Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mirror..Mirror..On The Wall.....

In case you are wondering, we are almost finished with our bathroom remodel. It has taken longer than I had hoped, but that mainly is due to the fact that I could not get it in gear and get things finished up. I don't know what the reason was for this major slow down was on my it it not it it getting older....I sorta would like to not think the about the last option. But anyway, here is a glimpse of the almost finished remodel. The only thing left is putting the final touches in this room and I will be done!

Take a look at the frame we made for the mirror to go in this bathroom. I had the old standard flat, plain mirror on the wall before and could have put it back up, but it just did not look right to me. We used the left over wood (which was barely enough) to make the frame for the new mirror.

This was the same process in making this frame as was for the vanity. You can see once the polyurethane was applied, how red the wood turned. I put 3 coats of poly on this wooden frame and had the mirror cut to fit and set in the new frame.

Here is the mirror after Steve and Matt installed it on the wall last Sunday. What do you think? Please ignore the brush and hair clip on the vanity in this photo...only explanation I have is that it was an essential tool in the installation of the mirror....had to make sure this looked good for brushing my hair...essential tool, I swear!

Now, remember when I said to wait until you saw the mirror with the cabinet? I think they compliment each other rather well. Not matchy-matchy but a nice compliment.

Here is another look. For the life of me, I can not get the coloring on the walls to turn out right in these photos. The wall coloring is a deep tan color and the paint color looks really washed out in these photos. I am determined to get the coloring right in at least one picture before my last post about this project so you can see the true colors.

Here is another close-up of the cabinet with the mirror in the background.

I know the new bathroom look really has a lot of masculine touches. In most people's eyes rustic does indeed equate masculine. I have a few ideas up my sleeve to soften and hopefully add a few feminine touches in this room. Notice the light fixture. Rustic design for the most part.....

.....But just how rustic can it be with these cute little crystals accenting the iron in the fixture? I looked and looked for the right lighting in this room, and when I saw this one, I knew it was the right one. I love the iron feel to the whole light piece, and the little crystals are a nice unexpected touch...and yes, they are really crystal not plastic. And this was on sale and discounted.

Light Fixture: $34.79 discounted & sale price- huge savings
Purchased from Lowe's Home Improvement Store.

Taa-Daa.... here is the mirror with the vanity. See those very unique faucet handles..they are still one of my favorite elements I found for this bathroom.....I just love how they look like little water well pumps. So cute.

I think the mirror turned out great. Looks very nice with the vanity and very custom made....even if the custom made was right out of my own back yard. See the little screws in the leg of the vanity....those are about to disappear.....I will show you what I am going to do to get rid of those screw heads soon.....promise.


  1. Looks WONDERFUL together! I love the entire vanity too. So unique.

  2. Looking really good!

    I like the way it is all coming together.

  3. Gorgeous mirror frame and cabinet! Love the vanity base too. The wall color is similar to our bathroom top half of the wall which is so warm and rich, but hard to get right with a camera!

    Very nice!


  4. This is lovely. I love how it matches the vanity in the bathroom. Very Pretty.

    I have to ask you a question. Did you email PW about your bathroom remodel. I would so love to see what she had to say, especially with the wood you used being from Oklahoma and all.

    Love the remodel photos.

  5. It is looking good---coming together nicely---great job !!!!!

  6. Looks great! I love that light fixture and your faucet. Such talent! laurie

  7. I really do love it! If my new bathroom were big enough to do something similar I would try! It turned out wonderfully! PS I got your valentine!!! So sweet! It was a little late getting here due to having my mail forwarded I think! You and my mom are the only ones who gave me one and it really made my day to open yours!

  8. I love the faucet! Really pretty! Everything looks great!

  9. Very nicely done - and the cabinet looks more like an art object or display piece, simply because it doesn't match the mirror frame! Great decorating!

  10. Hi Suzanne...that light fixture caught my eye right away...just the right touch I'd say...A lot of work has transpired at your place, but oh my...look at the rewards!
    ;-) Bo

  11. Just goes to show that trash can be turned into treasures.

  12. This has turned out to be a fantastic project, with awesome results. You two should be very proud of your good work.
    Your bathroom rivals Pioneer Woman's big time, congrats!


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