Friday, October 17, 2008

Be All You Can Be.........or Not?

What would you say if you got a phone call from someone close to you and they asked you what your opinion was on them joining the Army? How would you feel about that considering the current state of our country, or the state of other countries for that matter? Would you be frightened, or proud? Would you encourage or discourage? Or would you really not know what to say?

Without me giving any other details, or revealing who this post pertains to at all....and I am not saying it even happened to me....

What would your response have been?

Be all you can be and leave a comment on this post of your opinion....Please.

~Have a great weekend.


  1. I'd be frightened and proud. And, I'd pray for them to stay safe and close to God.

  2. It is a very noble thing to be willing to fight for your country! If you can escape being injured or killed, It will give you a real education.

  3. I would ask lots of questions. I would want to make sure that they have thought this through and what their reason's behind the decision was. Education, lack of education, desire to make a difference, friends doing the same thing. Then once I understood the why, I would support their choice.
    Being part of our armed forces is a very honorable and hard thing to do. I come from a family of Marines and I would be proud if my son chose this for his future.
    Scared, but proud. But I would make sure he had thought through this vocation and was making the choice for the right reasons.

  4. For whatever reason they volunteered, when they came back home, they would definitely be a different person. Most of the time it is for the better. There is a risk in everything we do.

  5. I would have to say, search you heart...make DARN sure this is the right thing to do and you are FULLY sure you know what you are getting into. I am sure the army paints a rosey picture...but reality is not the same. That being said, there are lots of positives about the is a bit frightful during the current times we live in. Best wishes to whomever this is about.

  6. I'd ask lots of questions, also. My husband was a medic in the Army, and while it did great things for him, he was honorable discharged before he had to do a tour. I can't imagine how different he would be now if he hadn't been discharged in 2005.

  7. Firm believer in keeping what thousands before have risked their lives for. We need to keep America what She was intended to be so I would encourage with a healthy dose of fear. My son wants go to military school so I guess its in our Love your blog and thanks for visiting mine. Glad you liked my daughters version of a "weaner dog" as she puts it!

  8. Thanks for stopping by. A question that happened to me.

    My son studied the military on his own. My husband is National Guard so he has grown up with the uniform. But he studied for himself. His teachers in school would ask him if their references were correct, or ask him to teach a part of the class because he knew the history. I've known for at least 8 years firm that he would join. I could have signed for him to join at 17. His father was deployed to Afghanistan at the time. I asked him to wait to talk to dad first. He joined Sept. 2007. We had to sign as he didn't turn 18 until Jan. '08. He graduated from Basic Training almost a year to the day of his signing. (A few weeks ago) He has a little over three weeks until he is finished with AIT and will be home. About 17 weeks or so gone after HS graduation. He didn't do it because his dad did, or his other family members. I said if it is for college, I'd get a job. The college money will get him to attend, but he said it was just the right thing for him to do. He wanted to help serve the country who serves so many. How could I not be proud of that?. He knows it scares me sometimes. He is my only son. But he wouldn't be who he is without this goal completed. I'd have to say I'm proud of him. I was surprised at how much he had matured in the 11 weeks he had been gone when we attended his graduation. He is now a man that I trust to keep our Nation safe if need be. In one letter he said that he knew it was he who made the decision himself, but he didn't love the DI's, but also knew they were training them for war. He respected them. My husband is no different now than before he was deployed. He views the world differently, but has not had a personality change.

  9. If he understands that he might have to put his life on the line for his country, I would certainly be proud of his choice - although, I think the Air Force would be a better branch of service! Yes, my son is a pilot in the AF (my DIL was too, but is out now to be a stay at home Mommy). I would hope for more young people to make this choice.

  10. It's a calling like no other. Our country has an all volunteer military, which is the best. I have family members who are career soldiers, and there is no one I respect more than our service men and women. The afford us a freedom in the greatest Country on earth.

  11. I would say don't join the Army. Join the Air Force or Navy or the Marines or Coast Guard but not the Army. We all get the same pay, but they definately work harder and get crapper benefits.
    Then after you have convinced them to go to the other branch, celebrate! throw a party! It will be the best time for who ever it is. They will have experinces they will be proud of, no matter what happens.

  12. I would say pray about it ---think long and hard about it ---but I too would discourage the Army---it is the most Front Line branch and i feel in the most Harms way than any other branch---I would encourage the Air Force---Then if they decide to go---I would put them in God's hands and pray they they know the Lord and cover them in prayer EVERY day.


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