Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Follies of Fall.......

It seems like the work around our house never stalls to where we can enjoy just a lazy afternoon. Something is always going on whether it be beast or human, no peace.  The past week, the squirrels have been busy as can be.

The trees are full of acorns, and they are falling fast. Some days, not fast enough and these guys are hanging in the branches of the trees plucking acorns off the limbs as fast as they can.

There were lots of pairs of eyes on these guys the other day. Some, shall we say dogs, were not too happy about the critters invading the back yard.....after all, they appeared to be finding SOMETHING to eat out there and well.....that is not going to set well with a couple of dachshunds around here.

He finally noticed he was being watched, and decided to crouch down in the grass so that maybe he would not be seen. That did not last long.....

........and off he went to the safe space in the yard. The large tree where I keep the feeder was in easy reach if he felt his safety was being compromised.  Seriously, can't a guy have a afternoon snack in peace???

Evidently not...there was lots of wailing from the back sliding glass door. Dora shook like a leaf on a tree, crouching down...ready to spring into action as soon as I let the doggie door up. We don't want any varmints in our yard....got that???? Dora, wants to hunt. Sophie on the other hand wants to eat, and she says,  If there are snacks out there, they are for us....or um....ME........

.....and speaking of snacks....Sophie sure does not want to share these days, you would think she was on a mission for packing on a few pounds for the winter ahead. She was not interested in sending the squirrels up the tree or out of the yard for the thrill of the hunt....Oh, No.....she wanted to see what in the world they were eating and find it for herself......

She sniffed....and sniffed some more.....she KNEW this is where they were enjoying a treat of some kind, and knew she wanted some too........

she then started to dig....and scoot the dirt around....still looking for any sign of a left morsel of something. She spent a good 15 minutes forging around that tree....Finally, she did what I had expected her to do all along.....

She looked up and gave that look.....the look of stay out of my yard, there are no treats here and if they are, they belong to me.....she was funny, in the fact she was sure there was something there for her and she could not find it.....she was not happy with the situation and soon decided it was time for their afternoon nap, since the crisis was taken care of......for the moment.

and for this one....well, he heard "Afternoon nap" and was back in a flash....he paused long enough as if to ask how long I predicted the afternoon nap would last........I thought.....you'd had better tread lightly and make quick work.....dachshunds have great instincts....and Dora would rather hunt then sleep!!

See what I mean.....it supposed to be nap time, she is pretending to rest...with that crazed look in her eyes......and  keeps one ear up just to make sure she hears any slight sound of movement or acorns cracking......then the cycle continues.....starting with the wailing at the back door! Did I mention how much I love fall afternoons???It's never a dull moment.


  1. LOL! Oh Suzanne, this was so funny! I enjoyed this very much, thank you for sharing! :)

  2. your pups are so cute. i can just see them at the door having a fit. my cat does that too. have a good day and maybe squeeze in a nap.

  3. We have a walnut tree in the front yard. These guys are so busy carrying their stash across the power lines and fence row, you could watch them for hours. Have a good day.

  4. Hi Suzanne, I just found your blog and I can so relate to your story. How funny! I have two dachshunds myself so I know exactly what your days are like....those awful squirrels!

    I'm now a follower.


  5. Oh Suzanne you are tooo funny...I love this little story! My three pets are standing guard at the screen door and almost howl to get out when they see those little critters in the yard. What is it about they that make our babies so crazed? LOL! Thanks for a good laugh and hope your guys get their naps. I had to close the door on mine. LOL. Hugs! Loretta

  6. Aren't squirrels fun to watch? There are a lot up at the top of the hill we live on, but they never seem to make it down to us. I keep telling my husband we need to put out a feeder.

  7. Doxies are so cute! We had more than one when we were young marrieds and remember them fondly. They can be fun to watch. Once our Missy went underground chasing something in a burrow and came out dirty but unsuccessful. They were bred for that kind of hunting but it was amazing to see her scooting through the tunnels like that! Ahh, the squirrels are putting up for winter...a good sign! Have a great day!


  8. Love doxies! Yours are adorable!! So funny! Our Nico makes us laugh a lot!

  9. Oh, Suzanne, your doggies are so cute! Loved the story too. Thanks for the giggle!


  10. HaHaHa! These pups are so hilarious! Great story.

  11. really cute pictures! dora and rod would make excellent hunting buddies! love her really focused eyes. so pretty!


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