Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage White Treasures

Welcome everyone to Vintage Thingies Thursday. If you have a love for vintage things, have come to the right place. We have a really good time each and every week!!!
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Thank you so much for stopping by. I have been busy working on a project that needs immediate attention and in a timely fashion.  If you missed my post last night about donating quilt blocks for a little girl battling cancer, click here to see if it is something you can do! Thanks in advance.

This week, I have a couple of little white figurines. The first one is a bird. Really cute I think.

I found this at a sale and paid very little for it! Lovely white bird with some berries.

Here is the stamp on the bottom.

Just look at this cutie! I know it is not a dachshund, but that certainly did not stop me from bringing him home. He is a cutie with a red bow.

Here is the underside with the marking.

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!! I'll try and stop by this week, the last couple of weeks have been busy for me and I have missed getting a chance to stop by and visit!! I will try to do that this week. Have a great weekend!!


  1. Such sweet treasures. I really like them both! You were thrifty and saavy shopper! Hugs for all you are doing to help this quilting project!

  2. Love the little scotty dog. Great finds!

    Jocelyn @

  3. Your daschund is fantastic, he reminds me of Toto.
    (go figure)

  4. These are so sweet Suzanne. Love the little doggy. Thanks for hosting and for sharing your vintage treasures.

  5. Great olden things...

    Mine is breakfast on a vintage coffee table...:))

  6. Love them both but I'm a sucker for birds.

  7. The pretty little bird will survive, but not sure about the cute doggie. He is invading an all ready claimed territory.

  8. I know it's not vintagey-but the recipes are from Grandma's stash! Today, I'm sharing several recipes-all at once-for Household Green Cleaners. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for hosting the party once again. Have a great week!

  9. Hi Suzanne, your little bird is my favorite. But then I have a bit of a bird fetish. The dog is pretty dog gone cute as well. Love the red bow. Thanks for the party!

  10. Birds the word! I got a few birdies too on my post. Thanks so much for hosting! Love looking at everyone's finds, so inspiring to get out there and find neat things.

  11. Thanks for hosting. Sweet little ornaments. Thanks for hosting.

  12. Pretty ornaments! I just wanted to let you know that I sent 2 blocks for the quilt for Shannon today. God Bless you for doing this for them.

  13. Hi Suzanne, I saw your blogname at Happy Cottage Quilter and since I'm in Colorado had to stop by. Then I saw your header-from dogs to dishes.... and knew I'd found a new friend. I'm a Ca. girl who now lives in Colorado, loves dogs, antiques, quilting and garage sales. I'm going to follow you; can't wait to get to know you.

  14. Hi lovely lady.
    Thanks so much for hosting your sweet linky party. I also love all your sweet ornaments""
    I hope you have a wonderful
    St.Patrick's Day with your sweet family.
    XXOO Diane

  15. Sweet white pieces, Suzanne! And it's not a totally bad thing to diversify your dogfolio just a little! :)

  16. I love the vintage figurines. I have a standing dog very similar to yours that I love!

  17. The little Scottie dog is precious!!! Thanks for hosting the party each week!!!

  18. Hi Suzanne! Adore your white finds, so darling and two things I love so much, birdies and doggies.

    Thanks again for hosting VTT!

  19. Such cute finds. Love that little dog! Happy VTT!

  20. Both pieces are wonderful. But, the dog--oh, is he ever adorable! I would have snatched him up, too.

  21. I like both, but I think I might like the birdie just a little better - - - maybe. The more I think about him, the more I love the Scottie too!

  22. Beautiful them! Hugs

  23. Both are great pieces. I would have snapped that dog up in a second.

  24. What adorable creatures you have. That is my kind of dog, obedient, clean, and quiet.

    I am glad you leave the linky open for a bit. I sent folks over here on Thursday with a prescheduled VTT Post, but could not make it over here until today myself.

    Now I get to peruse everyone's vintage thingies tonight with my evening tea. Just a busy afternoon to go!


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