Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crumb Along Quilt Blocks - Nine Patch, Four Patch and Letters

Tuesday was the new step in the crumb along at Jo's Country Junction blog. If you have thought about trying this type of is not too late to take a turn with this fun, no matching, no thinking...(well, almost no thinking) type of quilting. I have to tell you it has been nice not worrying about a seam allowance, or everything matching up and having to rip out and try again.....well, maybe there was a little ripping out but not much!

This week we were to take a look at the blocks we already had made, lay them out and get a visual of how they looked together, and see what changes in colors needed to be made.

I soon saw that most of my blocks were not only bright, but on the darker side. I showed them here last week. That really is not a bad thing, and I did seem to use LOTS of the focus fabric color which for my quilt was green and Jo said we needed to make sure we were doing that. Green in the blocks....check.

We were to make four patch and nine patch blocks. Below are my blocks I made this past week. I decided to try to keep the focus on more of the nine and four patches. (Photos click-able to make them larger to see detail better)

I choose a few lighter shades of fabrics to add to these blocks. They will be scattered throughout the quilt to hopefully ad some cohesiveness to the quilt as a whole.

I also said when I started this project that I was not interested in making any of the letter blocks. Had no clue how to do that, did not have the book to explain in, so I intended on skipping that part. lesson is never say never. This quilt evolved into something I never expected.....the story will be here to read at the end of this quilt along.

I have made all the letter blocks for my quilt. On my own. No book, no instructions, no clue where to begin but with a lot of prayer and determination. Thank you Jo for the push I needed to give it a try. Here are some of the letters. These will be on the lower right side of the border on the quilt and carry up the right lower side as well. I used whites and creams as the backing fabrics for the blocks. (thus wanting to add a little bit of the lighter fabrics to the body of the quilt as I described above)

These three will be on the top left corner, side and top. Hopefully will balance out the letters well when I have it all together. All the border of my quilt will be heart blocks. I hope it turns out the way I see it in my head!! :o)

Well, that is what I have done this past week. I hope to sew a bit more this weekend, I am hooked on this crumb sewing. I may need to give away all the quilt patterns I have saved as I may never touch them after this crumb along!!!


  1. Oh, these look wonderful. I love the lighter fabrics. I am looking forward to seeing this all come together.

  2. You are just rockin' in Colorado! Wow, am impressed at how you just sat down and put some letters together without pattern instruction - that's true liberated piecing. I really like the lighter brighter colour choices - should make the end result sparkle a little. I was going to wait until I got the book to try letters, but your experience has made me feel brave (or brash). Think I'll pull out the crumb bin today.

  3. Suzanne, those are oh so great letter blocks and crumb blocks. I look foward to seeing your quilt.

  4. Those blocks are great! I too tried letters before I got the book and added a Vermont to the bottom of a guild challenge quilt this spring. Once you do it... you never go back. Making the letters are fun. Can't wait to see how your quilt turns out... but I'll bet it will be lovely. I love the butterfly block!

  5. Fabulous letters! And your crumb blocks are awesome too!

  6. Terrific letter blocks. So impressive for your first time. Love that you figured it all out on your own. Looks like a fun quilt is coming together. I am sure it will be even better than the picture in your head.

  7. I like what you're doing with your crumb along blocks, I haven't made any letters yet. I think I'm a bit "scared" LOL


  8. Hey...I love the look. The letters are so good. It's going to be impressive!!

  9. I love all your blocks, letters are very successful !


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