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First, Fifth, Forever: A letter writing journey: November 2011

 Welcome to First, Fifth Forever here at The Coloradolady. In case you are just finding this post or topic, this is a year long letter writing journey that started in January of 2011 for me. Each month, I try to send a letter to someone or card and let them know what they mean to me.

** This month,  I am sending out a couple of notes to some special friends near and far. I also will be sending a package to a mother who lost her precious daughter in September. The gift is a quilt, and I have a long letter to hand write that will be delivered with the quilt. This one will be bittersweet for sure.

Out of that endeavor developed another project to bring a little joy and excitement to seniors all over the country. A spin off from a dear facebook friend's project, I started this on my own blog.  Each month, (hopefully) I post about a senior s birthday and  leave the information on my blog and I also have a designated email for this. If you'd like to be a part of making a big difference with just a small amount of effort, please join us. You can email me at onefineblessing (at) yahoo (dot) com to be added to the email list. Likewise, if you know a  senior who would benefit from this or could just use a little pick me up, please email me their name and birth date so we can be sure and spread a little cheer.

****Please visit the blog that will be linked today to this post below.....I don't want you to miss the photos of two of the birthday recipients. 

The month of October had a few birthdays to celebrate our seniors. I'd like to follow up on a few here today.
You may recall Tony, who had a Birthday on October 1st. He had been battling cancer for quiet a while. Tony passed from this life two weeks after his birthday. He had the best time with all the cards that filled his mailbox for his birthday celebration. I know there were other groups sending cards besides us so he really was enjoying all the mail. I was a bit sad when I heard this news, but the thought came to mind rather quickly, what a privilege to be able to celebrate this seniors last birthday even in a small way and show love and support.  I am forever grateful for that opportunity.

The end of the month was Hank's birthday. The cards came at a most opportune time for he had been under the weather the couple of weeks leading up to his birthday. He told me in an email that the cards came at a time his spirits were so low, and the cards really brought a bright spot during this time. How great to be part of that too!

I myself had a surprise at the beginning of the month....and it certainly did bring a smile to my face that afternoon!! Just look at this.....

 One of my blogging friends, Pipstitch, saw this cute postcard and sent it to me. She said she was not really on vacation, but saw it and thought of me!! I have this cutie on the bulletin board in my sewing room. What a thoughtful gesture, and it certainly touched my heart. Thank you so much Patty for sending it, it really brightened my day!

I have a link up if you'd like to share something about your own letter writing journey this year. Just feel free to link in below.

Just remember, small things with great love and thought often touch others and their hearts in ways you could never imagine. Take a couple of minutes and put pen to paper and send that special someone a note or card. You will be glad you did. Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. This is the sweetest most endearing idea. There are so many times that people run across our minds and we are just too involved with life to call or drop them a line. What you do is amazing, and advice I'll try not to take lightly.

  2. I must tell you that participating in the Sr Birthday cards has been a blessing to me. I don't have a lot to give right now, but this makes me feel like I'm lifting spirits and helping in a small way. Thanks for doing this! hugs, Linda

  3. This is such a sweet idea Suzanne...bless you Dear! Hugs

  4. Suzanne you are a joy to know and I love the birthday card project! I feel so good making someone else smile and my phamily loves signing the cards too!


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