Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Guest Writer #3

Wow, November is moving right along. It is already time for the next installment of Vintage Thingie Thursday hosted by myself, Coloradolady.......Did you catch that?? Hosted by ME!! Lisa, at Confessions of an Apron Queen graciously passed this on to me and I am happy to continue the weekly fun. Lisa had some wonderful opportunities develop for her career and had to scale back on her duties. I am happy to take this one over, as it is a favorite day for me out of the week. It is my hope you will continue to check in and contribute to Vintage Thingie Thursday. It may have a new home, but it will be the same!

Remember, that this month, I have put my own spin on this special day, showcasing the special people in my life and their own vintage treasures. Each week features a new guest writer. This week, let me introduce you to my Aunt LaVoice. She has a array of wonderful vintage treasures to tell you about, so grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy this trip back in time.

Words according to my Aunt LaVoice:

This is a YoYo quilt handmade in the 1930's. Since I am a lover of quilts, my stepmother gave it to me.

Close up of the depression era fabrics the quilt is made out of. These YoYo's are very fragile and old.

This is my primitive, scrolled, corner wall shelf. This belonged to a very special person in my life, my grandmother. She was born in 1878 and lived to be 98 years old. I obtained this wonderful shelf from her estate.

This framed print is very special to me. My mother worked at Perry Brothers 5 & 10 cent store in the 1940's. When she was laid off from her job, the clerks who worked with her chipped in and purchased this and gave it to my mother as a gift when she left.

This is a page from my mothers journal. It shows the date she went to work for Perry Brothers, date she was laid off, and note in 1947, her bonus from the company was $19.80. This is my mothers handwriting and notes of her working here.

This next group is some of my glassware pieces. These are carnival and depression items made in 1907 to around 1925. These were obtained from my mother-in-law and her sisters estate.

These are a vintage pair of depression glass candle stick holders. They are the iris pattern made by Jeanette Company.

This is a footed, Fenton Carnival banana bowl.

Early Fenton grape and cable carnival glass bowl.

These two tumblers are Northwood carnival, blackberry pattern. Notice the unusual colors.

These two glasses have the Northwood stamp (N) on each glass.

Handkerchiefs were the "in thing" of times. These lovely handkerchiefs were my mothers. If tissues were available, they could not afford them. Handkerchiefs were what we used. Also, understand girls would drop them to get a boy's attention!

Vintage red Parker mechanical pencil made in the USA 1850-1935 time frame. I tend to think this came from my dad's side of the family. I do not have the pen that went with it, but the pencil is in it's original box.

This is a record of my dad's school from 1922. All classes were held in a one room school. He was 16 when he completed the 6th grade. This was the end of his education.

I would say this was the equivalent to the modern day version of a Yearbook.

Home Comfort Range wood burning cookbook. Dated 1933. The stove was used by my family during this period. This cookbook belonged to my mother and she cooked on this stove.

pictures of the vintage stoves.

Lots of recipes fill this book. It is very fragile, and the paper is very thin.

Old iron, heated to press clothing. Also, we used to wrap it and put in the bed to warm it. My stepmother had this and gave it to me.

This rub/washboard was used to hand rub your clothes. Back then clothes were put in a black cast iron pot for boiling. After boiling, clothes rinsed and hung outside on lines to dry. This was all done by hand. We even made our own soap by using lard, water and lye mixed over an open fire in a cast iron kettle.

I Trust you enjoyed your tour of another era when times were really bad. Lots of vintage things to share from a time not too long ago. I would like to share with you my most priceless treasure. My great-grandson Layton and I bid you farewell from one generation to another.

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, and live each day to the fullest.

I would like to thank my sweet Aunt LaVoice for sharing with us her treasures from her life. Thank you for always "showing up" when I need something. It never seems to matter if I need a friend to talk to, someone to cry or laugh with, or a request for someone to dig out their treasures to share on my blog, she is always there. My aunt always "shows up" no matter what. You have no idea what that means to me. She is a rare blessing. And I am most thankful.

