Monday, June 8, 2009

Will Work for Treats!

Many of you left comments last week when I showed you my garden snapshots that you have a problem with squirrels in your gardens eating your vegetables before you can even pick them off the vine.

I have found a simple solution........Dora is the hunter....and she has an ever watchful eye on the backyard. This year, she has decided to take it upon her self to rid the garden of anything that moves....literally. She lays at the back glass door most of the day...watching....eager to bound out of the doggie door to scare away birds and squirrels. And to be honest...she is doing a rather good job of that too.

So while we are enjoying an abundance of these goodies this summer....

Dora says she does not mind working for a few small treats! After all, it really is the thrill of the matter whether you catch anything or not!

And as for these critters....they are staying high in the treetops or the neighbors tree house......*sign* life is good!


  1. Howdy
    How wonderful.
    Way to go Dora.
    I wish we had someone to chase away critters .
    The birds have recently discovered
    our tomatos :(
    I love your photos.
    They are all so lovely.
    Thank you for sharing and please give Dora an extra hug from blogland for me.
    Blessings to you both.
    Have a fantastic week.

  2. Good Girl Dora!!! Give her some extra treats from me!!! hehehe

    I say what ever it takes to keep the critters out of the garden you have got to do it! Years ago we had a collie who would keep the deer out of the garden. Best garden we ever had was that year he was here. We have a big orange fence around out garden to keep the deer out!

    Have a Great Week!

    God Bless!

  3. Oh my!!! I bet you could HIRE HER OUT!!!!

  4. Hurray Dora!!! Great dog! My corgis love to chase the chipmunks and squirrels, but I have no veggie garden - only flowers - oh - and tomatoes in pots on the deck!

  5. I hope that you don't feel ill towards me but, we have a yellow Lab that loves baby bunnies. She plays them to death in less than 2 minutes. Ouch! Nature is a cruel thing. But, you ought to see the joy in our dog's eyes when she has one of those bunnies.

  6. We have 3 dachshunds that do the same thing. They love to watch for the squirrle. That-a-girl Dora, get the squirrel.

  7. I need a Dora at my house. No garden, but those pesky squirrels eat all my bird food. Good girl, Dora.

  8. Well, the next thing we know she will have Dora posting her own blog.

  9. Dora looks cute! Fun to read about the pets in bloggers lives.

  10. I love how alert Dora is at the window! What a good little hunter!

  11. Our doxie despises squirrels and, even though she's overweight, she will chase them away everytime!

  12. Your veggies look wonderful and you are lucky to have Dora to chase away the squirrels!

  13. My male Yorkie, Charlie Ross, broke my heavy bird bath last week trying to get at a squirrel. The female could care less. But Charlie has made it his life's mission to chase all things from the yard!

  14. That Dora, she is really a case---She may hit you up for a raise.

  15. I sure need Dora at my house! She does look so attentive looking out the door! My dog is an English Setter, so she just runs out and points! The squirrels ignore her after they see she's not going to move from her frozen position! laurie

  16. I just had to join your list of friends because very time I tumble across your blog I adore it more and more so now it is stuck!! for me to enjoy when ever I like to.

    Hope that is ok!


  17. Oh, don't I know it. Our dog Scooter would be in the same position all day. She went right through the screen door creating she own doggie door. Raccoon, squirrels, bring 'em on. If we wanted to get her going we would just yell "Squirrel" and she went crazy. Funny thing is that the bunnies outsmarted her everytime.

  18. Dora is doing a magnificent job! What lovely veggies! She looks like she's having a ball being a little garden guardian too!

  19. i love that blue chair where your fresh veggies are sitting...sooo cute!

  20. Wanted to let you know that my friend visited your blog via a link on mine because of Dora's pictures. They had to put their beloved dachsund so sleep a year ago and your post brought back happy memories of her yard patrol dog!

  21. Ah, too cute! Oliver (my mini-Dachshund) loves to chase the chipmunks and birds out of the yard . . . the chipmunks I don't mind - the birds, not so much!

    Thanks for sharing!



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