Friday, February 12, 2010

Not Your Typical Man Around Here......

We have had ONCE IN A LIFETIME snow here in least that is what the weather and news are reporting. A record 12-13 inches of snow over the last day and a half....not typical at all....

Speaking of not typical....we built a few snowmen with the fresh snow....well, let me say, they were not your run of the mill snowmen, actually, they were not men at is the large snow bear!

My son and husband did a good job....looks like a polar bear to it!

And what more non typical can you get than this.....a snow dachshund.......

This one is life size......the size of Dora and Sophie......

This one is begging for a treat, a warm bed, or something besides the snow!!!

This is Sophie's look alike...well, almost....she is always sitting up begging for a treat.

Would you agree.....definitely not your typical run of the mill snowmen at my house!

Sophie wanted no part of this mess....however, Dora and Baily had a grand time running and hopping in the about a cool tummy......they played and ran in and out of the doggie door all afternoon......

....and was lights out in front of the fireplace....poor Bailey was done for the day! Don't ever expect the typical at our will never find it!


  1. Suzanne..
    love all the "unique' snow visitors at your place! so glad you are enjoying the snow..
    warmest hugs, laughing smiles..

  2. Oh, these are BY FAR the most fun snow creatures I've EVER seen!

    Great job!

  3. I saw on the weather this evening about the snow in Texas! These are hands down the most creative snow creatures I have ever seen in my life ~ amazing!! Judi

  4. Well...snow is not the usual for you so I wouldn't expect your snowmen to be. But your creations are adorable!!! All of them. And I loved hearing about your dogs in the snow. The fresh air and cold snow really wears them out fast!!


  5. To think that here in Quebec the soil is bare right now....We should be up to our hips in snow we had some, then some rain and no more snow! I miss my snow! :)

  6. awww very cute :-)


  7. oh dear! that is so much fun playing in the snow! wish i could join your snow bears and play snow! hehehe

    have a good weekend Suzanne

  8. Hahaha - the puppies are pooped! That what fresh air and cold will do!

    Great snow bears.

  9. Really creative, and adorable snow animals in your yard. What fun for your family...out of a freak snow storm in your area. A blessing, in disguise, except for the doxies!

  10. I love your snow doxies! They are so cute. My doxie Sophie doesn't like snow either.

  11. Just charming, Suzanne!

    Y'all are quite the artists---I can't imagine how you got snow to behave like that!

    And your SnowPuppies are just precious. Wouldn't you just love to go roll around in it, not caring about tracking in or getting on furniture? And to have someone with a warm towel to dry you off before you nestled down on the couch til someone called you to dinner.

    Dog's Life?

  12. Your snow-creations are really cute. I'm a southerner (like...really far south) and didn't know it ever snowed in Texas.

    Great to see you posting. I've missed my regular dose from your blog.

  13. I love your snow bear and snow dogs!! :-)

  14. What great ideas for "snowmen"! Toooo cute.

  15. lol...what cute snow men. I didn't even try to build a snowman, too much else going on at my place yesterday. My Levi and Katie Girl loved the snow but ChiChi wouldn't even think about going out. LOL had to pick her up and make her go outside to potty. Then she walked on toenails only and ran like the wind in and out. Poor baby stayed hid in her bed all day.
    Hope you have a lovely week end

  16. we got snow here in georgia right after you all did. been enjoying it, have not built any snowmen er snowanimals, though. LOVE what you guys did! That is great stuff. our old molly girl, choc lab, loves to play in the snow, too!

  17. Well, you always have interesting blogs, but I think this one topped them all. They did a super job on the "little ones". My first ever to see such great four legged snow figures. Got my power back at 6 am Sat. morning.

  18. Hi Suzanne,

    Yes, I had heard that Texas got snow. I just love that snow bear!!! How cute. I have to say, I have never seen a snow bear. We recieved 17 inches of snow on Thursday. I built a snowman with grandson and daughter. So fun!


  19. Suzanne,
    Wow...great bears and puppies! Your puppies are so darn cute! I want a doxie int he worst way, but I have a dog I love with all of my heart and I don't know if I could add another right now.....but I am so drawn to every little one I see!

  20. I moved from Central Illinois about 8 years ago, to Florida and have kinda missed the beautiful 'look' of the snow.. but not the 'mess' of the snow... your critters brought back such good memories in my yard with the kids.... thanks for such a nice blog!

  21. Man, oh, MAN! What you are capable of when the weather brings you too much of the white stuff-- I'm impressed to the gills! I can't even imagine what you'd do when life's handing out lemons! (<-- I bet IT'S DELUXE!)

  22. I love your snow animals! I haven't made any for years. This year you got our snow, I have big bare (that is snowless) patches here in NH - not the norm for us either.

  23. OMG I love the bear and the dogs. How creative!!! Stay warm!

  24. So cute! You must be up around Dallas. My son is there...when I asked if he had played in the snow, he got all grown-up with me! I'm glad someone had fun playing in it!

  25. Love your snow creatures and your dogs are ADORABLE!


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