Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love on Wednesdays: Love of Nature

Welcome to Love on Wednesdays. I hope you will jump on in and participate for the month of February. This month, every Wednesday link in and show your pictures of the joy, love, hearts or anything in your life representative of love. Anything goes...well, almost anything.....if you visited last week, we had some wonderful post about love....so join us this week!

Use the Mr. Linky to link in after you have your post up, and please link back to my blog. I will have the link and post up on Tuesday nights, so our friends in different parts of the world can participate if they like.

This week, I want to share my love for nature...being in the outdoors...and paying attention to things around you in everyday life...stop and smell the flowers sorta way. I love spending time outdoors, soaking up the sunshine, smelling the flowers, planting a garden..so naturally I like to look to the outdoors for photo opportunities.

If you look closely, at this photo, you will see a beautiful red heart. I took this photo in the fall this past year. My husband and I had just left a restaurant where we eat lunch most Saturdays. On our way out the door, I noticed the trees in the parking lot were very pretty with lots of fall color, and we stopped for some quick photos. I love this picture. The leaf had already fallen off the tree and was sitting on the green ground cover. Nothing like found hearts!

Here is another example of hearts in nature. Sorry to disappoint you, but I did not find this pine cone already poised for a picture, but the example is there. The seeds do form a heart, and it does make for a interesting photo.

My very favorite place in the world is Cripple Creek Colorado. In February, The Cripple Creek Ice Festival takes place in this mountain town. Here is one of the ice sculptures...shaped in a heart.

Lined up, all along the street are wonderful ice sculptures formed from blocks of ice, and demonstrations are taking place by the local artist. It is lots of fun and a beautiful sight to see all the wonderful works of art from ice nestled in the mountains of Colorado.

We usually enjoy the Ice Festival during the weekend we celebrate my husband's Birthday in Colorado. Here is a picture I took from last year....and today (2-17) is my husband's birthday...So if you would, wish him a Happy Birthday with me....Happy Birthday!! Oh, and he is really having a good time, even if you would not know it by the look on his face when I took this photo! Gotta love it! And yes, it was as cold as it looks that evening.

Have a great Wednesday everyone, check with the other participants for their post about Love on Wednesday.....it is a lot of fun.

I want to thank each and everyone of you who have emailed me over the past week with concern for my well being....You have touched my heart so much. I continue to be amazed by how in touch so many of you are and your genuine concern for me and why I am not showing up everyday or where I have been. Things really are hectic right now, but I will be back on track soon! You guys bring so much to my life...you have no idea! And that is Love on this Wednesday!

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5. Karen :o)
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  1. I did check your blog out everyday, and you weren't there. I thought you might have started another great work like that bathroom make-over, and was busy. Your nature photos are amazing. I love nature too.

  2. @ gin....I am still trying to finish the bathroom project. If I was not so darn set on what I wanted in that room, I would have been finished by now! Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you enjoy the photos.

  3. Happy Birthday to Coloradolady's Husband! Great photos today, love all the hearts.

  4. hey girl. I love the blog post today. have not been on much the last bit. will do my best to get caught up....but know I am thinking of you

  5. Wow! Those ice sculptures are amazing! Thanks for sharing. laurie

  6. Oh, I forgot to wish Mr. Colorado happy birthday! laurie

  7. Happy Birthday to your husband. The ice sculptures are amazing.

  8. Hi,
    I enjoyed your post very much. Happy Birthday to your Hubby! Hop over and see mine when you have time.

  9. Happy Birthday Steve! I loved seeing the Cripple Creek photos...can't wait to visit there!
    You have a true photographer's eye Suzanne...I probably would have missed out on seeing nature's hearts...Thanks for sharing them...
    Big Hugs, ;-) Bo

  10. glad to know you are doing well, have checked your blog and missed you. I love the ice sculptures and happy Birthday to your hubby.

  11. Love the ice sculptures! Glad your back.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE_!!! I love this post---impressed with the ice figures in Cripple Creek---did not know they did that----I too have missed your post---checked it every day---glad you are back on track---I look forward to them !!!

  13. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Hope it's a good one! Love all your nature shots, but those ice sculptures are really amazing! I can hardly wait for our trip to Colorado in early April...just hope I don't break my leg being a first-time skier! YIKES!!!

  14. This is an amazing winter festival. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Birthday to your husband yesterday.

  15. We always go to Cripple Creek while visiting hubby's mom in Woodland Park. Those ice sculptures are beautiful!

  16. My today post (if it has posted) is about the love and joy of being pregnant and all other things pertaining to bringing a new little life, your beloved child, into the world with you. I talk about my cousin, a shower gift, and a busy, talented mom. Most of my posts are about love in some way, I would say. Likey this idea, a lot.


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