Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nothin' like a little "Not So Tough Love"

I wanted to show you my rough and tough son. This is a photo of him at work looking like a real tough dude. Don't get me wrong, he is rough and tough. I think I have mentioned before he works in the drilling industry, and we all know that is not an easy job. Don't you just love it when someone you know can appear to have a tough looking shell, but you know that deep down, they are not so rough and tough?

I am most grateful today for that very thing. My sweet boy spent the afternoon on Sunday with me during the football game, patiently working his magic and helping me tweak my blog. He added the second side bar I wanted and worked until everything looked just the way I wanted it.

And bless his heart, he never lost his patience with his nervous mama who was so afraid that with a push of a button the whole thing would be erased...and gone forever. Besides being a whiz on the blog tweaking thing, he even went out and purchased more memory for my computer to speed things up. Oh, and that has made me very happy.
Now I can navigate my way to all my favorite blogs in record speed. He is such a great guy. I decided I would not say boy again. He might not like that too much.

And no good deed goes without reward at my house. I would have gladly paid him a web design fee...but he was happy with a nice dinner instead. I tell ya' this big ole dude is so sweet sometimes, he melts my heart.

Here's to you Jeff.....and for taking the time on a Sunday afternoon to help your ole' mom out with her blog. I know you had plenty of other things you could have been doing. ~Good Stuff


  1. I was wondering when you would get around to sharing this good-looking hunk with you bloggers. The pictures do not do him justice. However, he is doing one of his favorite things, enjoyng a great home cooked meal.

  2. What an incredibly sweet son!!!!! You have two great "kids" there! I came over from Counting My Blessings, and have been enjoying reading some of your older posts (and even commented on a couple) Very nice blog! Glad to find you! Our daughter was born in CO, and we have lived in TX more than once. LOVE CO, and love SOME things about TX. :-) But we're back in VA, which we also LOVE...Hope you will come by and visit my blog as well!

  3. Aw, what a nice guy! Gee, I wonder who taught him to be that way? ;) Kudos to you, Jeff's mom.

  4. can I borrow him?he is so very sweet!

  5. Hi! I just popped over from another blog.

    Wow, that's one good looking guy! So sweet of him to help you with his blog. My son gets annoyed with me. He's only 15 so I hope he outgrows that and turns into a nice boy.

  6. Here's to you, Dude! Good job.

    P.S. The blog tweaking looks beautiful!

  7. I came to visit those cute little doxies. And you had a nice surprise for us. What a sweet son. And handsome to say the least.
    Good job, mom!!!!

  8. MOM!!!! I swear you are so wrong lol!!!!

  9. Love your story about your sweet son. I loved his comment too. gosh I haven't been to see you lately. things are always crazy with company around here. If it isn't me they are visiting, they are visiting my backyard neighbor, my sister. Mostly family. Busy but fun.

    I need help with my computer skills too. LOL It is past my bedtime so have a good day tomorrow and I will see you again soon.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  10. I need your son to do some work for me... LOL! I LOVE your two Dashchunds! I only have one and 2 toy poodles but if it were up to me I would have a house full of the little hotdogs I love them!

  11. What a nice boy. Mine would have just not come home if I asked for help... you are lucky. Really lucky.


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