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VINTAGE THINGIES THURSDAY: Displaying My Vintage Platters and Creamers!

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Over the past week...I have been busy.....VERY BUSY!!!! I have not even had time to update my blog...and I really have lots to talk about and show you....hopefully, this next week I will catch up and post about a little home improvement, you will get a sneak peek.

Over the weekend, with my husband out of town, my son and I did a little remodel work on my laundry room.....It has made a huge week, I will show you the before shots...if I can work up the courage....and the rest of the project completed.......

I think I have mentioned a time or two that I collect vintage you remember me saying that???

I would like you to see how I display them.(as always you can click on picture to make it larger) I purchased this handmade rack off of Craigslist a couple of years ago. The original owner said their father made it for them, no nails or screws, used dowels to assemble, and they did not want it anymore...unbelievable.. They told me it was fashioned from a vintage display rack they had seen in a has been shoved in my laundry room, and I have to say, not nicely displayed like it is now....

The paint color on the walls is new also, it is a nice vintage green/blue, very cool and know, you need a calming effect when you are tackling laundry!

On the wall behind the rack, I hung three of my recent finds. I think the two outer ones came from Goodwill and the middle one was a flea market find....I love the flowers...

I started to paint this very 1970's coffee mug rack, but so far, I have not touched it, I used it to display some of my creamers......

Here is another shot of the creamers on top of the rack and all my platters...well, not ALL of them.....but most! I love vintage platters and creamers and it took me a very LONG time to find a way to display them so I can enjoy them....and enjoying them....I finally am doing just that!!

Just look at all this goodness........makes my heart sing!!

This is the view from the hallway.....This rack fits perfectly after we removed some shelving that filled this really fits like it was made for the spot...thanks to my son for all his hard work....he is such a sweet heart.....and he is single......just saying......

The basket is a laundry basket, but I have my clothes hangers stored in it and tucked under the rack out of the way........

Hope you enjoyed this little peek at a major undertaking that went on here this past weekend during my husbands trip to Colorado, boy will he be SHOCKED when he gets home....I will follow up next week with the rest of the story and more vintage goodies!!!!

Have a great week everyone and a wonderful first weekend of October....can you believe that???? Already.


  1. WOW i'm first up what a THRILL lol!!..gotta say i love that FABULOUS plate rack it's PERFECT in every way..i love the natural timber look what a great patina, please don't paint it!! i'm drooling over all your beautiful dishes on display..gotta go and have another LOOK!!.. happy VTT Suzanne :)

  2. It is the perfect thing to display your collection and it does look like it belongs exactly where it is. That is the biggest plate rack I have ever seen!

  3. That rack is huge, and A-MAZING! What a great display piece! You must really be enjoying those platters, and your creamers look great up there too. Love the color of the walls too. The Mr. sure is going to be surprised!
    Happy VTT!

  4. It looks so organized - puts me to shame - esp. the current project I'm working on - that darned sewing room!!! Have a great day!

  5. I always wondered how you stored all those platters. What a great plate rack you stumbled upon.
    I think my parents have that mug tree in their BASEMENT!

  6. That's a nice rack and perfect for your collection and space.

  7. I have added my link. One of your creamers is the same pattern that my grandma had. Happy times, and reminds me of thanksgiving!

  8. Wow...what an awesome rack! I'm not male, so you KNOW which rack I mean, he hee!
    Love your plates, and those the old look on many of them. YOu've got a real nice stash there little missy!
    Cool post!

  9. I hope you're giving yourself a big pat on the back, because you've done a marvelous job there! I recognize a few of the patterns! They look just lovely. Oh, and don't ever invite me over or you might just find a few of them missing - lol!

  10. That is one beautiful plate rack, and just perfect for your platters. Have a great week. Sally

  11. That platter collection is amazing and I love the rack you are displaying it on! How fun to be able to easily pull a different one out for every occasion!

  12. Oh WOW Suzanne. I LOVE your plate display. It is so perfect!! Your son did an awesome job. And you did too. I mean after all, you did the collecting :-)


  13. Love the plate does look like it was made for that space. It really shows off all of your vintage platters. It's so nice to be able to see your collection vs. having all of the pieces in a cabinet or closet.

  14. Such a party you could have with all of those platters & creamers!
    Nice display & good work on the reorg. doesn't it feel great?

  15. Holy cow! What a display! What a collection! I have one platter and coincidentally (!!!!) I posted the lonely platter this week in VTT.

  16. I never realized you had so many platters. I think they show up more this way and did not look like that many before. I do not know what you are going to do with all of them, but you have a huge collection.

  17. What an amazing collection, I can just imagine how much fun you have serving meals in these...I hope you use them.....They are lovely. I love the paint choice, so fresh and soft....lovely.

  18. Such a great way to store your treasures! Easy to get at and easy to enjoy. I bet your husband will be happy. What a great collection you have.

  19. I cannot imagine selling something that beautiful that had been made by my father! (Okay, I also can't imagine my father making something that beautiful, but still!)

