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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Children Christmas Books

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A few weeks ago, I was able to stop in at one of my favorite thrift stores. I was about to leave when I stopped at the glass case in the front and spotted three children Christmas books. I was sure they price would be out of my budget, but I decided to ask anyway.

Turns out, these were $1.00 each. Can you believe it?? Three dollars for these fantastic books. 

 Now, let me be clear, they are not in perfect condition, by any means. Years ago, that would have been a deal breaker, as I used to think for them to be of value they needed to be in pristine condition. Not so much these days...if I like them, I don't really care too much about the condition.

The graphics are just precious.....and it seems someplace far in the back of my mind, I remember a Christmas book from my childhood that had the fuzzy feeling Santa, just like this one has.

 The photos on all of these books are just adorable, and sweet vintage graphics.

As you can see, this book was very much loved. It still holds lots of charm in my eyes.

 These pages are definitely a memory I hold dear, I am not sure if we had this same book, or a newer version of the book, but I remember this page as the dad looking out the window was always a thing that stood out to me.

 Love the sweet Santa faces in both of these books.

 I have never seen this one before, ever. It really is a strange sort of book, but I could not leave it behind.

look at the wonder I don't recall ever seeing it.

The story is about toys coming to life, and the pictures appear to be still photos of different toys, and it just is something I have never seen before.

These three books are perfect for displaying with my Christmas decor. I have them in my guest bathroom on the magazine rack, they look cute and festive, and it matters not to me that they are not perfect and well loved. I am thrilled with this find, and treasure them just as they are!

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!


  1. What a great collection of vintage children's books...they are always so perfect for Christmas. Thanks for hosting and Merry Christmas!

  2. Old C'mas story books are the cutest ever, but I do remember them, so maybe I'm vintage too, lol! Thank you for hosting.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. I like the old Children's Christmas books also. I have had several and just sold some in my etsy shop,I thought someone else can enjoy them since I am down sizing my collections

  4. These are darling books, toys coming to life sounds like Toy Story. Noticed the girl on the cover with long curls, like Shirley Temple

  5. I LOVE vintage Christmas children's books! I have a collection too. I too, remember that picture of the dad looking out the window. I wonder if I have that one around. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images.

  6. Sweet children's books Suzanne! My library book store sells them for 25 cents, and on occasion I find one like your treasures. Thanks for hosting.

  7. My kids wonder why I hang onto the old books, and then even go out and buy more! You are right - the illustrations are worth the price. I use them to decorate and they are great memory and conversation items.


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