Saturday, June 13, 2009

After 23 Years....It Should Be Easier!

You know, as a parent it is hard to watch your baby grow up and venture out on their own. It is hard when they make decisions that will cause you much worry until they are safe at home! For that matter....they don't have to do anything for you to just happens.

This is Alisha. Always a dare devil in the pool. She was like a little fish always swimming, jumping, having the time of her life...we went through many summers with hair green in color from the chlorine in the pool.

This photo is has rather a calming effect on me. See how sweet she looks floating on an inter tube, not acting too wild! Now that is a safe image in my least it was back when I had control over what she was doing....not so much now. daughter is a senior in College, in Denton....far removed from the confines of mom's watchful eyes. This weekend she and several friends are going on a road trip.....a road trip to New Braunfels Texas.......

......To do this!!! Float the Guadalupe River. Somehow, this does not hold the same calming effect that the above photo did. I know she will be fine. She can swim, is level headed and least I think she is. But nonetheless, I will be worried for her safety the whole time she is away. Baby careful!!

Here is the area view of the area. Just look at the long, winding river. This is a very popular tourist spot in Texas. Lots to see and do in the area. They have a large water park, huge outlet shopping and some of the best German food the state has ever seen....only thing is, I doubt that is on the to-do list. would think after 23 years it would be a little easier when you see your baby venturing out on their own. It's not!


  1. Suzanne~
    I really feel for you! It's hard enough when they're 17 and 12! Floating that big river would make me nervous, too, but just trust and believe that all will be well!

  2. I think the fledging stage is the very hardest on the parents - - - and I have four who have/are fledging and it is HARD. I'm with you on this post!!!!

    Our "baby" (21) is heading off to SWEDEN all by himself next month. SWEDEN - - - that' a little far away for a "come get me" call!!!!

  3. I almost wish my adult sons would tell me their escapades after they are safely back, but if I called and couldn't reach them, that would be a worry too. Do you think cell phones work while white water rafting? ;)

  4. It looks like fun though.....we have the Apple River near us. It was a fun family adventure years ago, but has gotten a little rough around the edges. ~ Robyn

  5. As a parent to two older than 23, I can tell you that it NEVER gets easier!

  6. My daughter went on a float trip this past week with a group from her college. I just closed my mind to the issue while she was gone. And although the girls are 17 and 20, I still tell them, boys are stinky!

  7. When my oldest son left Birmingham for his four years at the University of Arkansas, I really worried about that 9 1/2 hour drive. That was before everyone and his dog had a cell phone, and I would not be able to hear anything from him until he got to school safely.

    Fast forward to 1998 and 2000 when the two younger boys left for Arkansas with cell phones in hand. I still worried about them. Sometimes I would try to call while they were on the way, and they wouldn't answer. Then I'd worry even more.

    Bottom line is that you never stop worrying about them. Whenever I take a trip, I still have to call my mother to tell her I arrived home safely.

  8. Oh, Mama... she'll be ok!!! We used to go floating down Apple River in Minnesota and it was fantastic... she'll have a great time!

  9. She is braver than I am. I would never do that. Trust she will be fine and knowing her, I sure she will. Children never get to old to not be concerned about them.

  10. I know what you mean. I worry about my kids too and I start to panic if I can't get a hold of them. Mine are 25 and 28 now. Also both live out of state which causes me to worry more. Son is in Florida and daughter is in Illinois. And we are here in California. I sure miss them tons though. Wish they were closer for family get togethers and such. I don't know if I will ever get used to that. Just yesterday on my way home from work, I was thinking about that and nearly started bawling because I miss them so much. We currently can't afford to travel to see them and they can't afford to travel to see us. So we are stuck for the time being.

  11. best trip ever!! :) love you mom!! no need to worry!

  12. How well I understand the concern and worries---why do you think I have white hair. Ha !!


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