving, Suzanne! I enjoyed the photos of you and yoru sisters. What a treasure!

            73. What a wonderful giveaway! Those items are great. I think I should just take the sheets :)

              What are my favorite things? My blankie... because she keeps me warm. My children because they warm my heart. My friends because they keep my brain warm. My love because he wraps me in his warm embrace.


            74. I added your button to my blog


            75. I loved the Thelma pin, you sisters are lucky to have that nice little treasure. Hope you had a nice holiday.

            76. My favorite things:
              My feather pillow
              My chenille bathrobe
              My foot warmer (my dog)

            77. What a wonderful giveaway, just found your site via Sweet Nothings, so cute! Would love to be added to your drawing and I have posted your giveaway in my side bar!

              Have a great day!


            Sometimes someone says something really small, and it's like it fits into this empty space in your heart!

            Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts here, they really mean a lot to me!


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