Friday, March 9, 2012

Dallas Quilt Show: Great Way To Spend A Rain Filled Day

The Dallas Quilt Show is going on this week and today, I met Debi from Quilting with Debi at the show and we sure had a great time. It was the first time for us to meet face to face and we really enjoyed least I sure did!!

I took a few pictures not nearly enough, the show was a very large show with wonderful quilts and lots of venders. The venders were really a lot of fun to see and feel all the goodies!!

This is a small art quilt. I thought it was really cute and would be a great inspiration photo for sometime down the road. (Photos will enlarge a bit if you click them)

I had the hardest time taking photos, there was so many folks....this one was BEST OF SHOW. It was amazing...detail and workmanship. I could only dream of making something like this. In fact, I only know of one person who could give these quilt makers a run for their money...but 
" HE " needs to believe it himself and start entering some shows. I won't call any names....but
 " HE " knows of who I speak! 

The art quilts were stunning. Really stunning. Looking at these art quilts makes me so torn between what I love in the pieced block quilts and the modern art quilts......I love them all and I guess really don't need to choose one style over the next.

This one.....A new twist on Sunbonnet Sue for sure! How about Modern Sunbonnet Sue. Talk about re-purposing materials. How about a quilt made from potato chip bags.....and it won a prize too! I kid you not.

Very cute and original......I sorta wish I had thought of it!

Photos do not do this one justice. Oh. How. I loved this little quilt.  The quilting was stunning, and little owl looked so very real.

The body was a material that looked like feathers. I am not sure if it was or know you are not supposed to touch the quilts....and that is so hard!

Beautiful Crazy Quilt

This was really sweet....made from 2.5 inch squares. I may have to think about trying to make one sorta like this. Bear Dance....Love it!!

Does this little quilt not want to make you pull up a chair and pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy all those baked goods! The quilting in this one was so amazing as well. Looking at it in person, you would have thought you could just walk in and have a seat. Great little quilt.

Like I said, the venders were great too. I told myself when I was driving over to the show that I was not going to buy a thing....famous last words......

Right off, I spotted this bag pattern. And they say the rest is history! It is ADORABLE. The lady had one made up and I wanted it right then and there!!! I don't know if I will actually use the pattern to make a bag, or use the dachshund pattern to add as a border to a dachshund quilt I have on my list to made soon. Don't you just think it is spoke to me!!

The Moda Bake Shop had a booth as well, and look at these adorable 2.5 inch charm packs. They were giving them out to everyone. I am showing you a picture of the regular charm pack and then look at the tiny one. I have no idea if this is a new thing or not, but for me it certainly was new and as you can tell, impressed me rather much!! I love it...I wanted one of all they had...but alas I could only choose one! Darn. 

Well, that is about it....should have taken more pictures but I really had too much fun, finally meeting a blogging friend face to face and a little shopping with lots of wonderful quilts under one roof. What a great quilty day indeed!!


  1. I wanted to go today, but could not find anyone who could go with me. I'm so glad you had fun!

  2. Mary Jane PlemonsMarch 9, 2012 at 7:48 PM

    I haven't been to the Dallas Show in several years. It is usually a good one. Have you ever been to the International Quilt Festival in Houston in the fall? It is unbelieveable! I challenge anyone to go and not buy anything. It is Vendor Heaven! So many gorgeous quilts there.

  3. Suzanne, haven't been to the Dallas show in years. it looks to be a fab show.

  4. such talent! Glad you had a good time, and it is always great to meet a fellow blogger in person!

  5. I am so glad we got to meet up. It was awesome to meet you in person. The quilts were gorgeous and I love your pattern.

  6. Hi Sweet Suzanne! I saw two little long haired doxies at the track meet Saturday! Now who do you think I thought of????Ha Ha!
    I am sorry I have not kept in touch lately. My life is upside down.
    But I have a favor, lease read my post today. A little girl is dying in California, she is a friend of my friend Koko. Someone asked me if the family would accept a quilt, and I have had some response but I am trying to pull it together quickly as Shannon was moved to hospice. She is 4. I know you are a quilter and you know lots of other quilters. Please read it if you have a moment. Hugs Anne

  7. I wonder who "he" could be. Thanks for sharing photos of the Dallas show. Lane


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