Saturday, November 19, 2011

No Shame Here

You guys know when it comes to asking for something, well, I usually just ask....or in the past BEG for donations of fabrics to help a quilt come to life. And so I thought I'd try asking again. No Shame. But...this time it is not for me, but for a fellow quilter who needs to be uplifted and encouraged.

This morning, I read a story about Sue who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Sue starts her treatment the Monday after Thanksgiving and is sad and scared and rightfully so. Sue is an avid quilter and could use a little cheering and a nudge to get back to quilting. Quilting during a difficult time would be a great distraction.  Quilting for me, is a stress reducer, I can get lost in the humming of the machine and the feel of the fabrics and forget my troubles for a bit.

You can read more about this Fabric for Sue Campaign on Designs by Debbie & Dixie too's blog. There are instructions to email for information on where to send a little piece of fabric to cheer this lady on as she undergoes the fight for her life. She also asks for encouraging words to uplift Sue during this time to be sent. She'd love to have this done and presented to Sue by December 15th. Debbie is also hosting a giveaway for all who send a piece of fabric.

Quilters are a generous bunch and always come through when asked. This is one opportunity to bless someone in such a small way. Just had to share. Together, we can cheer Sue on during this journey she is taking very soon. Blessings Sue, you will remain in my heart and prayers.


  1. Oh I am so glad you shared this! I know it means a lot to Debbie!

  2. How wonderful of you to share. I have so much fabric that I could offer. I'll definitely look into helping.

  3. I will read the blog and send some fabric. I know she will need love and encouragement. hugs, Linda

  4. Thank you so much, Suzanne, for the wonderful post on your blog. This is so awesome what quilters will do. I participated in Kaaren's quilt blocks a few months ago and to read her blog afterwards was so wonderful and she was so very happy. Thanks again, my friend!

  5. Oh, what a wonderful thing to do! Thanks for sharing!


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