Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McCain or Obama?

I totally promised myself I would not post about this election. I guess you can figure out from the title...I have broken that promise. I can not help myself....and let me warn you right now before you get too far into this post....this is mostly a rant I have on election tactics. So, you may choose to not even read this. Really, that is fine.

Secondly, Please refrain from any comments for one particular party or the other, I do not want to know who you are voting for and do not want to have any one offering any campaign plugs for their choice party on this post.....I'm not being ugly here, but that is the way it will have be....I have enough respect for my fellow citizens to not shove my politics down their throats. That is really not me. You will never see a political button on my jacket, a political bumper sticker on my car, or a political sign displayed in my yard. It is just a quirk that I have a post about politics on my blog. This will be the one and only time. Remember, no biased comments, I will delete any comments that I feel do this.

One of the tactics that has really gotten under my skin this year and as a result, writing this post, is the bombarding of my inbox with warnings against one particular party candidate or the other. Believe me when I say I have received emails from the extremely far left all the way to the far right. It is only my opinion, mind you, but I am sick of the scare tactics and half trues both parties seem to deem necessary to win over my vote. Not to mention the fact that I find them offensive as a reader. So offensive, I decided to blog about it. But, really, I'm sick of it and I know we have another month of this.

This past week, I received an email from a very good friend of mine...I almost deleted it. That is the practice that I have now adopted, I just delete them, I do not read any of them anymore. Anyway, this particular email was very thought provoking. There were no fingers being pointed, no name bashing, no scare tactics typed into the message. No, it was really a great email and offered a great tool for the new or old voter. I was so impressed I decided to post the link here.

click HERE for link

I think that more effort should be focused on where the party candidates stand on issues, issues that are important to you and me and could effect our future. I think much more effort needs to be placed on getting the voting public educated on FACTS rather than speculation and here say.

This year will be a record election. An election like no other this country has ever seen. How sad that most of the new voters are most likely not educated on the major issues these presidential candidates stand behind. I feel both parties have failed the general public by not spending more funds focusing on these issues. Instead, the focus has been on how much fear can be evoked into the voting American public.

Let me clarify, I am not saying that we as voters do not need to be scared. I am rather scared of who will be taking office at the end of this election. I am afraid that this country could be in worse shape than it is now, or afraid that this country will not be as we have all known it to be at the end of the next term. It reminds me of a scale, tipping, rocking, just waiting for one side to fall.

I have said more than once, that it is a shame that in this great country of ours, with all of its billions of people, that these were the two best candidates to run for President of our great nation.

It's too bad in my opinion, that on November 4, 2008 people will leave their homes in record numbers to cast their vote. Voting based primarily on race, gender, religion, or lack of, and blindly ignoring major issues that effect us all. I believe that is what a lot of people will engage in, what I call blind voting, voting for one candidate solely based on one of these topics.

I just wonder what would be written in the history books, if no one cast a single vote. If America woke up and realised that neither one of these two candidates are most likely not what this country needs. I wonder what would happen if the public stopped residing to the fact that it will come down to the lessor of two evils and tried to do something about it.

It is my thinking that most people are intelligent enough to form their own opinions without the use of character bashing emails. Please if it interest you, click on the link and take the test yourself. I think you might be surprised at who you matched up with and what topics the candidates align with your beliefs. The creator of the test took quotes/stances on hot topics from both candidates on the same subject and put them side by side in a test for you to take. Of course, these are selected quotes. And, I would be curious to see if they are all current quotes. But still very interesting none the less.

I have to say, once I completed the test, I was surprised at myself and the results. I was surprised by the fact that I leaned more one way than the other. Really surprised.
Now, I am not saying, this is a tried and true way to decide how you will cast your vote in November, but it is a start to getting yourself educated on major issues and what stand candidates take on them.

It is my hope, that the public will ignore the scare tactic emails that flood their inbox, ignore the scandalous media coverage, and search for themselves the truth about both candidates. It is my hope that a well informed America will be able to set this country back on a path to greatness. Be a well informed voter, your fellow Americans depend on you.


  1. I clicked on the link and took the test, and I am not at all surprised. My choice is the right choice.

    BTW: I also immediately delete any and all political statements.

  2. I'm with you. All the political emails and talk is wearing on my last nerves. It's nice to know I am not the only one who thinks this way.

  3. Watching the election from Australia, it seems its a popularity contest instead of getting the real issues out there. And its been going on for so long now. It seems America correct me if Im wrong votes state by state? Over here we all vote on the one day so its over and done with. Who Americans vote for affects us here too so all the best may the best person for the job win!

  4. I agree with you--the key is BE INFORMED!!!!Love the yard---neat flower garden!!!I love the red-white-and- blue!!!!

  5. This is one of the most depressing elections years I have had to go through yet. I am disgusted with all of them. You are right we can be smarter than this!

  6. I woould like to delete both parties and start over again.

  7. Great post! Personally I too stay away from politic conversations with people if at all possible. One thing is for sure . . . which liar do we believe?

    I am in SSS with you and just wanted to stop by and say hi.

    Have a great day . . .

  8. Agreed. I wont even post about politics because i am tired of hopping over to a blog and seeing them rant on and on about why they HATE one party but never giving one solid reason why the support the other. Im sooo tired of tv ads blasting one candidate, both are doing this year and its making me sick. Tell me WHY YOU should be president, not why the other candidate shouldnt be! arghhhh!!!!!! its enough to (almost) make me want to just not vote...but really how would that help you know?

  9. I just took the test and it came out 100% the way I thought it would - the right way. I can't campaign for anyone because I am a federal employee, however, when I retire, I will definitely campaign.

  10. I think that we are in a mess any way we go

  11. Thanks for the link, Suzanne! I was interested to see the results since the time I did something like this, it was pretty much split down the middle. I will vote -- I always do -- but I just can't wait for it to be over. I wish we could ditch them all and start over.

  12. I enjoyed your blog and agree with you, but I stay away from making public comments regarding politics or religion.

  13. Thankfully I have only received one political email from a friend and it was about a proposition to keep farm animals out of small cages. It wasn't anything offensive. I have also been trying really hard to not post my presidential choice because I don't want to debate it with anyone. My opinion is mine and yours is yours, they don't have to match.


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