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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Tea Towels

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This week, I thought I would show you some of my vintage linens. I purchased most of these at a local Antique shop and from an estate sale last weekend. I use a lot of my vintage linens as backdrops for my photos I take for my blog. I had a comment on one of my post about the linens in the background of one of my pictures, so I thought I'd show you some of these terrific finds this week.

These two are vintage tea towels. I love the embroidered edges. I like the fact these have brightly colored flowers, and the cherries on the other towel was an added bonus. I am guessing these to be dated around the 50's. I acquired these from a local antique shop, and paid $2.00 each.

Here are a couple more from the same shopping day. I just love the Mexican inspired linens. The teal towel has the crocheted border and it was purchased for $2.00 also. The other brightly colored towel was in a sack for use as "cutters", however, I like them just the way they are. The bag was $1.50 and it was a steal in my opinion.

Here is the close-up of the teal towel, it is very pretty and in very good condition.

This little gem was in the bag of "cutter" towels. You know this is dated by the inscription "Love, Honor & Obey" Seriously folks...can you imagine giving this as a bridal shower gift in this day and age....Obey???
Oh, I get it.....this is referring to the husband obeying the wife....sorry, now that makes perfect sense to me, and yes, I can imagine giving this one at a shower now! Silly me!

This is a beautifully embroidered runner. I love the blue birds and pink ribbon and was drawn to this instantly. I purchased this at an estate sale for $1.00. I only found one tiny spot, that I am sure I can remove when I find the time! Ha!

Now, this little bunny is so sweet. I don't know if this was intended to be a tablecloth or a baby blanket. It is rather large to be a baby blanket, but for a hefty sum of .50 cents, I had to have this. Oh, and yes, I do love vintage linens....they are so charming in their own way.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the vintage linens I use as backgrounds for my pictures, they are some of my favorite things and always brighten my day.

Please, feel free to link in after you have your post up on your blog for Vintage Thingies is fun to share your vintage finds. I can not wait until next week to share my vintage finds from this week....I am busting at the seams....kind of can't wait....but I must.....wait that is!


  1. i love your tea towels - very 1950s :-)

  2. These are just so fun, the Love
    Honor and Obey towel is just so
    retro and amusing. Love all the
    trims and embroidery, I amazed at
    all the time that was put into
    decorating tea towels! Don't forget to enter my jewelry giveaway! :)

  3. I'm goofy about vintage linens as well. My favs are the ones with the crocheted edging.

  4. Ha, I think you're right that obey was for the husband. You have a lovely collection. The bunny is so cute.

  5. That cute bunny looks like Thumper from Bambi. And that Mexican inspired tea towel is my favorite!

    Thanks for stopping by with your kind words. You cheered me up a little bit.
    Thanks my friend :)


  6. I need to write my Thursday posts faster! Mine will be up soon.

    The last towel sure looks like Thumper to me. I love all your towels.

  7. You found some great linens, Suzanne! That bunny looks like Thumper -- how cute! I love when the towels have a crocheted edge.

  8. Hi Suzanne
    I love your tea towels and all your vintage linen.
    The Love Honor and Obey one made me giggle. I think if you gave something like that at a shower these days, you would get booed out of the house!
    Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!

  9. Suzanne! These are fantastic! I absolutely adore vintage linens of any kind and actually recognize one of your cloths as one my grandmother used to have. The cherries! It's ver similar if not the same :)
    Thanks again for hosting such a fun event and I hope you have a great day!

  10. I love vintage linens..and have a smally collection started. I'm always on the lookout for more, but I hafta say, you did really, realllllly well with your shopping you lucky girl..I am so envious.:). The things you got are just beautiful.
    Happy VTT and thank you so much for hosting's ever so much fun.

  11. i love vintage linens too!!'ve got a lovely collection, Suzanne!! those bluebirds :)

  12. I love vintage linens! Years ago I started quite the collection...tea towels, hand towels....I have a really cute tablecloth. It was not cheap and I rarely use it, it works great for an outdoor dinner on the patio.
    I told my mom the other day that now I want a weiner dog (sorry, I just can't help calling them that!) I saw one in my hair salon last week and it was TOO precious! :)

  13. Wonderful vintage linens! I love the bright 50's red-I think that's why the cherries look so good!There are some great vintage cherries at

  14. Totally love your collection of Vintage tea towels! Giggling over your OBEY comment and confirming with you...OBEY must have been meant for the HUBBY! You have inspired me to partake of Vintage Thingy Thursday...oh how I love everything vintage...and I love that you really use your vintage goodies!

  15. Your tea towels are definitely my favorite!

  16. My mother had an embroidered runner exactly like yours. The bunny looks like a child's hanky.

  17. I just love vintage linens, it's the section I head to first in vintage shops!
    Obey? I hope DH never sees one of those.

  18. I love vintage linens. Especially the tea towels. And yours are very cool. :)

  19. Love the tea towels! I have a hand-embroidered table cloth that fits a child's size table, that has been in the family since before I was born! It has a 'Thanksgiving' theme, with man and woman pilgrims, hearts, and other neat designs embroidered on it! Beautiful workmanship. Maybe those hand embroidered things will come back as new fashionables. Who knows?

  20. I love tea/dish towels! They're so cheerful - which, I suppose they had to be - drying dishes is NOT fun! That bunny one is so cute - reminds me of Thumper!

  21. Love the "Obey" towel! That is just too cute!!! Found it in the cutters pile??? Amazing!

  22. Very Pretty! Thanks for sharing in more detail because I had noticed the linens and wanted a closer view. They are beautiful. Very good buys also!

  23. Wonderful vintage linens, I love the colors.

  24. I love vintage linens. You got some great ones! The colors are just wonderful. Thanks for sharing these. laurie

  25. Love the old linens, love to use them too, hankies,doilies,table linens, so sweet! thanks for showing us some of yours they are very different to mine.

  26. Your towels are so cute! I love all the reds. You always have so many cute things. You need to do a home tour! I know it would be fun!

  27. WOW, this is SOOO MUCH FUN, now I am going to check out everyone else's VINTAGE THINGIES. :)

  28. What lovely linens! The fabrics are so bright and charming.
    I want to learn how to embroider and make all those edges on my towels. They are vintage chic!

  29. Suzanne - I am so very jealous! I love the towels! ~kelly
    unDeniably Domestic


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