  20. I CAN NOT think of the movie I saw something like this in....I know hit had Mel Gibson, and set in civil war times...oh, what was the name of that movie??? It had one of these, only showed it briefly but it stayed in my memory bank...can anyone thing of the movie??? It is going to bug me till I your rack...and I bet it was inspired from this movie I can not remember the name of....sigh.

  21. Hi Suzanne,
    Is that Homer Laughlin plate behind that green mug rack??
    Love some of his work, and have a plat similar to that..

    So appreciate you hosting this every week.


    barbara jean

  22. Fabulous, love your wonderful collection!

  23. I'm giggling over here Suzanne. When Bill traveled for work I always told him I was re-arranging the furniture. He didn't believe me at first. Then he learned to look for something different each time he came back home!

    I love what you and your son did!! It looks absolutely amazing! How old is he? I have a single 22 year old really cute daughter.............

  24. Well done with the rearrangement project. The rack is just perfect for that space and you have such a nice collection to be displayed! I can't imagine an attractive way to display my various bits of fabrics ...

  25. Hi Suzanne,
    The plate rack is wonderful and the perfect way to display your beautiful platters & pitchers, but is that really your laundry room? It looks way too pretty for that.
    a bientot
    Maggie @ Quimper Club

  26. What a gorgeous display shelf! That is so cool;I can't think of a better way to display them and it's perfect there!
    Uh oh. You've got missing slots. Better go shopping.

  27. I love that plate rack, someday the person that sold that will kick themself in the behind. Thanks for visiting, had not seen you in awhile, you were missed.

  28. I LOVE your collection....this is right up my alley. I need a plate rack like that--SERIOUSLY!

  29. Doesn't it make you feel good when your passions are displayed perfectly? What a wonderful solution!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  30. Great plate rack and what a great collection you have!

  31. Oh wow, and just when I got to the point of have to say no to china! You're a bad influence on me :)

    But I kind of love that about you!


  32. it looks just great. and what a great son! I love your collection of platters. I am obsessed over any platter, dish, plate, dinnerware, etc.

  33. OMG, yummy display. I have a few platters too. I'd love to walk by your display everyday.


  34. What beautiful platters. Love how you displayed them, they are so easy to see. You can just pull out the one/color that you want! Nice job and a nice surprise for the hubby!

  35. Wow! That is quite the display! It looks really neat from the side!

  36. Hello Suzanne, one of these days I am going to join in your vintage thingies again. I sure have plenty to share.

    Your plate rack is about the most awesome one I have ever seen. It looks wonderful on your laundry room wall too. Your collection is vast and now these lovely antique plates have a home. Your creamers too. It is all good. I really am admiring your hard work to set it up.

    Come over if you find time, I have a post I think you will enjoy. I have just spent a week in MI to visit family. I am trying to catch up on my visiting.

    I read your quilt post and loved reading it. The winning quilt is amazing. I love your quilt too. Keep on quilting and next time you could be a winner. BIG smile.

    Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

    Have a wonderful day.

  37. What a great plate rack! Lots of room in there!


  38. Wow - - - that's A LOT of platters!!! If I can SEE and COUNT correctly, 5 more slots to fill and you'll have a "full house!"

  39. that is such an incredible way to display your serving platters! They look so nice and now you will get to enjoy them even more.

    If you ever need to unload some of those let me know... ;)

  40. Great vintage display. I haven't done a Vintage Thursdays post in a long time. I do have a lot of vintage stuff being a vintage person. I'll have to get back to it.

  41. Wow!! Looks great. I would be afraid to walk by and break them! Perfect way to display.

  42. I love your new (old) plate rack& your plate collection is just Fabulous!;~)

  43. Hi Suzanne,
    That plate rack is just beautiful..can't believe someone in the carpenter's family didn't want it! In honor of the first day of VTT is all about ORANGE! The color, not the fruit...

  44. That's a lot of plates. I'll bet you're glad you found the rack. What a great way to display them all.
    I just love the small pitchers. I have a few and wish I had a place to display them together. I need to clear out a place so I can do this. Are any of those pitchers Buffalo Ware? I love anything with that mark on it.
    Great post. Happy VTT to you.

  45. Awesome job! I love that rack! and how and where you have it displayed.

    haha... your hubby will be surprised :o)

    Blessings & aloha!

    (taking a quick peek here, when I really should be getting some house chores done! With working full time now... I only have little snippets of time to do my blog reading :o(

  46. beautiful, amazing the wonderful things you can find at thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales

  47. love your collection there are many old patterns that I just adore

  48. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I do it all for myself but it makes me feel so great to know that someone has enjoyed it as well. I love that you collect platters. I just started collecting dessert plates last fun. Love your blog!

  49. I have a plate rack too - aren't they wonderful? I especially like the way you have set the mugs all on top!

  50. I just love it! I can't believe someone would get rid of something that their own father made! Gee. It really does look like it was made for where you put it. Makes me want to have my husband make one for me but I don't know where I would put it.... Sigh.... It is just beautiful!



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