Sunday, December 1, 2013

Secret Santa Soiree ~ REMINDER........Shipping Done By Thursday!!!!

Where has the time gone??? Seriously folks.....this week is the deadline week to ship your Secret Santa gifts. If you are shipping internationally, I hope you have shipped already or very soon! Remember the deadline is Thursday, December 5th......and how is it the 1st already???

I decided to share some of my past secret Santa gifts that I enjoy year after year, and it never fails when I unpack my Christmas goodies for decorating each year, my SSS gifts always bring a smile.

I have had a couple of swappers email me that they have shipped their packages already, and one person has received their package, but not blogged about it yet. But.....I am sure many are still preparing to ship their package. Do you know how I would know that??? Well, because I am one of those!! But have no fear, it will be mailed by the deadline of THURSDAY.

Please email me when you ship your package with the delivery confirmation number or tracking number. Please don't forget that part.

Once you receive your gifts, email me when you have done your blog post. PLEASE, please and I can not express this enough....but PLEASE remember to take the time to blog about your gifts. It is important that you do that. It is good manners as well.

Lastly, enjoy the season.....shed some light where you can, bring some joy to those who may need it, and let the warmth of the holiday season carry each and everyone into the new year! Thanks for being a part of the Secret Santa Soiree this year.

*** If you are having an issue in sending your gifts on time, please let me know about that as soon as you can! But try and make the deadline!


  1. Hehe I was just coming to check on the send date just putting the last finishing touches to what I have made and will be shipped off tomorrow.i will send through tracking number once I have sent.hugs xo

  2. How lovely, I just love all your C'mas decor, specially the cute small sleigh and love, love the C'mas season pretty lady. Have a wonderful December.

  3. Mine was mailed today at 11:23,,,,,,,,HA!HA! sending you the tracking # . Yea I was early, thought it was to go out today guess I put ii on my calendar early so I would mail out on time.


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