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Quick and Easy Last Minute Gifts ~ Original Recipe ~ Hand Lotion

 This is pretty much an original post I did in November 2009. I know for a fact, no one ever had posted this recipe before as it was given to me by a lady who had made it for years. I had someone email me a couple of years ago informing me that people all over blog land were posting this as THEIR own original recipe. It did not take long to discover that yes, indeed that was true and had happened.

 Now, with the use of pinterest, it is all over there too, and no one for the most part took the courtesy to link back to my blog. One person told me I should email these folks and demand they link back here, or have them take the post down all together. Friends, I don't have time for that...and besides, how can anyone be sure that NO ONE has ever seen or been given the same recipe before? 

Anyway, I am running this again....we are in the countdown to Christmas and you just might need a quick, easy and inexpensive little gift. This fits the bill all the way around!

 With the holiday season upon us, and I know lots of folks are strapped for extra cash, I decided to share this recipe for the most wonderful moisturizer you will ever use...and you can tell those expensive cosmetic counters at the department store goodbye...

These make great shower favors (which I use at every shower I give, just change the theme on the container), stocking stuffers, co-workers gifts, or just extra gifts to have on hand during the holiday season....something small...but says a lot!

Now, this is easy as can be.....and ANYONE whom I have ever given this gift to, simply raves about this lotion....they think I am a genius, super girl, the whole kit and has been fun riding that wave of genius for so long, but now I want you to have a turn too.....ready? Let's begin.....

All you need are three ingredients: From DOLLAR GENERAL.....Shhhhhhh, yes, I did just say Dollar General. You will need one large baby lotion, I used the Shea and coco butter today, the pink is great if you are doing a girl baby shower, the lotion will be pink. Next, a large jar of Petroleum Jelly, and finally, a jar of the vitamin E skin cream.....simple...three things that is, lets get started.

See, here is the Shea and cocoa butter label......but the pink baby lotion will work too.

First, empty the jar of vitamin E cream in a large mixing bowl, get all the goods out of the jar. Now, I save these jars, they are plastic, and the labels peel right off with no effort, and they can be washed and to store the final lotion product back in the container....Recycle made easy!

Next, add the Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline).....sorry, I'll try to keep it simple.

Make sure you get all the good stuff.....I have had no luck at recycling these I toss them.

Lastly, pour in the lotion....all of it.....

I was not joking....ALL of it. I slice the side open, and using a spatula, get the rest out of the container...can't recycle this except inside the recycle bin.

Now, get your hand mixer out and begin to whip all of this together.......

whip, whip, whip..........don't stop....I said, whip, whip, whip.......

When all is mixed really will be light and fluffy....almost like icing.....see, how pretty is this?

Next: fill your containers. I used recycled baby food jars. I had to really work at taking all the glue and labels off the jars, but these jars are a good size for a small gift, so totally makes a little effort on your part worth it.

Fill to the top......just like so.......

once again...don't waste a single drop.......

I used Mod-Podge to add some scrapbook paper on the spray painted lids, and embellished with vintage lace, buttons and rhinestones....

What do you think?????

Now, top off with some vintage rick-rack or ribbon...and there you go. See what a little creative work will turn an ordinary baby food jar into something really cute....

If you are making a big batch, then just do the same process with however many of each ingredient you think you might need. One of each will fill about 6-7 baby food jars. I have made big batches of this using about 9 of just the same.....

Once you have tried this, you will be sold....this is all I use. I use it as a face cream, hand and foot cream and all over body is wonderful. I will tell you this, all my co-workers ask me for it without fail....I always get "When are you going to make me some more lotion?...Christmas is coming!"

They think I am a Rock Star......LOL

Here is a photo from a baby shower, used the same jars, had a little round sticker with shower theme printed and stuck on top of lid, and presented inside a organza bag.

Same lotion for a wedding shower, used containers from the container store, glued rhinestone on top for some pizazz and printed a tag and attached that to a little bag. I used the pink lotion here as this was a pink themed shower.

Tip: If you do not have access to baby food jars, (like I did not) place an ad on Craigslist under the "wanted" section...your email will be flooded with wonderful folks wanting to give these to you for economical is that????

And if you want to keep this recipe your secret....go right can be a Rock Star with your friends too!!!!


  1. Suzanne, you are a Rock Star! Thanks for sharing and thanks for all you share on your blog. Merry Christmas.!!

  2. What a wonderful idea, so very useful and special tool.

  3. OH! I cannot wait to try this and I WILL pin from YOUR blog! Merry Christmas. I didn't get to participate in the Secret Santa this year as too many things were going on in life to take time and thought to do it. Hope SSS went well for you as I know it is a LOT of work on your part. Thanks for sharing this recipe!♥♫

  4. Lovely idea. Thank you for such complete and detailed instructions. So much to see on your sound very busy, but happy busy. I've never participated in an exchange but it looks like a lot of fun so will keep an eye and ear out for the next round. Keep up the wonderful commentary...I can see how many people are inspired by you.

  5. What a lovely gift that would make for showers. :-)

  6. Just may have to try this. The lotion makes the jar look painted. Love the tops. Good idea to advertise for the jars. I received my Secret Santa gifts over the week-end. I just posted about them. My Santa was awesome.

  7. Unbelievable how it's only three store-bought ingredients! Your jars are so cute, too!

  8. Oh I'm definitely going to make some. Very creative idea and this time of year we need all the help we can get for our skin...well, I do. :)

    Thanks for sharing this Suzanne!


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