Friday, December 13, 2013

Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa gifts are making their way all across the globe. Some of you are getting more than one just know that may happen. Many missed the day to mail by a couple of days, but know all have notified me that their packages are on the way.

My secret Santa package came last week, and I am a bit tardy on getting my post up. With the busy work of running the swap itself, and making sure all were on top of the shipping, and working a full time job, and packaging Etsy goods to ship, I have been scrambling for extra time. Lame excuse...but it is all true!

My Secret Santa sent me a fantastic fact, I was just stunned when it came, everything was perfectly selected and I was and still am just THRILLED.

Look at the box...packed with all kinds of treasures. The first package had two quilting books and wonderful, beautiful fabric!!

Notice the note..."can fabric scraps really be a gift"....oh, yes indeed....perfect gifts! My secret Santa did not forget the Doxies....they were most thrilled when they heard the crinkle of the packaging on these treats....which by the way, was wrapped in this adorable vintage towel.

This package was a cute little basket with an adorable, beautiful, lovely vintage tablecloth! Oh, the colors and pattern are just dreamy!! I was head over heals!!! Lovely S&P shakers too, I love these colors, and the pattern is perfect with collection of pink rose china!

Wonderful euphoria and hand made tags, I love these!! In fact, I have already used some of them in another gift I just mailed off. They came at the perfect time! Look at the beautiful hankie and that is a dachshund necklace. I absolutely love it and the length of the chain is perfect!

This was just too much.....a vintage sewing basket, and I think my mom had a similar one when I was growing up, but hers was pink. Inside, vintage buttons, threads, trims, lace, fabric and a fantastic Christmas pin and hanky. Oh, what a glorious gift!

These two little boxes were packed with vintage treasures.....LOVE! the bottom right photo shows the little girl and Mr. and Mrs Santa already in my Christmas decor! Loved it all!

Two sweet vanilla soaps were included in my box as well. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents, and these are displayed in my guest bathroom, the packaging matches my bathroom perfectly.

Also in my box was a wonderful blue apron, and a beautiful runner in pinks, blues and greens, It is just amazing, and these are all my favorite colors for vintage linens. This was an amazing package and I will treasure each and every thing that was chosen for me! I can't tell you how much fun I had with my box....I was beside myself for sure!

It is always so fun to see what someone picks for you and takes the time to try and make you Secret Santa did that very thing. I am in awe at how special she made me feel and can not thank her enough!!

I am looking forward to seeing all of your lovely gifts...that is the most fun for me, seeing what everyone got!! Looking forward to all the boxes arriving...and your post!


  1. You definitely hit the jackpot with this one. Will have mine up Tuesday.

  2. Wow, what great gifts and so many. Someone took a lot of time picking those treasures for you. Very nice.

  3. amazing! Some people are so generous in their gifting, I for one was very blessed this year too. I know you will enjoy everything.

  4. Amazing gifts....I was so spoilt as well by Lisa it was a great swap thank you...

  5. wow what an awesome parcel you received Suzanne,thankyou again for a lovely fun swap.xx

  6. What a wonderful Santa! She took the time to get to know you. Mine was the same!

  7. Hey Suzanne, you are blessed and loved! It is nice to see gifts that are choosen from the heart. I love them. Once I worked with a woman who was terribly difficult but she bought me dollar store gifts and the time she took to purchase each individual gift touched my heart more than if she had given me the moon! Another time she shopped at a specialty grocery store and gave me "Soy Lechithin" free products. Those gifts were some of the best I received. I want my Secret Santa to know who I am! When can I tell her if she does not guess? Hee Hee

  8. Hi Suzanne! I thought I just posted a comment hahaha! I LOVE that vintage sewing basket. So sweet. You are loved and blessed. I love all your fun swap gifts.


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