Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blue Monday: Colorado Blue Birds

It is a new start to a new week, and you know what that means. It's time for Blue Monday.....and that is just what I am feeling today....a little blue. I guess it is the anticipation of another long work week.
Smiling Sally host Blue Monday every week, please be sure to check out the other participants listed on her blog. It does help to start the week off on the right track.

Today, I would like to show you the view outside of our kitchen window at the cabin. There is nothing I enjoy more in the mornings in Colorado than making a pot of coffee, and sitting at the kitchen table and watching the morning show. And I am not talking about television. These mountain blue birds are so entertaining, you can lose all track of time just watching them.

These birds come from every direction to devour any corn, bird seeds, or suet's that are thrown out by the woodpile. I tell you, television has nothing to offer compared to these guys.

It is a balancing act to get the suet out of the feeder....but hey, the birds are up for it.

Now on this particular morning, there were about 40 birds that found their way to the breakfast table. It was a sea of blue.

I call this guy the Town Cryer. Why? Well, this particular bird is the first to show up in the mornings, and once he sees the corn, or seeds, he calls the others in for their meal.....I kid you not, this guy is loud.

This is a different type of blue bird. They live in the birdhouses that we have scattered around our property. They are the most beautiful color blue. These birds do not eat the corn or seeds, they feast off of bugs in the air. I just love the colors of these birds.

Oh, here is the "Town Cryer" again, he has taken to the tops of the trees, to insure that all the birds hear his cry......breakfast is served.

Look at the bird on the left, I know he is not blue, but this is a woodpecker, and he was just so adorable. I think he was after the sweet syrup in the hummingbird feeder, but was distracted by all the commotion the blue birds were creating and he did not stay too long.

Just in case the birds are not enough morning entertainment for you, these guys offer their own type of show. They are in constant competition with the morning birds for the food. This picture qualifies for Blue Monday, because of the wood on the woodpile having some blue hues.....well, maybe not....but he is still cute.

Have a great week. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the scenery outside our kitchen windows at the cabin. Happy Blue Monday everyone.


  1. Oh that's so lovely! It would be hard to go to work when those beautiful birds (and squirrel) were there to entertain you!

  2. You have just "our yellow birches" in your header :)
    And blue birds !! Fantastic post, thank you!

    Greetings from autumnal Finland

  3. What wonderful scenes from that kitchen window. I wish I could join you for a cuppa and just gaze. But oh dear, duty calls on this Blue Monday.

  4. That sure is a sea of birds...I've never seem so many blue birds. You have the perfect view and it must be magnificent to watch them. I know those Town Cryer blue jays sure are very loud!!!!
    Cute little chipmunk too...
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. I had no idea that there was any other kind of blue bird other than the jay! These creatures are beautiful, and you got such great shots of them. Thank you for the lesson. I love to learn. Happy Blue Monday.

    PS The "Blue" wood is an attractive setting for the chipmunk. lol

  6. Thats a pretty good reason to get out of bed in the morning if you get a close up of nature like that!! Very pretty birds and I cant believe how many come to your yard!! :)

  7. WOW! Amazing what you've got in your yard!
    Don't forget to stop by my blog and enter the drawings this week!

  8. I've seen Jays that were that blue before, but bluebirds aren't indigenous (or at least common) in my part of the world. They're certainly blue enough!

  9. Good morning, Coloradolady...your posting for Blue Monday is just PERFECT....never have I seen such beautiful, blue birds!!
    I love Colorado. We had the blessing to live there for a short while when hubby was on a job there...enjoyed it all soooo much!
    love, bj

  10. Wow! That is something to see all those blue birds. So pretty. I would love sitting there with my coffee and watching those birds for entertainment. What fun!

  11. These mountain blue birds are so beautiful!
    THANKS for sharing!

    Have a nice Blue Monday!

  12. Oh how fabulous! I would love to sit there at the kitchen table and see all this action too! Great shots of these wonderful blue birds. I hope your work week goes well for you!

  13. What beautiful Mountain Birds. Colorada is a beautiful state. How fortunate you have to have such a wonderful view to look forward to each morning.

  14. you sure could not call this a blue monday in the sense we think of after seeing these pictures--I love it and esp. the little chipmunk--looks like he is just thinking -when is this mob going to leave?---

  15. What a wonderful Blue Monday. I loved it and the little chipmunk. Have a great week..

  16. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Oh how I know you must enjoy the morning show. I got a kick out of hearing about it and seeing your pictures. What a treat! Thanks.

  17. We have the Blue Jays in our 6 acre woods also, and to beat their noise are the numerous crows because of the grain and seed farms in our area and baby bunnies. They are carniverous.
    My favorites are the little yellow finches and the Sunset Grosbeaks.

  18. What a fantastic view to see out your windows every morning. Those blue birds are very pretty. Thanks for visiting my blog today and for sharing your story about reupholstering you office chair. I will have to seriously think about having that done. Take care and have a great week!!

  19. Susan of TEXAS

    A very nice photo on a great site!

    greeting, Nanne form Friesland

  20. WOW ! how stunning ! The birds are beautiful . I could look at them all day. I bet you really enjoy them .

  21. You have quite a show going on from your window. I've never seen birds quite so blue. I would like to join you some morning.

    Kathy b

  22. What a neat view you have. I loved your blue monday!
    Cheers, Bridget

  23. I love, love, love, those blue birds. I have never seen anything like it. Honestly your post has blown me away. I have looked at it three times to make sure I didn't miss anything. smile. Thank you for sharing your blue heaven today.


  24. Wonderful pictures! The blue jays around here are loud and aggressive, but they are pretty to view. I would love to see bluebirds.

  25. I just love watching the birds in my yard, especially the blue jays as they are so pretty. They still take my breath away. I love all birds in blue.


  26. Your "Town Cryer" is a Steller's Jay--a very cool bird with the feathers on the head that sort of look like a little hat. You sure have a lot of birds to admire at your feeder!

  27. I agree with jeanne's comment. We are on the same wave link when it comes to your blogs. Also, I can vouch for these birds, as I have been there and saw them my self. A lovely sight to behold,

  28. I never see a bird that is so blue.. wow!.. my sons also said the same!.. WOW! have a nice day!


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