Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First, Fifth Forever ~ A Letter Writing Journey - Senior Birthday Update

 Welcome to First, Fifth Forever here at The Coloradolady. In case you are just finding this post or topic, this is a year long letter writing journey that started in January of 2011 for me. Each month, I try to send a letter to someone or card and let them know what they mean to me.

** This month,  I am sending a letter and several cards out. Sometimes it is nice to be reminded about how much someone means to you and thank them for being such a big part of your life.

Out of that endeavor developed another project to bring a little joy and excitement to seniors all over the country. A spin off from a dear facebook friend's project, I started this on my own blog.  Each month, (hopefully) I post about a senior s birthday and  leave the information on my blog and I also have a designated email for this. If you'd like to be a part of making a big difference with just a small amount of effort, please join us. You can email me at onefineblessing (at) yahoo (dot) com to be added to the email list. Likewise, if you know a  senior who would benefit from this or could just use a little pick me up, please email me their name and birth date so we can be sure and spread a little cheer.

September had an early birthday and I was looking forward to telling you all what a blessing every one who sent a card was to this very special senior, Mary Ellen, but had to wait all month to do so.

The letter on the left is a thank you card from Mary Ellen. (Click the photo to read) She tickled me so in her letter, but the reality of her world weighed heavy on my heart too. Seems after her bills are paid for the month, she only has $59.00 left over for any personal items, cokes, or necessities. I am sure you are thinking like I am, that this does not go far and from what I understand, she get no help from her family. She is just there, in a home, fending for herself the best she can.

After I received this card, we impressed upon her to not spend her birthday money on stamps and stationary. That money was for her and we would relay the message to all concerned. Being the proper lady she is, that was difficult but we convinced her that was not what the money was for. So from the bottom of Mary Ellen's heart, she thanks each and every one who made her birthday one she won't soon forget.

This dear lady was so excited and with her money, she was going to buy herself a pair of shoes as the shoes she has been wearing were borrowed from a friend. She needed so many things, this certainly made a dent in what she was either completely out of or what she had been doing without for lack of funds. Blessings....they truly come from the unexpected and in small ways bring so much.

I also received a sweet postcard from Helen. Thanks are never necessary, as it is so fun to do this for others. I don't always get feedback from the cards we send and that is OK. If I do get feedback, I like to share it here each month. It serves as a reminder to me that small things I can do make a difference and it is not in the big things one does, but small ones that make such an impact sometimes.

And I could not do it all by myself! Thanks to all who have signed up to get the email each month, and who have sent me names to add to the list. You along with so many others are helping spread a little cheer into parts of our world that seems to have lost all hope and joy. That my friends...is a HUGE thing. 

 If you missed the list for October.....click HERE for the Birthday list.

The link is here to this post if you have something you'd like to share.....Have a wonderful October!!!


  1. wow. this had me crying to just think what a little extra can do for someone. blessed is a giving heart.

  2. Parabéns! Pequenos gestos mundam o universo para o bem ou para o mal. Feliz daquele que escolhe o amor!

  3. This is one aspect of the blog world that I didn't expect when I began. It's such an outreach and I'm just amazed of the lives ya can touch.

    Your doin' a great work there sweetie!!!

    God bless ya and have a fantastic day! :o)


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