Reminder: Friday will end the first week giveaway, the winner will be drawn randomly on Saturday and announced. Be sure to click HERE to enter for this weeks loot. And most importantly, check back on Sunday for the next giveaway starting.

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  1. What priceless treasures. Thanks to you and your aunt for sharing and bringing back fond memories. What an adorable great grandson!

  2. I would love to get my hands on that cookbook...I love it. Everything is very nice, a great trip down memory lane for all of us old girls. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely treasures from your aunt! I tried to link my post but I don't know if it worked OK.

  4. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous treasures & i'm so glad you're taking on hosting VTT. The link's not working but i'm sure you'll sort it out :)

  5. Wonderful treasures from your aunt-I love the yo-yo quilt! I think the link is working now-I just added mine and saw Ulla listed. I'm so glad you're hosting VTT.

  6. Many pretty things of the past! Memories that cheer the soul.
    A greeting

    Muchas cosas lindas del pasado!
    Recuerdos que alegran el alma.
    Un saludo

  7. Thank you so much for taking over VTT! I was tearing up thinking it would be over, although I am very happy for Lisa with this great opportunity.
    Aunt LaVoice could have done 10 guest posts! All of her things are so great, especially the page from her mom's journal, and her grandson! I definitely want to steal that yo yo quilt!
    You did a great job w/ Mr. Linky; I can't even get him to send me a password to get set up!

  8. Your aunt has many treasures. The best I think, is the handwriting from mom. I have some of my mother's recipes written in her handwriting that I value highly.

  9. What lovely treasures and words from your aunt. I love the page from the journal. I can't get Mr Linky to work for me, would love to join in.

  10. What a great showcase of stuff! I especially love the yo-yo quilt. I can't imagine making one! It's wonderful.

  11. Lovely to see all those vintage treasures of your aunt's. I don't think I can ever complain about my washing machine not working when I see that wash board!

  12. I'm glad to see that VTT has such a great new home. There is no link?

    What treasures! I especially love that quilt and the carnival glass. Mine is at

  13. All those things are certainly nice treasures, but your beautiful Aunt LaVoice would have to be the greatest treasure of them all! You are so blessed to have someone like her in your life. And her little Layton is just as cute as a button...a vintage button of course!

    Thanks for taking over VTT. It's a highlight of the week!


  14. GREAT JOB LV !!!! I loved it---did not know you had so much---I have never seen some of this stuff---Great Treasures --some how, I hope it all gets to stay in the family and not discarded. YOU DID GOOD !!!!

  15. I really enjoyed your Aunt LaVoice's (what a pretty name) tour of her Vintage Thingies. It's wonderful these things were preserved over the years. I noticed the postmark on yesterday's blog showed Marlin, Tx.
    I LOVED going to the Marlin Mansion or as it was also known as Highlands Mansion.. Have a happy day.. ;-) Bo

  16. I loved this post. Your treasures are amazing. You have kept them so nice. I especially love that spread. I have never seen one like that. Oh and the bannana bowl is beautiful! Memory lane...... I love it!

    I hope I win your give away :)

  17. I love seeing these things! They always remind me of my Grandma's house.

  18. My vintage thingy post is

    I struggled with mr. linky the first time I set it up on my blog too :( It took a bit to figure it out, and it's blocked on my work computer so I can't even check it at work.

  19. And... I'm making a blue and white yo-yo quilt. I've been working on it on and off for a couple of years. It's a lot of work but they are gorgeous when they're done.

  20. Though I didn't participate in your Vintage Thursday, I just had to write a note! The corner shelf you have on display reminded me of my Great Aunt Marge. She gave me a corner shelf that looked just like this. Mine was small to hang on the wall. We had a house fire 10 years ago, and I lost the corner shelf (plus everything else). I was happy to see it and remember fondly all the great memories of my Auntie! Hope your week has been a good one!

  21. Wow! I love everything! The quilt is such a masterpiece. I could spend hours looking at every fabric in it. The old school book is so fascinating.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful treasures.

