Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Fabrics - Dachshund Fabric

Nothing better than finding some new fabric that has dachshunds in the print. Even better when you find more than one bolt of fabric with different prints. I was over the moon when I found this fabric a couple of weeks ago. I thought that maybe this would make someones day to get their hands on some of this! Take a peek.....

I found this one online at Hancock Fabrics. I also saw a small bolt left in-store last week as well. 

This one has cute dachshunds and kitty cats. Found at Hancock online.

How cute is Santa with a dachshund.....this one was found online at Hancock Fabrics and I also saw it in-store locally last week.

Love this.....Santa's Sleigh being pulled by three little know in my mind that is Sophie, Dora and Bailey pulling that sleigh......Found online at Hancock Fabrics and in-store last week.

All the one's came last week that I ordered online. Love them!!! But then.......over the weekend look what I found......

Cute dachshunds in Santa hats!! Oh, I was super excited. I found this at Jo-Ann's Fabrics here locally. I checked their website and they have it listed as NEW. Here is the link.

I felt like I hit the jackpot with all of this cute fabric! It is not easy finding fabric with dachshunds, and when I do find it online, then it is all sold out! So I thought I'd pass this on to some of you dachshund or fabric enthusiast out there. I suggest not waiting too long, as I would imagine it being sold out rather quickly as it all is ON SALE!!! You can thank me for this later!!!!

.....Oh, and Hancock nor Jo-Ann's have any idea who I am, nor do they care. Which is sad really, because I do spend a lot of money in both of these stores. Anyway, I am not passing this on to you for them to benefit from it...I am passing it on so YOU will benefit from it! This would be cute for lots of projects......What do you think you'd make with this holiday pup fabric????


  1. Suzanne these fabrics make me smile! I can't wait to see what you do with them. hugs, Linda

  2. Love the first one with the little pup in front pulling the sleigh.

  3. You and those dogs. I am beginning to worry more about you every day.

  4. I would promptly make my babies some nice cozy throws and thick blankets for the winter! They love to curl up in them and sleep sleep! It about melt my heart! Yeah, you guessed it, I LOVE MY BABIES TOO!!! LOL. Hugs

  5. Your Christmas appears to be going to the dogs, Sweetie. Can't wait to see what you create. Have fun.

  6. Love it...and I love shopping for fabric in the USA!

  7. Oh! I want it all!! SOOO cute! I found the CUTEST Doxie sheets at Belk. I love them. My Mom got them for me for Christmas... I just can't have them until then.

  8. Cute! Cute! Cute! Makes me wish I had a little dog of my own:)

  9. Oh, I just have to find some Dachshund fabric. We are on the list to adopt a Dachshund from rescue. Hopefully we will get her in December, after home visit, etc.

  10. This is too cute! Y ou know I love my doxies. I may have to order this and make them some new guilts!

  11. Glad I wasn't the only one super excited for the doxie Christmas stuff... we have 5 doxies and 5 puppies looking for homes! Making a new quilt for outside around the fire!


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