Monday, November 21, 2011

Secret Sante Soiree: Questions Answered

Thought I'd take a moment to answer a few questions that are finding their way to my inbox this past week......

1. What is DC? This stands for delivery confirmation. Request it at the post office and email me the number.

2. When do I mail my package? You can mail your package any time you wish as long as it is shipped by the 10th of December. Pay close attention if you have someone with specific instructions or international swappers. Please allow time for your package to travel through customs in both countries and get to your partner by Christmas.

3. How do I send my package and not reveal my name or address? You can send your package but don't put your name on the package with the return address. Below is the example of how I have sent mine in the past

A Doxie Mom
 855 Ti......street
Sle......, Ark  25.....

Please, I would strongly advise putting your return address in case there would be a problem there would be a place to return the package to.

4.  Can I purchase more than one gift, like lots of little things for my spending limit? Yes, you can purchase whatever you like. Just remember that the minimum is $20.00. If you find lots of cute little things, that is great. It is really up to you.

5. Is it too late to join? Yes, I am afraid it is. It would be impossible at this point to open this up to more swappers, as all list have been completed and sent. I am sorry but there had to be a deadline for this to work smoothly.

6. ***When you do receive your package, Please do a blog post and send me the link by email. I have decide to update the original link sign in on that first post so you can easily click on that post and check the links to see what everyone received. That would be a lot easier than me trying to update post each week on all 67 blogs. It would keep everything centralized and easy to view all the blogs and their goodies they received.  
*** If your secret santa is one of the ones who is enjoying sending more than one gift and in different parcels, please once all packages have been received, do a post on all your goodies and I can use that link to add to the link list.

7. Deadline for shipping is December 10th.

If you have any other questions I have not addressed, please don't hesitate to email me, that is what I am here for!! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving holiday this week....and enjoy the shopping frenzy that is sure to come!! I'd like to say, don't worry about doing something wrong with this SSS, remember when things are done with a giving heart, there is nothing wrong in that!!! Blessings to you and your families!


  1. Suzanne, you are the sweetest hostess ever! That is a wonderful ideal about waiting to all our packages are received and do one post and then linking it to the first swap info post so everyone can see what everyone got!! I love these types of swap! I wish you and your furbabies the Happiest Christmas ever!!

  2. Suzanne, thank-you for all the updates.

  3. Thanks again for organizing the swap, Suzanne! I'm having SO MUCH fun! I haven't shipped yet (waiting until after Thanksgiving) but I already can't wait to read my new friend's blog when she gets it! :)

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, bless you!!

  4. Well said... & THANKS for organising this swap! :)

  5. Thanks. I've been finding things and need to start wrapping! I am getting confused, though. Are we supposed to sign our gifts with a "From, signature"? How do we reveal this information? What have I missed? ♥♫

  6. Oh Suzanne I am excited to send my gift soon! I have some items my swap partner loves and I am hoping she will be tickled with them! I am so grateful to know you and call you my friend! Anne


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