Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update: Quilt Blocks for Shannon

Hello Friends ~ I'd like to thank each of you who has taken the time and effort to send a block for the quilt for Shannon. During the logistics of getting this worked out and live on the blogs asking for help in this project, I am sad to have to report that Shannon lost her battle with brain cancer and has left this world. She is free from all the pain and suffering and now whole and free.

It is my desire to make this quilt in hopes of it becoming a remembrance quilt for her family. I have been informed that the family has requested their privacy and to be allowed to grieve in private in the days to come. I can only imagine if I walked in their shoes, how I would feel and can only respect that.

During this same time, the opportunity came to light about a baby boy named Crew, who was born with his bladder outside of his body, he is so young and has undergone lots of surgeries in a short amount of time. You can read about this sweet boy HERE. Be sure to scroll back in the post to get the whole story if you'd like.

Since, I have received an abundance of blocks, and I know more are on the way. My thinking is I'd like to take the blocks that are gender neutral and combine them with a few boy blocks for this little baby and make two quilts that I hope will bless these two families. I think with the blocks donated, we should be able to hopefully give the parents a boost and encouragement that there are folks praying for their baby and care. I plan on including names and locations of the donated blocks with each quilt and let these folks know that love, prayers and concern came from all over during their walk down these dark days.

I want to let you know my plans and if you sent in blocks for one quilt, you may find them placed in the second quilt for the little boy, and I hope that does not offend anyone. Some blocks that were sent may be split up and will go into both quilts. Please pray for both of these families and the days ahead.

If you have any thoughts or concerns, please let me know either by email or in the comment section. I so appreciate the outpouring and love everyone displayed in this project. Some things just are not in our hands and we have no control over.

Blessings~ When these tops are constructed and ready to be off to the quilter I will post the photos here on the blog. I am working on these now and hope to make some good progress this week.


  1. How nice of you to be doing this for these families in need. =)


  2. you are so thoughtful. 2 quilts is a wonderful idea.

  3. Awe man I am so sorry to hear this about Shannon. She's been on my mind since hearing about her here and sending our blocks. Thoughts and prayers are with her family. I am happy that you will still be sending her family a quilt.

    And glad another sweet child will get one to. Prayers for him and his family as well. May God speed your recovery and get well soon baby boy.

  4. Thank you for sharing your plans and your time to make these quilts. I'm sure the families will be blessed by your thoughtfulness. So sad the little children that must suffer. I'll be praying for each family and you as you sew.

  5. Oh Suzanne, I am so sorry to hear about Shannon. I do think it would be wonderful to make a memory quilt for her family. And yes, make the other one if you have enough blocks. So many people are hurting out there. Hopefully these quilts will bring a little bit of comfort to these families. Thanks for doing this.


  6. So sorry to hear of the sweet little girls passing. You r so sweet to make the quilts for these families. Use my squares however you see fit.
    Gi ger


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