  22. Lovely. The quilt especially is fantastic.

    Thanks so much for taking over hosting duties for VTT--I would have missed it if it had died!

  23. Treasures is an understatement. Can you believe someone had to cook on a stove like that? Too bad you did not have the stove today and have it restored to use for modern day. WHAT A FIND that would be. The cookbook is just wonderful. Loved that.

    Thank you Aunt LaVoice for sharing your treasures...and a cute little boy to boot.

    Wonderful post today....Thanks CL for taking over VTT. I usually don't participate, but love it just the same.

  24. Great post and I am so happy to have joined in finally. It has been fun checking out all the vintage thingies around blogland.

    You just left a comment while I was editing the post to include a link to you. Thanks for stopping by.

  25. The depression glass, and the yo yo quilt really bring back memories of my Grandma. She used that collection of glass for as long as she lived at home. Many many years.

    I am a quilt fanatic also, but I never have time anymore to make them. One day, I will get back to them.

    Thanks for sharing.

  26. OOoooh!! You know what? I thought I would fall off my chair when I saw those orange candle holders and bowls... Oh my goodness!!! I have a few items like that and I just LOVE them.. and I am always on the look-out for more of them!! They are so seldom seen (in my country anyway)
    Also loved the unique quilt!!!WOW!

    Monica (Norway)

  27. What a great post! You reminded me of my precious grandmother, who was born in 1905, and went home to heaven at age 93. She told me about building a fired under that big black cast iron pot and washing the clothes. Doesn't sound like much fun! Thanks for the memory.

  28. WELCOME NEW HOST Colorado Lady!!!!!
    You have lovely treasures, I don't
    know where to start.... I love the
    carnival glass and the quilt! And besides loving vintage treasures, I
    also enjoy family history and you
    also have wonderful paper treasures,
    and those are priceless! What a
    wonderful post and start to Vintage
    Thingies Thursday!!!! :)

  29. I love your treasures, is it possible to start VTT a bit earlier as all this is going on when we're asleep, we're a day ahead of you here :-)

  30. Wow I love all those wonderful treasures! Some of them look very familiar. I think my mom has a few of the carnival ware pieces. I'm not sure what "Mr. Linky" is but I couldn't find it. I did however post my first VVT post on my blog. I can't wait to check out everyone's great vintage thingies!!

  31. Great job sis, bring back many memories

  32. What great items!! I love any thing vintage!!!!!!!~

  33. Your blog looks great. I love your header!!! Beautiful Colorado!!!

  34. Thank you for sharing some of my vintage treasures for your blog friends. I sincerely appreciate most of all the kind words. YOU HONORED ME WELL!

  35. What a lovely post today. You shared great pictures of unique things, and shared your stories. Thanks so much.

  36. Great to hear you will keep VTT alive! I dont always have time to post but I try extra hard for VTT. I like collecting things so it is definately my favourite day of the week! And I love to see what treasures others have!
    I really love the Depression Glass, I have been learning about it recently because a family member has started collecting it!
    The Yo Yo Quilt was amazing too, its the first one I've seen, thanks for sharing your Aunts treasures and I look forward to moreVTT! Yipee!!

  37. Wonderful collection of vintage treasures from your aunt.
    Thanks for continuing Vintage Thingies Thursday.

  38. That last picture is the best! Please tell Aunt LaVoice I really enjoyed seing her vintage treasures. That yo-yo quilt makes me swoon.

  39. There are so many amazing treasures in this post! I enjoyed looking at them SO much! I love the handkerchiefs! The yearbook. The framed print given to your mother, and her note from her diary about her working at that business. The yo-yo quilt, of course, is great. Everything! Thank you so much for posting all these wonderful keepsakes for all of us to see!


  40. By the way, your great-grandson is precious!

  41. I think I am just "getting it" that the picture was of your aunt and her great-grandson (you say in your profile you are a working Mom) and that these vintage items are hers. Really neat, either way! (I'm just "slow" sometimes! :-) )

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