Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crumb Along Blocks - This week ~ Triangles!

Tuesday was the new step in the crumb along at Jo's Country Junction blog. If you have thought about trying this type of is not too late to take a turn with this fun, no matching, no thinking...(well, almost no thinking) type of quilting. I have to tell you it has been nice not worrying about a seam allowance, or everything matching up and having to rip out and try again.....well, maybe there was a little ripping out but not much!

This week it was all about Triangles. Now, I usually don't like to choose a pattern that has a lot of triangles. Oh, I can do the blocks that call for half square triangles, I just as a rule prefer not too. But, I really love how they look in a finished quilt. The really add a lot of punch in my opinion.

I spent a  lot of time in the sewing room this week. I made several crumb blocks and the blocks below with the triangles.

I made seven in all with the triangles, I have at this time only 6 spots for more blocks. Next week is the log cabin block instructions and that should be all I need for the top. I have finished all the border blocks and letters.
I did spend WAY too much time on a special block that I will include in the border of this quilt. I finished it finally the other day and after all the work I did on it to come out just right...I am rather proud of that accomplishment. I am sure there would have been an easier way  to create that block, but I guess I did it the hard way, after all it took a few hours to my satisfaction! I am going to holding off showing that block at the moment. I will show and tell about it when we show our borders.

I am eager to get this one put together but I think the instructions for that will be one more week. I think I will wait on Jo's instructions...maybe it will keep me from ripping out a lot of seams that way.

And seriously....does anyone else wonder where in the thunder they got all their scraps??? It feels like mine multiplied times two instead of diminished a little bit. I think another one of these quilts will be in the making least that way maybe I can see a lot more tiny pieces of fabrics used and out of the stash!!


  1. You are such a talented lady! I love looking over these beautiful quilt squares. Enjoy the weekend my friend! Anne

  2. Your blocks look so cheerful. Is there a favorite color running through? I thought you were just using 'scraps' to make this quilt, but the color combo is pleasing - did you buy something special to pull it all together? Right now my stash is 'heavy' on the blues and reds but so many different shades that I'm afraid they would just clash. Keep up the good work.

  3. Your quilts are gorgeous! I wish my clumsy hands and slow brain would afford me the coordination needed to create these beauties. Great job, awesome colors.

  4. So pretty and bright! I love them!

  5. Love your blocks and can't wait to see how you are planning to finish it. Log cabins next week? I must have missed that clue!

  6. You've done a lot more triangle blocks than I have, sometimes I just can't get the color combination to look right. Your blocks look great together, I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I agree with you about the scraps... when I look at them, I wonder what quilts I made to get them all.

  7. I'm sure you probably gave up on me at some point, my blogging was so erratic....we had a rough four years. But, now things are on track, and we have moved to AZ to be close to our kids. Loved your squares! Great job! I have a quilting blog, piece-fulness that you can access off my main blog. Haven't posted anything there lately but once I have wrestled most of these moving boxes to the ground I'll be getting back to that favorite past-time! Take care!


  8. Your blocks are so bright and cherry..just made me smile!

  9. Your blocks are so bright and cherry..just made me smile!

  10. I love your broken dishes block. This week it will be a log cabin and catch up week...we're getting close.

  11. You have finished all your border blocks & letters...i'm late, i'm late..............!
    Beautiful blocks, can't wait to see all together.


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