Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Exposed Pipes & A Can of Paint

The picture below, shows Matt installing the plumbing for the sink. You know, the white PVC pipes that stick out like a sore thumb in an open space. You know, there are really not much choices for the plumbing under the sink. You can either go with white plastic or the standard silver....no other options I could find. Frustrating. I quickly called a halt to the installation of the plumbing....this was not going to do.

I halted this process when I remembered how The Pioneer Women solved her problems with the exposed pipes. Would you believe it was as simple as buying a can of this:

Now, once again as you can probably expect I was met with raised eyes and questioning looks from my husband, Steve and Matt as well. Steve tried to tell me not to believe everything I read, and that the paint would not hold. Nope, I don't think they thought for one minute that this was going to work. I knew it would. I had seen this done from PW blog. And I had faith.

We purchased a can of paint, and sprayed the PVC pipes. The only problem was, it was 21 degrees the day we did this and the paint was not going to dry anytime soon in weather like that. And I was impatient to install the plumbing. So guess what???

The solution was as simple as this! Since we had a fire burning in our wood burning stove, we put that to good use, and with a little rigging' from Matt, the freshly painted pipes were fast drying next to the stove. With the temperature well over 85 degrees next to the fire, this was going to be a baked on paint job that was sure to hold.

There should have been no questioning that the baked on drying process would be the perfect solution to drying the paint. It worked, like a charm and quickly too I might add.

After about 45 minutes, Matt was back at the process of installing my freshly painted, matching my hardware, pretty plumbing pipes under the vanity.

See for yourself. I think they are lovely, and they do not stick out like a sore thumb with them being white. A $6.00 can of spray paint worked it's magic. I will have to be honest, you really can not see the pipes when you are looking straight away at the vanity. I had to get down to its lower level to take the photo. But you know, if I was to drop a hair brush, or a hair pin, I still want to see pretty pipes that blend in and match the hardware, not white pipes that stick out like a sore thumb.

Sometimes, you just have to please yourself...not that anyone else will see it....but because you know what is there.


  1. I love it... decorating pipes. This has been a fun project to follow. Soon you will be decorating.
    Roberta Anne

  2. I continue to stand in amazement!

  3. does it ever stop!!! You are amazing I LOVE that bathroom!!!

  4. I can not believe how wonderful that looks....I have a pink bathroom, do you think I could paint my pipes pink!?!? I am going to do it! I swear!

  5. Wow - the whole project looks exquisite. Well done!

  6. Atta girl Suzanne! this is an amazing transformation to your bathroom...I am proud of you, little lady!!! Hugs, ;-) Bo

  7. Love the pretty pipes and I too would have spray painted them :)

  8. You're a creative one, that's for sure.

  9. Wonderful solution. Yes, a can of spray paint can work wonders.

  10. Wonderful--love your bathroom and now I'm ready to rip out my 70s vanity.......

  11. I know this is not all of the re-doing of this bathroom---it is quite interesting to see how the Bathroom Drama unfolds---I know the total finished room will be really nice---anxious to see it.


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